Little Of This, Little Of That, More Of This...
  • Due to a response I made in another Topic, it got me thinking... Am I actually capable of playing one game at a time?

    I'm well off and buying games (even though outrageously priced) isn't a serious financial consideration. So I end up, more often than not, with several games going at once.

    Am I alone in this? How many games do you have play at once? How about the highest number of games you've had going at once (mine is right now, 5)?

    Also... Do certain games go together? Or do you try to maintain a balance? A little action, with a part of sports, mixed with some racing and shaken up with some FPS.
  • I usually only play 1 game at a time. Since i mostly play RPGs, It is easy to get story lines mixed up, so i dont usually play more than 1 at a time. :2cool:
  • I currently have about 8 games going at once and my indecision on what ui should be playing now keeps me from gaming much cause by the time i decide to play a certain game, it's too late.....heh, heh. I'll name the games if you want those too, just let me know. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Interesting topic, I don't think that I have ever seen one quite like this before. :think:

    At my age trying to remember my wife's birthday and our wedding anniversary is almost too much for me. :unsure:

    Trying to keep more than one game at a time on my mind is almost enough to give me an aneurysm, so in case you haven't guessed I keep it to one game at a time.

    That is not to say I don't give my older games a try once in a while but to try and keep two story lines and characters separate is way beyond me. :blink:
  • I tend to keep myself going on just the one game-which usually leaves me with a lot of unfinished games due to buying a new one and playing it,leaving the rest in their cases.
  • My games are like my books or music, it depends on the mood or frame of mind I'm in at the time.

    I'm currently working on 13 PS2 titles, if I'm beat after work Sly Cooper does't take much out of me. If it's a day off 4 hrs of Vice City works.

    I'm currently working on 8 different books.

    I don't burn out this way. :disco:
  • Well, as i've only got 3 games at the moment i'm playing them all! The novelty still defiantely hasn't worn off, maybe you can tell by the amount of time (or not) i'm around the forums at the moment! I'm playing ISS PE2 most of the time, but i'm also working my way through GT3 and the Getaway at the moment, unless it's a really good game that i can't put down, i'm always playing several at a time. However ISS PE2 is so damn good, that i'm having real difficulties putting it down at the moment!
  • Originally posted by GamerGuy@Jun 11 2003, 06:00 PM
    I usually only play 1 game at a time. Since i mostly play RPGs, It is easy to get story lines mixed up, so i dont usually play more than 1 at a time. :2cool:

    I agree.. when playing rpgs it's easy to mix up the story. well I the max. game I played at the same time is about two. it's not much.

  • I've got more games going on now than I can remember!!
    I like to mix it up a bit, depending on the mood. When I'm really tired and I want something that's not too taxing, my favourite 'fall-guy' is Mah Jonng. (sp?)
    Otherwise, I've got Dark Cloud, FFIV, FFIX, and a few others that I don't remember going at the moment!
    (gonna need to finish one of them at some point, eh!?)
  • Well I've been working on a list of about 8 that I started on (Mostly RPGs) and have wittled it down to 2.
  • woo hoo im not alone on this :clap:
    I have about 6 im playing for PS2, 4 for NES, 1 for PC, 4 for GBA, and more than i care to think about for the PS.

    By the way all the games im playing i never played before so therefor never beaten them.

    O and if anyone wants me to name them just ask!
  • I'm always alternating between games. But lately, I'll be playing a game like, say, Splinter Cell and I would think "You know what I really need right now? A tank, yes I could really use a tank or perhaps a gunship right now".

    So I'll switch on the PC, load up Operation Flashpoint and either continue my Resistance campaign, create my own custom battle with the worlds greatest Mission Editor or download one of the millions of third party missions & campaigns.

    This game, IMO, has more playability, lastability and variety than MoHAA(FL), GTA3, Halo, Counter Strike, Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and Delta Force(s) together.

    In case you haven't worked it out, I like this game.
  • Interesting Topic... I usually play 4,5 games. I'm playing at the moment 3 Games for PS2, 1 for GBA and 2 for Dreamcast. When I get more than 2 games in special events like Christmas or my Birthday I play each one at the time cuz It's a bit wee to confusing for me to play 2 games almost at the same time...
  • u really got this on the head, i know exactly what u mean!!!

    i have SH3, DMC2, resident evil zero, code veronica, zelda and loads of others still on the go. Every time i think of sitting down to start one, something else pops up instead
  • I'm the same as Gamerguy and pjb :rolleyes:
  • Right Now, I am concetrating on playing Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends... really cool game I wish more games like this one would be made, it's really cool i can't get my head out of it...

    P.S. Playing too much is bad for your head believe me... ouch.. :bash:
  • I've got six games going at once right now. Though it's because I can't beat something or get stuck on something and can't beat and get mad. The system usually goes like this: play a game until I get stuck, get angry after many tries, go to store and buy a new game.

    I recently just bought another game because I couldn't get further on any of the others.
  • U know i was playing like 6 games at once, 2 of which where RPGs which got very confusing espacally since they had differnt controls, that was intill i bought EQOA Everquest Online Adventures, now im hooked on that with a bunch of games 1/2 way finished.