Ever Broken Something?
  • Once i broke my little finger :doh:

    and at the moment i have got a really bad arm cause i wacked it about 2 hours ago and it's still hurting>>i may have to go to the hospital tomorrow.
  • I have never in my life broken anything on my body, but I have had a fractured nose and when I was little I twisted my leg and couldn't walk for a few weeks.
  • i have never broken anything but i've hurt myself quite bad loads of times
  • Broke my collarbone once as a little kid. It's healed now..and I hope it stays that way. That reason is why I will not swing on a swingset anymore.
  • I broke my right pinky and my left wrist. For my wrist, i had a bright pink cast (i was 10 and in the 4th grade...dont make fun of me!) I broke it by rollerblading down a steep hill at my cousins house. Was it ever painful!
  • I've lived a charmed life, in many ways. Proof of this is the only bone I've ever broken (KOW). Back in my wilder days, I laid down my '72 chopper to avoid a head-on with a Plymouth Duster. The wreck ruined my Harley, and chewed me up pretty bad, but only broke one bone.....my middle finger.
  • When I was born, my mother forgot to install brakes on me.

    I've split my right radius down the center, done the same to my right big toe, broken both collarbones, the left one twice, cracked three ribs, had my jaw dislocated, same with the left shoulder, on the right hand broke the ring finger and pinky finger, on the left hand have broken thr ring and index fingers.

    these were not all at once, it's taken 37 years to accumulate them. Let's please not go into stiches!
  • Once I hurt my pinky, but thats was all. I don't think I ever even came close to braking a bone.
  • once busted my head open and broke my collar bone at same time from a fall
  • I have broken 2 bones my collar bone and my foot they bolth hurt but wasn't bad
    oh yea i broke two fingers
  • I've only had one broken bone in my life. It was a small chunk of skull, about the size of a thumbnail, just behind the left eye.

    It was either part of a Temporal bone, Sphenoid or even a chunk of Zygomatic bone, I'm not quite sure which, I was a bit too far under the influence of concussion & blood loss at the time to remember much of the conversation around me, I just caught things like "...there it is. See it floating around in there?" and "All we can do is sew it up, but it should find it's way back into position".
  • :unsure: I once broke a bone in my shoulder...very painful to say the least :swear:
    But thats all :clap:
  • I split my head open and ended up with six stitches. That was compliments of a pool bottom.
    I also had a nasty fall on my rollerblades, I used my tail bone to brake that fall. Never had it looked at so I'm not sure if I broke anything.
    That's about it for me.

  • Oh boy, broken bones!!!

    I've broken my right ankle 5 times (don't ask, I'm a Pollack, that should explain it all!), my left wrist once, my right ring finger once, and cracked my skull twice (including my recent fun in the tub!) I've had just about enough of these things!! :doh:
  • Jeez compared to you lot I lead a charmed life so I do. I have never broken a bone so far and the worst accident that's happened to me was running headfirst into a coffee table when I was about 1-ish. Although apart from that I've crashed (and totalled) a couple of bikes over the years. I've even fallen out of a tree once. But that's it.
  • I have broken only 1 bone, my ankle. It was on Friday the 13th, 12 days before the big Blizzard of 1978 in the mid-west (USA - Indiana). I missed the rest of my senior year of Basketball :cry: . That really hurt because I love Basketball...................
  • Iv'e hurt myself one to many times, infact just last week I came off my skateboard and cracked my collar bone, again, so I'm kinda used to hurting myself right now. :unsure:
  • I broke my ring finger.
  • Originally posted by Prince_Vegeta@Jun 11 2003, 02:37 AM
    I broke my ring finger.

    The post counts have been removed yet the spam still continues.

    I had an incident once where I was absolutely sure that I broke my leg and my entire foot.

    I was walking beside a CASE front-end loader (weighing in at somewhere around 10 ton) and slipped on the ice and my leg got run over from the knee down. I was sure that everything was crushed since the ground was nice and hard being the middle of December and all.

