It's Just Money, But It's Mine!
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    So we all know that games right now are hardly well priced. When Vice City came out in Canada, it was (and still is) sold for $69.99. That's a heavy price to pay, even if it is a "good" game. But the scary part is that when it was released, at that price, I found myself saying: "Wow, it's cheaper than usual."

    Now I find myself asking: "What is appropriate pricing of games?" And I find myself answering: "1 dollar!!!" After a quick slap upside the head, I try to figure in all the aspects of their cost: R&D, advertising, distrubution, etc...

    So what are the possibilties?
    Are cheap games worth looking into? (Fistful of Boomstick?)
    Does anyone want to keep paying such high prices?
  • I'm still in school and I think they are way to expencive. :stink:

    It's a good thing my dad has quite a few. :clap:
  • Games are way to expencive now! I can Hardly by any with the pocket money i get! :stink: :swear:
  • A good way it seems to buy games, as advised by Topper is too buy them online, i've found sites selling Vice City, new for
  • one word:


    can you shut this down they are all going to be the same unless you want a old game but they are s**t.
  • Originally posted by bringiton@Jun 5 2003, 11:59 AM
    one word:


    can you shut this down they are all going to be the same unless you want a old game but they are s**t.

    You're absolutely right.Except that you aren't.

    Anyway considering the amount of piracy I'd say that the price is right.Besides you dont need a new game every month.
  • Originally posted by gabriel knight@Jun 5 2003, 07:03 AM
    Besides you dont need a new game every month.

    Says who?

    Me and three of my friends usually pool together and get three new games or more each month.

    I would like it if they lowerd the prices of the games a notch but because of piracy this would have an effect on the game itself so i would rather dish out the extra ten bucks or what ever it is than spendin 40 dallors on a piece of :stink:
  • One thing that still makes me laugh is when Vice City was released the price was $69.99 here in Canada (like S2dio mentioned) and the price for GTA3 was still at $74.99 for a good month and a half later!

    I think that the price of games is a little high. But it has been proven that we will pay these prices.

    I certainly don't need a new game every month. I am still playing Vice City religiously which I got for X-mas. Before that I got Ace Combat 4 for my birthday (August) and before that I got MGS: Sons of Liberty. (X-mas)

    So as you can see games rarely get purchased in this house without a good reason. I certainly cannot afford to buy a game every month. The wife would kick my :swear: if I spent the gas bill on a game.
  • Wow...70-75 bucks for a game!?!? thats just sad, i mean sure a lot of games make up for it in story or graphics but come on...I still weep inside :cry: when ever i buy a new game for $50.00. I could just as easily go and buy FF3 for Snes again if i really wanted a story line.

    Sure 1 game a month isnt that bad, but if your like me and most gamers, 1 game wont last 5 days before every thing is done all secrets are found. Like .hack vol. 1 and 2, i beat both with a time of 19 hours all goblins beat, all end bosses slaughtered, all rares found (would have been 18 but that !@#@%^ goblin at the end of vol. 2). Now all that i'm left with is 100 dollors gone and an incomplete story :doh: . Although i have xenosaga to work on now, i cant imagine it will last long. If it gets any more expensive the game better start playing by itself, or start being controled by my thoughts :blink:

    Sorry went on a rant...better stop now before they tighten my jacket :P
  • I don't mind paying upto $100 for a game if I've been looking forward to it's release. After all, the money is going to a good cause.

    If I haven't been looking forward to it but want it anyway, I'll just wait until it goes down to about $50.
  • Boy the most I've ever paid for a game was $75 and that was Arc the lad collection. It was a good game but I'm never going to spend that much money on another game.
  • Most i've paid is $60 for Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue.

    spider, i guess Working Designs like to have pricey games ehhhh? heh, heh.

    I do feel sorry for peeps who bought Steel Battalion for the Xbox($200) though most of that price is the huge controller that ships with it. But it was a good game though it sux having to startup your mech everytime you get blown up(because it takes like 30 seconds and you can get shot during it).

    Anywho, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

    P.S. Peeps, just remember that the Australian and Canadian dollars aren't worth the same as the US dollar.
  • Well it's very very rare for me to get a brand new PS2 game I still think the prices are outrageous cause here in Britain you can expect to pay
  • Originally posted by Forger@Jun 10 2003, 02:46 PM
    Anyway it's just pure piracy on the part of the companies since you'll be lucky if it costs a fiver to make each individual DVD and even if you include development costs they make thousands of DVD's in a single run so the price is only up maybe another pound so let's say that that's even close to correct (which I'm not saying it is since it's mostly informed guesswork) then the rest is just there to line the fat cat's pockets and make them even fatter.

    You're not counting transportation costs,wages and production costs for games and movies.
  • I suppose but still even counting those factors the prices are still extortionate cause the effect all of those would have on the price of making one disc would be measured in pence and not pounds. So what do you think now?
  • [b]Heard that arguement before,forger,regarding it only costs a couple of bucks per disc-as it did then,that does not hold water when it comes to game prices.As gabe said,wages for the employees,cost of transportation of the finished product (plus the small markups the wholesalers and retailers put on to make their profit and meet their own payrolls) all add up.Of that