• [quote]Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Apr 18 2003, 06:52 AM
    [b] $100:
  • who is someone randolf
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Apr 18 2003, 06:54 PM

    I'll give everyone a hint for the $1000 one...

    It happened on the same day that Mike Weir won the Masters.

    Well, if I was watching golf that day, I wasn't watching anything else now, was I!?!? :blink: (sheeeeesh, some people think that everyone has two television sets in his/her living room!! <_< )<br />
    Still have no ideear..... and I don't wish to cheat and look it up, however I will be looking forward to getting that check from Steve...... hope he's not late, I have shopping to do!! :D
  • BreathofFire4, no. Who in the hell would name their kid Someone Randolf? ;)

    I was not watching golf that day... I was watching **** ***** go three for three. B)

    Do you guys need another hint?
  • the somone is his first name because i dont know his real first name and now we do need a new hint
  • Didn't you have some sort of riddle about some driver that no one answered no matter how many clues you gave REX? :lol: Guess you better give a really good clue.
  • C'mon guys!

    Champ Car Series, Sunday April 13th, 2003. Long Beach, California.

    That was the third race of the series... you find out who won it, you have the driver who has won the first three races. <_< <br />
    Can't believe that no one could find the answer on the WWW.
  • im not much of a raceing fan never realy cared for it
  • :lol: This is hillarious, we're bullying REX by being ignorant.

    OK, I made a try to look it up, didn't understand what I was reading, found one canadian guy named "Paul Tracy".

    Who is PAUL TRACY?
  • How hard was that?

    Steve is signing your $1000 cheque right now and will be mailing it shortly. You may take the floor, Manneman.
  • All right, I need that money bad.

    Space counting

    $3,50 The number of planets in our solar system.

    $1000 Number of moons round Jupiter.
  • 1. Damn my feeble mind........9


    And i dont know how to put those in question form.
  • For $1000...What is 10?

    (Really can't remember too well :-/)
  • What is a number? :wacko:
  • :blink: Gabe: I don't understand your post, 2,47???, and what goes for tony....

    WB got himself the correct number of planets and a nice "?" to follow it. So I have to give him the $3,50.

    No one is yet close to to the number of moons.

    Oh, now I get it question #2 : 47, sorry not correct and not in form of a question, shape up man.
  • I think GK had it right by 47...
    I mean he meant to say "What is 47 moons or Satellites"

    Didn't ya GK? :huh:
  • Newer information to number 2.

    What is 60.
  • Since you havn't cleaned out your PM box I feel obligated to post this here GABE.

    Your number is slighly higher then the one I got, so I'm thinking they might have found some new moons in the last month or so.
    Please tell me were you got your data from and I will check it out.

    [EDIT] After reviewing gabes sorce and finding that it was updated reasently I hereby grant him the $1000 and the board.
  • And i grant the floor to be open.
  • Can't belive that no one's taken this already.
    Ah well, here goes.

    Tarzans pets
    $100: The name of Tarzans monkey.

    $200: The name of Tarzans elephant.
  • For $100--Who is Terk?

    For $200--Who is Tantar?
  • Oi!!

    One quistion at a time i'm getting confused? :unsure:

  • ali-g7, there is only one at a time going. Have you ever watched the gameshow "Jeopardy"? This is how it goes:

    As Manne is the one who started the game, he poses two statements...... one for $100 and one for $500.

    We then have to guess the 'answer' to the statements, and put them in question form.

    This time around, Manne has told us that he wants:

    the name of Tarzans monkey (for $100)
    and the name of Tarzans elephant (for $500).

    Roller answered in the proper form, that of a question.
    Whether or not she is correct we shall see, but this is how the game goes. If you need more explanation, see page one of this thread where Manne explains the 'rules'.

    I'll have to guess though...

    for $100, Who is Cheeta?

    for $500, who is Timba??

  • Reading up on the rules (wich are often posted first thing in any trivia) is a very good way of getting rid of any confusion. Just a general tip.

    Susan got the Cheetha right and I have to give rollerz right for her Tantar, even though it should be TantOr. That's the ones I was after.

    And the rules sais that Susan is the one who gets to go next.
  • [quote]Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@May 21 2003, 01:28 PM
    ali-g7, there is only one at a time going.

  • You're very welcome Ali, no problemo! :D

    Mr. Manne, I believe I am going to hand the floor over to Rollerz since she got one right before I did,..... and, as we all may know, I am lousy at these!! :peace:

    Rollerz Dear, take it away!!! :helpme:
  • Why thank you, Speedie...

