• has anyone else noticed how both playstations have had something that will go wrong the with the system no matter what you do.

    PS1- the middle spinning thingy that griped ur disc can't count the number of family members and friends that this happened to. The thing broke apart peice by peice until it eventually would not hold ur disc.

    PS2- at least 3 people including myself. the laser gets so dirty you have to clean it urself or take it somewhere, not a prob right, wrong, I've had my ps2 since the begining got to the point that it wouldn't play blue backs at all.

    Could this be a sony scam or do they just need to do some more testing of prolonged use? :shy:
  • I think the problem are in part due to the enviroment the system is in.I did not have any problems at all with either my PlayStation (one of the original models,it gave me 5 years of loyal service until the drive finally gave out) or my PS2 (again,one of the original models,bought a mere month after the launch).

    Considering how many systems are out there,though,it stands to reason that a small portion will wind up having something happen.
  • Well the way I see it is the regions that get the console first will get the dodgy ones, then by the time it gets released here in Aus, they've ironed out most of the bugs. And that's the only advantage of being in a PAL territory.
  • The spinniy thing or my first psx broke to peices as well. We actually kept it going using different thigs to hold it together for a while. In the end we just bought a ps1. I havnt had anything fo wrong with my PS2 yet. Maybe your just unlucky. :unsure:
  • hey man i had the same problem w/ the blue back games and i called 1-800-345- sony or 1-800--345-7669
    and i told the the problem and i let them hear it over the phone. After that i had to give my name and othe info out and after that he said to read him the seral number on the back so i did. Then he said since this is my first time calling thay will fix it for free and send it back for free. and he gave me the info on what to write down to make it free. But you have to pay to send it off. I hope that can help you.
  • I wonder if I should feel blessed since I have never had a problem with either of my PS's.
  • Instead of sending your PS2 away to fix a loading problem with your blue discs just try this, Blue Disc Load Problem - An Easy Fix.

    I was able to salvage Monopoly Party for my wife using this very easy fix.
  • i still think it would be better to send it in to have a pro fix it beacouse at the end of your post you said there could be damage caused to your ps2. and besides my ps2 blue disk load started in december so how did i know what to do, LOL j/k
    YAY i got mail :clap:
  • Have you tried using a cd cleaner that could help. It's kind of strange that your playstation 2 can't read the blue discs coz i had my PS2 for about 3 years now and it's in perfect condition, nothing like that has ever happened to it.
  • Well, I know in my case that any problems I've encountered are due to enviornment. I regularly clean the lenses because I smoke 2-3 packs of cigs a day. If you smoke in your house eventually you will have to deal with this factor. Other than my own bad habit, I've never had a problem with either system. :peace: