I Think I May Need A Twelve-step Program...
  • How often every week do you play video games and do you think its possible to get addicted to them ?
  • If you can't guess it, i have removed the poll......since there could be more than 10 answers for your poll. We're really trying to limit the number of polls that we receive because not every question requires a poll. This is best asked as a normal thread.

    How much do i play? Maybe once a week right now, if that much. I have been too busy talking, working, and doing stuff on the site to have the time. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I play games every day and I do believe I am addicted I get withdrawal if I'm away from games for to long and that and DVDs are all I spend my money on. At this time in my life I believe I play at least 40 hours a week.
  • Speaking of 12 Step programs.... They say pot leads to harder drugs. Well Playstation has led me to APi. At the moment, I'm not sure which has become more addictive (PS or APi)
    I have a habit of binge playing when I get a new game and if it's really good I will forego all other responsibilities (except work) to play it. Lately I've been neglecting my gaming a bit but I still manage to play at least 10 or so hours a week. I've tried to extend the enjoyment of good games by forcing myself to put it down for a while when I get too involved (so as not to "burn out") Had to do that with Vice City several times. As a matter of fact, it's currently one that's on hold. It was extremely addictive for me!
  • I play Videos games everyday, about 5, 6 or 7 hours per day... when i have a new game that goes out of the schedule i play about 12 hours... when the game is just too great i play the whole day going through the night... I rarely do that...i only have done it 3 times....
  • I KNOW I beat everyone here. I have been playing games sense I was 3 years old. I play them day and night neglecting anything. I sometimes play right after I get home from school all day and throughout the night up intill I have to leave for school again.

    One time me and my friend pooled our money and rented a crap load of games and stayed up FIVE days straight intill we had to return them. For the questioning people out there we only used caffien to help us no other drugs.
  • Yes outcast i do think you take the cake on this one. I have only stayed up playing one game all night and that was Diablo 2. That game is VERY addictive, especially if you set an outragious lv goal like i do. Once i got up 50 lvs in one sitting on my friends comp. He thinks that the only reason i go to his house is to play D2, and he couldnt be any closer to the truth.LOL, just kidding he is a great friend and he does the same thing. Im sure that once i get it running on my comp well be doing the same thing together.GAMING IS A GRRRREAT ADDICTION!!!!! :punk: :punk:
  • I believe you can get addicted, I used to be. But now, I am on computer more than I play my ps2! After I play it for a while, I just want to talk about gaming.... Thats kind of how I found this place. I am like Madhtr and I only get to play it around once a week, but if I rent a game or get a new one, that number will increase.
  • i play a video game maybe... once every 2 weeks. i play anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. although it seems lately ill start up vice city during the day.. and run around killing cops until i die or get arrested. then i turn it off. its pointless, i dont save, i just play for 10 minutes or less and then quit. i need to stop too. i really dont like that game.
  • Originally posted by JunkHead@Jun 12 2003, 07:58 PM
    i play a video game maybe... once every 2 weeks. i play anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. although it seems lately ill start up vice city during the day.. and run around killing cops until i die or get arrested. then i turn it off. its pointless, i dont save, i just play for 10 minutes or less and then quit.

    Ten min. or less and quit!
    Ladies and Gentlemen of APi shoot this man! Shoot him right now! :bash:
  • Actually, i sometimes go into DMC2 shoot a bunch of demons and then turn off the system and do something else. Sometimes you just don't feel like gaming. You shouldn't criticize someone for how long they play videogames, or if they even play them at all. This is a site for all types of gamers, even the non-gamer gamers.......Yeah, i know that makes them a non-gamer........Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • if you shoot me you had better kill me. because if not ill come to your house and steal all your video games. and for you.. that would be considered a slow and painful death.

    Take it easy chief ;)

  • I'm not that addicted to gaming, but I've gone on some 12 - 18 hour stints from time to time. As it seems 'normal', it's usually when I get a new one and get all sucked into "oohhhhhh, what's next!?".

    I can tell ya though, I know someone who needs a 12-step program for his gaming addiction and he's sitting here in the office right behind me right now! Yes, he's the guy on the other side of this wedding ring that I wear.

    He comes home from work, puts away his lunch box and changes his clothes, then he's STRAIGHT on the computer playing EverCrack all evening, 'till dinner is served at 8:00.
    Of course, that doesn't mean he's off the computer at 8:00 when dinner is served, that just means that that is the time he starts getting ready to get off it. There is no conversation, he does NOTHING else all evening, EVERY DAY!! On the weekends, he won't eat if I'm not home, 'cause that would take away too much gaming time. I dunno WTF he's gonna do while I'm gone in Cali for a whole week!!! I'll probably come home and find him starved to death sitting at his computer!! It's pathetic, really!! We don't even go anywhere or do anything anymore!!! I think he'd start to shake and wretch if we had to leave the house more than an hour or so on the weekends,..... just tooooooo long away from his beloved guild!! :2cool: Saaaaaaaaad!!!

    Quite frankly, just between you all and me, he's created for himself one lonely wife, and he doesn't even know it!! :cry:
  • Gaming for me is a really nice way to relieve stress.

    Bad day at work? Pop Vice City in the trusty ol'PS2 and blow away some Cubans or Haitians.

    My gaming can run anywhere from 0 hrs a week all the way to 20 hrs. I play when I can and when I can't no big problem.

    Gaming can be a problem though, much like Suze's husband, Massaki and Outcast if you are playing that much when do you sleep?

    When do you find time to do your household chores?

    When do you find time to spend with your friends?

    More importantly when do you find time to spend with your family?

    Like my old signature said... play the game, don't let the game play you.
  • My gaming time as of lately has gone down a lot. It used to be about ten hours a week. Two hours every school day. But it has definately gone down since then. Like my good friend Rex here, I have only used it as a great relief of my stress. If I'm angry or sad or depressed, I could just pop Dance Dance Revolution into my PSone and just totally abiliterate my dance pad. So my gaming time is used sparingly, though I don't mind if I haven't gamed in awhile. I have enjoyed the more important things I have had going on anyway.
  • Lately I've barely ever been playing games. For some reason, they haven't been drawing me to them like they used to do. At most I probably play 1 hour a week now. I just don't really have the urge to play games any more. I'd rather spend time playing cricket, movies, playworks and listening to music.
  • i used to play for hours, but when i moved in with my boyfriend its just gone downhill, by the time we get in from work, have a chat, have dinner, its almost bedtime. i really dont get as much time as id like. I have got a pile of new games i havent even played yet!! and as soon as i sit down to play them someone will come round or something wil happen. GRR, im also with cricketrules on this, it just doesnt seem to draw me in as it used to. Before a pile of unfinished games would just irritate me till i completed them, but it doesnt bother me!

    HELP!!! :cry:
  • i say i play my ps2 from anywere to 10 to 15 hours a week, Beacouse i'm trying to cut down on playing my ps2 and do better things before i have my back sedury
  • I play every day
  • Vegeta, the deepness of youre posts show that they can truly come from one of superior intelligence.And I AM not KIDDING.

    On the topic I usually play about 2-3 hours a day but currently I'm in Australia so I have to share my host familys PS 2 so it has slumped down to barely an hour a day.