    Now then...the topic is...CHEMISTRY

    $100--This man invented the periodic table.

    $200--This part of an atom has no mass.
  • Hint for the $200; she might be meaning electical charge... :unsure:

  • For $100: Who is some Brit named Newlands??
    (or, second option, since his idea didn't go over very well, .....) Who is that Russian guy Mendeleev?? (he's the one who made Newlands' idea more workable)

    Have no idea about the $200 question, but Rollerz, I just LOVE your signature!!!!!! :disco: :woot:
  • The "Russian guy" Mendeleev is the answer i was looking for for $100.

    Anyone up for $200?

    (Hehe...dont we all just love rubber ducks?)
  • $200- What is nothing?

    (Thats a guess)
  • There's nothing that exist that doesn't have a mass as far as I know so i'm gonna guess that you might be meaning charge and say

    $200. What is the neutron?
  • No its not a neutron...let me refrase that answer...

    This part of an atom doesn't weigh anything. (mass also means weight)
  • What is an Electron?
  • That is the correct answer, spiderklown. since 200 is higher than 100...you win therefore its your turn
  • $100: 2000 pounds
    $500: 63360 inches
  • Sigh, would you mind making a category and evolve the answers a bitspider? Those two could be the answer to just about anything.
    What's the weigth of 1428.6 quarterpounders? How far I drove my chevy van last year? How much weighs a lot of cotton? How far is it to the nearest 7-11 store from my place?

    Come on, be creative.
  • Oh yeah a category how about Conversions

  • $100: what is a ton?

    $200: what is 1 mile?
  • $100 what is a Whieght?
    $200 what is a measurment?


    $100 what is 100,000kg
    $200 what is a 0.90km
  • I was looking for Susans answer
  • Come on then susan! Post one in!

  • Here I am, here I am!!!

    As we all know, I am lousy at posing these, so since GK was kind enough to give me the heads up about it being my turn in here, I'll graciously hand the floor over to him.....

    Gabe!! :D
  • Thank you Susie.

    Category:Stupid animal facts


  • $100: What is a Saint Bernard?

    $3000: what is 50?

    let me try that again....... what is about 20 liters??
  • 1.Looking for the name, not the race.

  • I'll take a quess at both of these! :think:

    $100 what is...skip?

    $3000 what is 67?

    Wild guesses there!
  • $100) Alexander

    $500) About 1000 Kilos
  • WB, youre answers must be in the form of a question.

    I havent gotten the right answers yet (although WB nearly got the first one) and for number 2 I need the answer in gallons.
  • I'll have another go.

    $100 What is auther?

    $3000 What is 87?
  • [quote]Originally posted by gabriel knight@Jun 1 2003, 03:50 PM
  • Originally posted by Daniel M STAFF@Jun 4 2003, 08:37 PM
    You just couldn't resist using that question could you Gabe! :lol: Let's see if my memory is any good!

    Its a good question.

    And no,no,no and maybe a no.
  • Is that in UK gallons or in US gallons Gabe?

    Let me take a swing at it,
    How much is 260 gallons?
  • Originally posted by manneman@Jun 4 2003, 09:44 PM
    [b]Is that in UK gallons or in US gallons Gabe?

    Let me take a swing at it,
    How much is 260 gallons?

    I dont know but I reckon it's in US gallons.

    And nope.
  • Since no one has gotten this I'm gonna make a super ultra hyper bonus question.


    100000000000000000000000 $:How many children were murdered at lake Bodom and who was the murderer.
  • Oh, dopey me! :blink:

    $100) Who was Big Alexander?

    $500) What is 275 Gallons (more or less) ?

    $Gazillion) Three youthful campers were hacked to death (Old Skool axe murderer-style) there in the 60's. The offender is either dead or free. I say, look into the survivor of the trip.......that, or blame Jason Voorhies. :woot:
  • Originally posted by WreckinBall@Jun 11 2003, 10:44 PM
    Oh, dopey me! :blink:

    $100) Who was Big Alexander?

    $500) What is 275 Gallons (more or less) ?

    $Gazillion) Three youthful campers were hacked to death (Old Skool axe murderer-style) there in the 60's. The offender is either dead or free. I say, look into the survivor of the trip.......that, or blame Jason Voorhies. :woot:



    3.Yup.It was an interesting little murder.The survivor is in an asylum because of trauma suffered there so that counts him off.Anyway you got it roght so floors open (Even though you didnt put it in question form).
  • The floor shall remain open until a member posts a respectable questions. I, like much scum here, have fallen into the "I just want to answer" mode. :blink:
  • [quote]Originally posted by WreckinBall@Jun 16 2003, 02:21 AM
    [b]The floor shall remain open until a member posts a respectable questions.
  • $500: Who is Clark Gable?
    (Saw that answer in a movie today - "Bugs Bunny Superstar")
    I have no idea on the $100 question.

  • Charger, you are oooooohhh so correct for the $500 question!!

    Anyone got any ideas for the $100 one!?!? :think:
  • I'll take a stab if ya don't mind... if you do, deal with it. ;)

    $100 = Who is Ralph Lauren?

  • Well, I do mind very much, especially since you are wrong
    !! :P

    Teee Heeeee!!
  • $500) who is Calvin Klein?

  • Been a while, and nope it's not Calvin Klein, dothacker, and that one was for $100, not $500.

    Anyway, it's Christian Dior..

    OK, the floor is open, my brain can't come up with another one at the moment. :unsure:
  • I'll take this one if ya don't mind...


    $200: Is what XJ stands for in the XJ series of Jaguar.

    $1000: This company started out as the Detroit Automobile Company in 1899.

    Enjoy! :)
  • $200 Xtreme Jaguar ?????
  • Nope. :think:

  • This might sound kinda lame, but ...

    for $200... Export Jaguars..... since the true Jags started getting exported with the advent of the X series' Jags?? :unsure:

    for $1000..... Cadillac??
  • Crap! I don't have your $1000 right now, will you take an IOU?

    Your $200 answer is sadly wrong.

  • Yes, an IOU will be sufficient, thank you! Now, I really need to figure out about those Jags!! :unsure:

    (hmmmmm..... what can I spend that $1000 on!?!?!?
    NEW GAMES!!!!!!! :D )
  • $200 Entercontinantal jaguar
  • I can only make bad guesses for the $200 question

    - What is dual carbed Jaguar? (X for carb x 2)


    -FoMoCo (The Ford Motor Company)
  • Wreckin,

    Suze already got the $1000 question and your answer for the $200 is wrong just like everyone else.

    I really did not think that this one would be that hard. :cunning:
  • Originally posted by Rex77@Jul 20 2003, 09:42 AM

    I really did not think that this one would be that hard. :cunning:

    Stop gloating!!! :bash:
    I've already offered you just about everything except my first-born, what do you want,
    BLOOD !?!?!?!?!? Give us a hint, pllleeeeeaaaaaassse!?!?!?
  • Okay, for $200 I'll guess "What is Executive Jaguar"
    Since everyone else is giving wrong guesses I won't look as dumb as I usually do! :unsure: :lol:
  • Far be it from me to be the voice of dissonance (cough, cough), but you might be interested to look up the 1st name of Henry Ford's behemoth of a company. Interestingly, it's operating under that name at the same era as posed by your question, if not at exactly the same time, though I am unsure about which came first- Ford or Cadillac.

    Ciao, baby. :punk:
  • This is taken directly from HP Books Auto Dictionary...

    The company that became Cadillac began as the Detroit Motor Company in 1899. Two years later it was recognized as the Henry Ford Company, with Ford himself in charge. However, Ford left after only three weeks to pursue other interests. In 1903 the company was again reorganized as the Cadillac Automobile Company of Detroit. It was named after Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, a French explorer who had founded the village of Detroit in 1701. Henry Martyn Leland, a 60 year old machinist and engineer known as the "Master of Precision," directed the new company. In 1908, William Durant bought Cadillac and added it to General Motors' growing collection of automakers. Leland remained in charge of what was now the Cadillac Division of GM until 1917, when he left to start the Lincoln Motor Company.[/b]

    So as you can see it was at one point the Henry Ford Company but before that it was the Detroit Motor Company and finally the Cadillac Division of GM.
  • What is eXperimental Jaguar :blink:
  • Well after a long 8 days (I would imagine that it seemed longer to you Suze ;) ) Mr Jiffy has given us the correct answer.

    When the first XJ was still in its prototype stages it was given the name Experimental Jaguar or XJ for short. When the car was put into production the name just stuck with it.

    Good work Mr. Jiffy, give us a good one.

  • Are you sure it was only 8 days!?!?!? :blink:

    I'd like to give a very warm 'THANK YOU' to Mr. Jiffy for putting me out of my misery!!!!
    (and a big :bash: to Rex for putting me into
    that misery in the first place!!)

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