Favourite Album
  • tell me whats your favourite music CD album
    mines either sean paul:dutty rock or eminem:the eminem show
    go on think :bash:
  • My all time number one favorite albumn is beyond a shadow of a doubt: Pink Floyd, The Final Cut.
  • Well here are a few of mine and why I like them:


    This album is a really good rock/heavy metal album. The guitaring in this is superb with breathtaking solo's that will have you in your room holding an invisable guitar and waving it around like you are the one that is playing the solo. Belive me I do that often! :D The lead singer playes the guitar while singing which is a think I can't do. My favourite track on this is probably, Money bought because it has a really good bas, guitar and drum sound!

    Those are my two favouites. :punk:
  • I have two favorite albums:

    This album is a great collection of rock music from one of the best rock bands of all time

    This is most definatly LP's best album it rocks :punk:
  • -London Calling , The Clash

    I've been listening to that album for 23 years, and I'm still not tired of it. Arguably, the greatest rock album ever.

    Ps. At least, it's my favorite this week. :woot:
  • My favourite album is probably blink-182: The Mark Tom & Travis Show because it's really funny and the songs are really good on it aswell. :notworthy:
    p.s. There new album should be out august 2003.
  • since this is music related i feel i must post.
    Favorite albums in no paricular order :

    Alice In Chains - Dirt
    Pearl jam - Ten
    Ben Harper - Live From Mars
    Tool - Undertow
    Red Hot CHili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik

    None of those really need any explaining i dont think.
  • Has to be Beatles White Album,
    And Peter Frampton: Frampton comes alive.

    These are just some of a few that come to mind... there really is so many that could be put down here. :doh: :rules: ... Led Zep and so on and so on.

  • My most treasured album? hmmm

    How about the first album I got, Appetite For Destruction.
    That one lies close to my heart.

    I also like Weezers Blue album, Rancids "And Out Came The Wolfs" and The Presidents Of U.S.A:s first, mostly beacuse I got them at that time of life when music is soooo important to you.

    On a sidenote and to avoid posting in a presumable future thread I might add that my least favourite album is Morriseys "Southpaw Grammar". I bought it at Heatrow Airport some years ago, 20 minutes before I got on the plane beacuse I had a bunch of travelers checks left and there was a cool looking dude on the cover. I have still to this day not managed to listen for more then 2 minutes to it.
  • Jimi Hendrix - The Complete Experience
    The Clash- London Calling
    Nirvana- Nevermind
    Guns 'n' Roses- Appetite For Destruction

    ....and about 500 more that I can't think of at the moment :punk: :woot:
  • My fav album is

  • I'm not big on favorites, so here's a list of the ones that MIGHT be my favorite. :P

    White Trash Heros - Archers of Loaf
    Deconstructed - Bush
    Comfort Eagle - Cake
    Prolonging the Magic - Cake
    I Become Small and Go - Creeper Lagoon (most likely to be my fav, next to Deconstructed)
    Sparkle and Fade - Everclear
    So Much For the Afterglow - Everclear
    Smash - The Offspring
    Harmacy - Sebadoh
    Rage Against The Machine (Self Titled)

    Meh, I'm indecisive.
  • At the moment my favourite album is:
    Snoop Dogg: Paid Tha Cost to be da Bo$$.
    But I'm getting a new album tonight...or sometime during the week, Talib Kweli: Quality, so that may become my favourite album. But at the moment my favourite album would definitely have to be Paid Tha Cost to be da Bo$$.
  • Ok here are mine!

    GREGORIAN masters of chant: chapter 3
    It's the third installment on the gregotian masters of chant.It got revivals of toto, elton john, and etc.

    Linkin Park: Meteora
    Another album of linkin park hmmm. a lot better than hybrid theory.

    Cold Play: A rush of blood to the head

    Packed with realaxing songs with a unique twist? what's not to like.

    so here's mine..
  • Let's see mine has to be my Queen Greatest Hits 1,2 and 3 collection (I got them on special offer as one Platinum boxed set) and apart from that I personally only have one other album. I love the 80's featuring music from most of the prominent bands of the 80's including 'Wishing' by Albatross and 'Kids in America' by Kim Wilde.
  • At the moment, its probably The Young and the Hopeless by Good Charlotte, as it is the only album that I like all the tracks to. I've written a review to it somewhere on the site. The following is just off there:

    "The world is divided between those who think that Good Charlotte is punk and those that do not. Certainly their songs do not have the intensity of other punk outfits such as Rancid. However, this album mixes punk rock in the first half of the album with the slower stuff towards the end. The Anthem is in my opinion the best song of the album, and is about being yourself and not following the crowd (now where have we heard that before)? Despite that it is a really fast paces song with fantastic drumming. My Old Man as about the story of brothers Benji and Joel
  • My favorite album is Blindside-Silence, its a great album with a distinct sound. I also like Chevelle-Send the Pain Below. Those are just a few of my favorites.
  • Yo, (people who answered this thread) you have no taste. The Best Album is 50 Cent - Get Rich Or Die Tryin' , or maybe Fabolous - Street Dreams!!! :peace: :think: