• is there a way u can get the Lion Heart on the first or second disk with out the game shark?
  • I think if you know how to play Triple Triad well and have all of the necessary item conversions (hard to get) you can do it.
  • I've gotin the lion heart in disk 2!!:cool:I dont think any one can get the lion heart on disk 1??Im not saying it can't be done but I've never seen it done:)
  • hahahahahaha! Lionheart is attainable on Disc 1! hahahahaha! no Gameshark! hahahahaha!
  • You know, he did say disk 1 or 2.
  • i think you could get it on the first disk you half to fight anamantoise that is by the beach at dollet and dont steal from them it was kinda hard to get them and second you need is the some kind of bullets you get that in the dream the second time its called lazer cannons like the person said and the dragon fangs im not sure but i had a friend say that he go it in the training area you fight some one a long time well thats it and bye
  • There's no way you could get the Lionheart on disk1 as you'd need the flying Balamb or Ragnorak to go to Long Island to fight the Adamantoises.Youonly get the flying Balamb on disk2 and the Ragnorak on disk3
  • dude!! you could get anamantines by fightin anamantoise by dollet you know jus go by dollet on disk 1 its sooooo easy hahahahahahahha well bye
  • play cards and have the card mod ability from Quezacolt
    and BOOOM you got Lion heart, Exeter and all the others :2silly:
  • I think there is no way to get the Lionhart o 1st or 2nd I'm not counting the Gameshark, because you need that weapon magazine!!! You can pick it up only on disk 3 when you get to esthar( Laguna's Quest). :P But you can get the items needed like
    Adamintine- win or steal it from Adamantoise (Dollet)
    Pulse ammo- Use Ifrit's RF Bullets... RF 2 energy crystals
    Dragon Fang by using your Quezacotle's card ability sorry I forgot the card or just kill the enemy!!!
  • Possible Spoilers, please use caution before reading this post!

    to get Lionheart on Disc 1:
    you might want Diablos' Mug ability to speed this process up.

    Step 1: get 4 Dragon Fangs.
  • Just a minor note. Adamantine can also be mugged from the robotic vehicle encounter on disc 2 in FH shortly after Balamb garden smashes into this town. A very easy aquisition although it's only a one off :thumbsup:
  • Eh... just a little question... You big mouths talkin bout you got the Lion Heart on disc 1/2 , but is the weapons monthly with the Lion Heart in it findable yet.... Disc 2 maybe, but disc 1... hell no... And you do need the magazine, or else it wont be listed when you want to upgrade...
  • not true.
  • I don't know whether you can or not, but you can get all the items.

    Dragon Fangs - Fight Grendels in Timber's Roshfallen Forest (Level 1-19)
    Pulse Ammo - Card Mod 20 Elnoyle Cards for 20 pulse ammom (more than enough)
    Adamantine - Fight Adamantines near Dollet's Shore (Level 30-100)

    I haven't tried this yet, so don't get too excited.