• I have been using the gt force wheel with my north americian copy of formula one 2001, which fully supports the wheel. There is one problem though, whenever i pit i cannot adjust how much fuel i want in the car, or select a different kind of tires, it always sends me out with the i already had in the tank when i came in and just a new set of the same type of tires. I tryed using the controller and i was able to adjust how much fuel i wanted, but i couldn't change the kind of tires. Can anyone help me?
  • Can't anyone help me?! I e-mailed sony (the publishers of the game earlier in the week, and still haven't gotten a response from them either!
  • I'm not sure about the answer as i don't have the game and wheel but i would check in the manual that came with the game. If it compatible with the wheel then it should have directions on what buttons do what. Also, you should be able to customize your button combinations for your own use. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • unfortunatly, you cannot customize the buttons to make them do what you want them to for some reason, and the page with the GT force controls on it is useless for Formula one 2001 as it is exactly the same TO THE WORD as the page in the GT3 manual that tells you the controls!!!!!!