• my playstation 2 fell on the ground and wont work the tray does not open and it won't read the game thats stuck inside does anyone know how to repair this or should i pay the $120?
  • How long have you had it? If it's still within a year, which it should, then i would send it into Sony stating that it doesn't work and they can ship you another. Mind you, the one that you get back will be a refurbished one that someone had but returned because of problems and Sony had to replace parts in them. Don't open the system yourself or you'll break the manufacturers agreement and the system will be no good unless you're an electronics expert. I would try to get it fixed or maybe even see if you can return it to the store, if it hasn't been too long. Well, i hope that enjy posting and that you get your system fixed and get that game back.
  • Well, If it did drop.
  • Hay I had the same problem dude. I triped of a cord and my PS2 fell of my table. Adn the disc tray didnt open, it was open like a half inch or so and a game was in it. So I tryed to pull out the disc tray but that didnt work. Then I pluged it back in and tryed to open it that way and that didnt work so I pushed the disc tray back in the machine then it came out when I used the power switch on it.
    After that i took it back to walmart and traded for a new one.
  • If you still have the receipt from where you bought it, take it back and exchange it. Just tell them it doesn't work properly.
  • Hey sixer#1
    Welcome to the fourms! Hey! I agree with Madhtr.
    If you have had your PS2 for less then a year I would take it back under warranty and try to have them replace it.
    Don,t mess with it your self or that will kill off the warranty.
    Either way you want to get a working machine... I would be going nuts if my machine broke down :(
    I have yanked my controller cord out two or three times now and almost dropped my console as well.
    Good luck!
  • Worfsonofmog, you should be more careful with your ps2!
  • I work at Software Etc and the main complain i see with the PS2's are DVD movies won't play and people drop their systems, and the tray would not open. i have been through about 4 PS2 before i learned my lesson. Keep ypu systems on the ground people these things have minds of their own and they are liable to jump.