• Well then... the Beckham saga continues!!!

    Barcelona have agreed a
  • The best socer team is Real Madrid, Spain! Oh and I also like Manchester Utd. :peace:
  • Oh please... not a glory hunter at all then? :rolleyes: Sorry Cloud but nothing annoys me more, what's wrong with supporting a local team? That you can actually go and watch a live match, and actually support them. Rather than "follow" the two most successful teams in the World at the moment just because they're doing well? As a genuine footy fan, who's followed his team 300 miles around the country just to see a game, nothing annoys me more than glory hunters!!!

    But anyway, interesting i suppose that you should mention those teams, because of course David Beckham has completed his
  • Originally posted by Daniel M STAFF@Jun 20 2003, 11:31 AM
    It's rumoured he might take the number, 77 or 6 + 1, since Raul isn't giving up his number 7 shirt... how stupid! Couldn't he just take another normal number!

    Actually he has to pick a free number between 1-24 since it's a real madrid custom i believe.

    Anyway, is it just me or does England have a crappy under 21 team.First they lost to Argentina 9-0 and then to Japan 1-0.
  • It was only 8-0 ;) It was actually an Under 20's squad. The U21's are a very good squad, of mainly Premiership players... the U20's is a squad of young players who haven't even played for their clubs yet... the Under 20's are practically unheard of here, i had to go on the FA website to find the results and the squad, not surprised they got tonked.

    If that is the case with the numbers, then Beckham will probably have to take 15, as that's the lowest free number... oh well, we shall see! Another point though, Roberto Carlos has stated that Beckham will only be 4th in line to take free-kicks, even though he has scored more than Roberto Carlos, Zidane and Figo...