C - 12 Final Resistance
  • I'm stuck in this game, I can't get past the second hoover tank that attacks me in the ditch.
    Please, please, help with the sollution or give me some cheatcodes. thank you.
    Richard Hendrikse from Holland.
  • I don't know much about that game, but I think you'll get a better response in the PS One game help center.

  • Richard, i think you're talking about level one where you have to destroy the tank at end of the level and the easiest way of destroying it is to just charge straight at it. Fire like crazy while targeting it. If you run out of ammunition, take out your blade and kill a nearby Borg. Once it explodes, kill the remaining Borgs to win. :thumbsup:

    Hope that helps
  • Due to a members' suggestion, I have removed this posting before I got into a "big stinky" with the Admin.