• :unsure: does any one know why Tomb Raider on PS2 hasent been released yet? :pump: :cry:
  • Actually it has just been released a few days ago in North America.As for the UK/Euro release,Eidos says they are still working some bugs out of the PAL version.
  • Eidos has just recently said it probably won't be until July that the PAL version makes it's way into stores.
  • [b]Bummer, it was supposed to be released today. All the posters are all over the buses and the standees are in the shops.
    Still, if it means we will get a better game....

    Having said that, I have had mine on order from Amazon and they sent me an email a month ago to say they had cut the price from
  • [b]Yey to that hunny! but Boo! as I'll not get time to play it as you know why :rolleyes:

    As for the price I too got money knocked off from
  • Core Design announced yesterday that there will be a second & third Tomb Raider game coming out for the PS2 making it a Trilogy for the PS2 which will be the 7th & 8th games in the Tomb Raider History. It's been told that Lara will be returning back to her roots & raiding those tombs of yesteryear so expect Dinosaurs. You heard me, those Jurassic creatures from the first game will return! (Dino Crisis 4 I hear you cry?)

    Lets hope that Eidos will only make us wait for 12 months for the next installment instead of the centuries for this next-gen game

    The Clock is ticking & the days become minutes.

  • Hurray!!!!! :woot: Got the UK Tomb Raider game today!!!!!

    I'll see you all in a week or two with either good or bad review of it

    laters............................................................................. :punk:
  • [quote]Originally posted by Chris N STAFF@Jul 2 2003, 06:30 PM
    [b][b]Hurray!!!!! :woot: