• Welcome to the spooky world of phobia's and worst nightmares. You will see things that will chill you to the bone,(if anyone posts),scare you to death and be scared of for the rest of your life! :shy:

    So how was my attemped at a scary introduction to my thread.....no....oh well! :cry:
    If anyone has a phobia or a vision of the worst thing that could happen to you send it here. As for my phobia I hate spiders. 8 legs! fury! climb up anything! sneek up on you while you are playing your favourite game! And then.......AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! I scream out the room and run down tairs! :cry: :shy:

    p.s please nothing to rude!
  • My worst phobia?? o boy...
    ...gotta agree w/ya there, ali! I have a very, VERY bad case of arachnophobia. The last time i had an encounter with a spider, i was crying...
    and especially after i saw the movie arachnophobia!! that may have been the stupidest thing ive ever done!! it made me scared to turn my light off and on!! spiders hiding in the lampshade...*shudders*
  • Snakes are mine! I have only seen one snake out in the wild and I just about had a cow. Even on the tv they send a chill down my spin.
  • Heights scare me, as well as blindness!!! Those two scare the crap out of me!!!!!!!! :cry: :shy:

  • Whhhhhooooooo boy, here we go!! Nice idea for a thread ali, hadn't thought of this one before!!

    Well, I don't mind spiders and snakes, heights don't bother me too much, but what makes my skin crawl right off my body is the thought of drowning!!! I absolutely CANNOT watch any scene in any movie where people are trapped in some underwater tomb..... Uuggggghhhhhh..... shivers at just trying to type it down here!!!!!

    THAT is my phobia!!! :shy:
  • OMG - someone else who fears drowning! Same, especially as I used to swil for a club and have paraniod thoughts at the same time, like "what would happen if i tried to take a big breat of water" or something, and end up spluttering (but im still a good swimmer!)

    Its just the thought of being able so see, hear and move about by die at the same time and be very aware of it that scares me, and that tight pinching... :pump:
  • Okay...I suppose since I can't be "to" rude..I will be nice.

    Heights. I can't go on a rollercoaster because I am scared of heights so much. I can't even walk next to the edge of a balcony. I get soo freaked out. Hence why I don't do well when going to theme parks. If you want to take me on a rollercoaster you will have to drag me over there, kicking and screaming and keep me from getting out of the cart of a rollercoaster..because the second I see an exit I'm not gonna force myself to deal with the fear.

    Second to that is cacaroaches. The scariest things. You step on them and the part you step on will die, but the other part..(the hindpart usually) will continue moving along the floor.*shiver*.
  • *shuder* These all sound pretty scary and I wouldn't like to be confrunted with a snake thats for shure. I've just thought of another idea! Send in as well as your phobiers, why you are scared of them, or what happend to make you scared of them! I'm also afraid of dogs because two dogs came through my fence and were trying to bite me but I got inside just in time!*shuder*
  • Height and drowning are the two things that scare the s*it :swear: out of me :cry: :shy:
  • Can't say that I'm scared or phobic about anything. I guess I'm just to slow in the head to realise that some things are dangerous.
    If I were to mention anything that I'm having a problem with it's sticking objects into my eye without closing it, but I guess that's more of a reflex really. (I'm not a mental patient that like to stick things into my eye, mind you. It's a thing I have to go through once in a while when I check my eyes at the doctors. Then they pinch me in the eye to check if the pressure is ok or something)

    My girlfriend however is arachnophobic (spiders). I'm trying to train our daughter not to be frightend by the little eightlegged creatures every time I find one. It's really hard since the GF stands screaming "Get it away from me, I'll kill you if you throw it at me" 5 meters behind us.
  • Originally posted by ali-g7@Jun 1 2003, 12:57 PM
    [b]I've just thought of another idea! Send in as well as your phobiers, why you are scared of them, or what happend to make you scared of them! [/b]

    phobia- an unexplained, and sometimes irrational extreme fear.
  • if i would have to pick i would say small spaces and CLOWNS. :cry: :cry:

  • Clowns..... fascinating!!
    When I was a very young 'un, my parents got me this monkey dressed as a clown, and it had cymbals in its hands. It would sit there and clap the cymbals if you bonked him on the head. I was sooooooooo scared of that thing!!!!!!! If they ever wanted me to stay put, they'd put me on the couch and place that evil thing on the coffee table in front of me. I'd be too petrified to move, for fear of getting too close to it, so there I'd stay for however long they wanted me to. Oooohhhhh, how sad!! :cry:

    And, as Red pointed out, it's... or, it was, an irrational fear, I just couldn't tell ya why, it was just there. Same goes for drowning. I've never nearly drowned, nor have I ever seen it happen to a loved one, that I can recall... just scares the :swear: out of me!
  • I dunno know if you can call if a phobia but having my kids or loved ones hurt.

    In my job I see too many people hurt (in vehicles especially). Most of the time the adults are no problem but seeing the kids... especially the ones that are close to my kids' age.

    I think that's why I check and recheck their car seats prior to driving off.

    As for my wife (and now by default - my daughter) it has to be spiders. They will scream for the tiniest little bug.

    Another thing for her is shots (medical injections) for the kids. She will faint if in the same room for booster shots and vacinations. After learning this the hard way, the doctors have banned her from being in the same room.
  • Myself? Well, usually spiders are no problem but if i see a nice sized one......well, you'd have thought there was a girl screaming somewhere..........

    Other than that, i worry about myself.....errrrrr......usually never. I guess another fear is that others* will get hurt. I hate having to see or hear about others getting hurt both physically and mentally.

    *Others - Pretty much anyone but myself.....eventhough that causes more problems than it helps...

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I don't have many fears (spiders are OK I guess, as long as they're not the size of a football), but I have this really big fear of water. I can't stand being in a boat, because I keep thinking it's gonna sink.

    And snakes aren't a real issue round here. The biggest snake I've seen is probably a tiny little grass snake. We don't get a lot of wildlife round here. :(
  • Primarily Arachnaphobia and a bit of Vertigo (that's fear of heights) but all insects creep me out big time. As for those of you who're scared of dogs just remember these 2 simple facts. 1 unless they are and Alsation or something bigger you are bigger than them. 2 If they try to bite you boot them in the nose (this works on all dogs believe me. Just show them that you aint scared of em, even if you're almost petrified, and they'll back down.) Oh and if they growl at you swear loudly at them. Basically you're out-growling them. Believe me it works.
  • As having growned up along side my father and his passion for training German Shepherds I would strongly advice all of you not to use agressive behavior against an allready agressive dog. Other pointers include never looking straight into the dogs eyes, and, running away from the dog.

    For you who have fear of dogs I strongly suggest that you try and find a nice dog that you can train interacting with. A dog can tell that you are afraid of it and if it's a bit agressive it might take a chanse of showing you who the boss is the way dogs do, by fighting you into submission.
  • Originally posted by manneman@Jun 2 2003, 06:11 PM
    [b]As having growned up along side my father and his passion for training German Shepherds I would strongly advice all of you not to use agressive behavior against an allready agressive dog. Other pointers include never looking straight into the dogs eyes, and, running away from the dog. [/b]

    You too.My parents used to train them.

    Anyway my biggest phobie is that of darkness.I dont mean night darkness, i mean pure,uncut,pitch black darkness.
  • Although I hate to admit it, along with GamerGuy I am afraid of clowns.

    I don't know how it started but the first time I can remember being afraid of a clown was watching Poltergeist when the clown doll attacks the little boy. I was pretty young when I seen it so I guess it had long term effects on me.

    Seeing clowns on TV or in a movie is not bothering me as much as it used to but I still don't like seeing them in real life. I want to do one of two things when I see them in real life, run or beat the living s**t out of them with a baseball bat Vice City style. I haven't done either yet, I just kind of bear with it.

    I am not afraid of anything else, being afraid of clowns is embarrassing enough. :shy:
  • I have a big phobia of spiders, a while ago I posted about this kid at school who threw a massive spider at me and I got totally freaked out, alost in shock, sitting on the floor in a little ball not being able to talk or stand up.
    I'm also pretty damn scared of being buried alive, damn that would be bad, starvation, dehydration, lack of air and light and a slow painful death. Ahhh.
  • Manne, I also can't put anything near my eyes. When using eyedrops I tilt my head close my eye and put the drops in the corner and then open my eye.

    I guess my only real fear would be solitude. I enjoy time by myself, but total isolation from other people for a long duration would drive me mad.
  • Mine would be spiders not all of them just the medium sized ones. I don't know why I'm scared of them but I do know one time I took a novelty meat cleaver to one chopped it into 3 pieces and 2 of them were still crawling at me then my friends baby brother ate it.
  • Seems alot of people hate spiders! Can't blame em. The thing that confuses me is if spiderklown hates spiders why is he called spiderklown??!! :blink: :huh: :mellow:
  • I know this isn't really a phobia, but I used to have a recurring nightmare about scuba diving. I was about 40 feet down (40 ft. deep and I was just off the sandy bottom) and desperately low on air, but two huge Great White Sharks were circling near the surface. If I stayed-put, I would die from drowning, and if I swam for it, the sharks would get me. That one woke me up sweating a number of times, and may yet.

    I am, by the way, absolutely phobic of heights. I get dizzy on the roof of the garage, if I look down.

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