    Got to the hospital and not one bone was broken. Then again the number of near misses I have encountered have been plenty so I guess it was no surprise that I avoided any serious injury.
  • I broke my middle finger on my left hand when I was a little kid and broke my nose in about grade 4. However I also fell out of a tree and ripped my lip open on a metal fence and knocked out two teeth. Thats about all.

    :peace: out
  • Hmm broken bones lets see:Broke my right arm when I was two,Sprained my ankle twice(Fence jumping is quite dangerous),broke my stirnum a week after last christmas in a car crash(seat belts do work take it from me),and bruised my ribs 8 times how's that huh
  • Here's a little story from when I was 17...
    A friend and I were heading home from an underage dance club on his Vespa scooter. We had intended to meet two girls there but they never showed up. About one mile from his house we were hit head on by a drunk driver. I was on the back, so I was basically thrown forward through the air and landed on the hood of her car. I was luckier than my buddy Todd, I only cracked three ribs, broke a toe, and ruptured my Abductor Magnus on the left leg, the muscle that helps you pull your legs together. To this day it is still permanently contracted in my leg. Todd, on the other hand, was not so lucky. He sustained a punctured kidney and lung, and a compound fracture of his lower left leg. He was "Lifeflighted" by helicopter to the hospital where he was in a coma for 4 days. The miracle of the whole thing was neither one of us were wearing helmets as it wasn't required by law at the time. To this day I have not gotten on another motorized cycle of any kind and I NEVER drink and drive.
  • Where to start? When I was 2 1/2yrs, I broke my leg......with some help from a broom. Yes, a broom! Apparently I was being a "wee heathen" and eating crisps off the floor ( these being spilled by me, to begin with.) and my mum was in the processes of cleaning them up. Cut along story short, I got in the way, fell over the broom and landed oddly on my leg......ended up with a 'green-stick' fracture.

    Three years later, I was being bounced on the bed by my uncle........bounced to high, took a dive and broke my wrist!
    Am starting to note a pattern here?....hmmm????

    A few years later, I was riding my pony. Decided to attempt a rather large jump......I cleared it beautifully!!!! The pony thought better of it and went round the obsticle instead! We met up again on the other side. And what do you know? Yet another broken wrist!!!!!

    At the age of 12 1/2 yrs, roughly, I broke my wrist once again this time doing the long jump at school. Note to self....must work harder on landing on my feet!!!!!

    The list carry's on, but think I'll end this here. It only gets more pathetic :cry:
  • Just broke my leg thumb Yesterday.
  • Your leg thumb don't you mean Big Toe?
  • You wouldn't happen to be Portugu
  • I like sports and there is no sport without injuries. i'm a basketball, soccer player. I've once broke my leg and like 5 times my arms especially wrists! :fight:
  • I broke my left ankle in eighth grade. I was running the P.E. field. The school did not cut the grass, so the grass was tall and I could not see the sprinklers. Naturally, I ran over it and twisted my ankle. I was put in a cast for two months. Thank god that was all I broke. :rolleyes:
  • Well let's see I split my head open, had a whole layer of skin and muscle removed from my hand, broke my right middle finger,and left ring finger, and last but not least I broke both my ankles. :fight:
  • Let me think..
    ...thinking over, no breaks, just one dislocated elbow when i was about 11. Was playing footies with a girl as i was walking down the shops, got my foot caught in her legs, fell and knocked my elbow out of socket by hitting it on the corner of the curb as i fell. :cry: Other then that, and maybe a few pulled muscles, nothing, even though i am a very active person who has played football for the same team for 8 years and at one stage was doing jujitsu once a week, and boxing twice a week!
  • never broken a bone but have accumulated 20 some stiches :bash: :shy:
  • i'm pretty much like my dad jdm1108....i've broken my right wrist 5 times left wrist once, arm twice, ankle once, and i cracked a rib, and i'm only 13 and this is all doing stupid stunts and skating
    :doh: :bash: :shy: :fight: :woot:

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