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  • I haven't been on for a while. Haven't covered Bad Blood yet so here are the results:

    1. Christain def Booker T.
    2.Stone Cold def Eric Bissoph
    3.Las Res'istance def Kane and Rob Van Dam
    4.Goldberg def Chris Jericho
    5. HHH def Kevin Nash in Hell in a Cell

    Those were the "main matches" to me.

    Any way 2 weeks ago HHH and Kane fought. If HHH won he retains his title if Kane loses he also loses his mask!

    HHH defeated Kane to retain his Heavy Weight title and Kane had to unmask.

    Last week on Raw Eric Bissoph told Kane he had to show up in front of the crowd with out his mask.

    Later that night HHH and Rvd had a no dq title match. HHH and Rvd fought up the ramp. HHH won. Kane came out. So did Eric Bissoph. Kane ended Raw with a fierce choke slam on Bissopf throwing him off the stage.

    I will cover SmackDown! later. Since that product hasn't been doing that well.

    I am the first API Wrestling Reporter. When news break come here!

  • I notice a pattern here.You come back and make a post like this,you whine about something and leave,you come back and make a post like this,whine and leave, rince and repeat.

    And you're not the first, change that.You're really the third.
  • Whine? Please. Enougth of that.
    Here is a quick run down of WWE Vengence:

    USA Championship: Eddie Gurero def Chris Benoit
    Jamie Knoble def Billy Gunn
    Bradshaw wins APA brawl
    Sable def Stephanie Mcmahon (a-train clothslined steph)
    Vince Mcmahon def Zach Gowan
    Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin def Rey mysterio and Billy Kidman
    Undertaker def John Cena
    WWE Championship: Kurt Angle def Brock Lesnar and The Big Show

    On Raw: Molly Holly defeated Gail Kim for the women's title, and Shano mac comes back with some revenge on Kane with chair shots that knocked him off the stage. Kane laughed to end raw.

    Smackdown: The WWE are in the works to make Brock Lesnar a heel( bad guy). The WWE has not made this offical but at Summer Slam Brock Lesnar takes on champion Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle and Lesnar teamed up to beat A-train and Big show. Vince made a special ref steel cage match for next week on sd! vince vs lesnar the ref is Kurt Angle.

    Are you going to watch Summer Slam? When wwe news break come here.

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    WWE news:

    Raw Results: 8/4:

    The show opened up with footage from last week when Vince McMahon appeared on RAW, seemingly to avenge what Kane did to his wife Linda, but by the end of that segment, Vince McMahon wanted Kane on his side because he likes that kind of attitude. Fast forwarding a few minutes, Stone Cold Steve Austin hit the ring and announced that he would be staying on as the Co General Manager and since he can't hit a WWE Superstar unless he's provoked, he was looking to be provoked last week. As Austin begged Kane to hit him, Shane McMahon stormed to the ring and beat the living daylights out of the big red machine. By the end of the night, Kane laughed in the face of Shane McMahon after Shane tossed him off the stage.

    1. Buh- Buh Ray Dudley def Renee Dupree
    2.Randy Orton def Scott Steiner
    3.Christain def The Hurricane
    4.Goldberg def Ric Flair via DQ
    5.Trish Stratus def Molly Holly via DQ, (molly still womens champ)
    6.Rob Van Dam def Chris Jericho
    7. Eric Bissoph def Shane Mcmahon.
    End Of Raw

    The HHH vs Goldberg match has been canceled. Due to HHH's groin injury. The main event at Summer Slam will be a elimnation chamber for the World Heavy Weight Championship. HHH will defend against: Kevin Nash, Shawn Micheals, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton and Goldberg.

    When wrestling news breaks, tune in to the WWE all results section!

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  • Here are the Velocity, SmackDown! spoilers. **Warning** If you don't want to know these results don't read**

    Dark Match:

    Harry Smith def Buddy Wayne ** = dark match/not seen/tv
    Orlando Jordan def Andy Anderson
    Apa def FBI
    Charle Haas and Shelton Benjamin def Spanky and Funaki
    Ultimo Dragon def Shannon Moore

    SMACKDOWN! SPOILERS*************************

    Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero

    What a good match to kick Smackdown! off with. Tajiri and Rhyno showed up, ref stopped the match and annoced they would have to start the match over as a tag team.

    Chris Benoit and Tajiri def Eddie & Rhyno

    Tajiri got the green mist, then Chris Benoit hooked on the crippler cross face for the win.

    Nunzio def Zach Gowan

    Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore came out for commentary. Nunzio won with Matt's help. Then Matt hit hit his "Twist of Fate"

    John Cena def The Undertaker

    Good solid match. A-Train showed up and blasted Take, Cena pinned Taker, but Taker popped out. Then Cena hit Taker with his F-U.

    Jamie Knoble def Doug Basham

    what a booooring match.... Knoble wins the match, Billy Gunn came out at the end...

    Charlie Haas def Rey Mysterio

    Rey taps out to the " Haas of Pain".

    Brock Lesnar vs. Vince McMahon in a Cage

    Brock F-5 Angle then Vince and Brock hugged and left. The wwe is making Brock Lesnar a mega heel like they did when they first brought him in to the WWE.

    There are the results to Velocity, and Smackdown!.

  • Here are some of the things that happened on Byte This! earlier today:

    Molly Holly joined the show and Josh asked her how it feels to be the womens champion. Molly said it felt alsome.
    DDP was also on the show and said he felt good he is recovering from a back injury.
    Rey Mysterio joined the show, Josh read an e-mail and it asked when we'll see Mysterio vs Ultimo Dragon? Rey said that's way down the future.
    On August 14, Nunzio will be the guest on ByteThis!.

    Here is your current card for WWE SummerSlam:

    Confirmed Matches

    -World Title: Micheals vs Orton vs Jericho vs Nash vs Goldberg vs Trple H
  • Perhaps you should change you sig line to WWE Wrestling Reporter because you only seem to report on it.
    Aren't there dozens, if not hundreds of other "Professional" Wrestling Organizations in the world?
  • Haven't been on for a while. Any way, chargerfanchs ,WWE is the biggest wrestling
    organization out there right now and nobody seems to be coming close to the WWE. NWA did have there pay per view on 9/10/03. When I feel that a wrestling org. is getting better I WILL REPORT ABOUT THEM.

    SmackDown! Results 9/11/03

    1. Tajiri and Nunzio def Rey Mysterio and Billy Kid man
    2. Chris Benoit def Rhyno
    3.Shnique def Dawn Marie via DQ (Torrie hit Shinque with a chair.
    4 LATINO STREET FIGHT: Eddie Guerrero def John Cena
    5. Brock Lesnar vs Stephanie Mcmahon This was just to "hype up" next weeks 60 minute Iron Man match for the WWE World Championship between the champ Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar.

    When wrestling news break come here, I am the 1st ever API WRESTLING REPORTER.