Saving DVD Setup Options
  • Does anyone out there know how to save the DVD Setup options?
  • According to the PS2 manual you must eject the dvd that is in the drive before resetting or turning off the system in order to save the settings. I am not sure why this is but according to the manual this should work. Try it and let us know if it works. (i am too lazy to do it myself, so everytime i watch a DVD i just re-set it up, or turn on the diagnostic from the main ps2 menu)
  • Damn, I thought I had read the manual completely.
  • Well, as expected, it worked.
  • I live on the west coast, in Vancouver!
  • Cool, I work at Nortel Networks and know a lot of people that came to work here from UBC and UVic.

    Ever been to Whistler?