Gaming Dream Teams
  • Since it can be from any game...I suppose you weren't kicking out Nintendo characters were ya?

    Good Guys-The Masters
    Link (any Legend of Zelda)
    RedXIII (FF7)
    Glenn and Dario (Chrono Cross)
    Rogue (X-Men Academy Fighting Game[sorries, can't remember the exact name])

    Bad Guys- The Suckers
    Kirby (Kirby's Superstar)
    Ken (Street Fighter)
    Scorpian and Reptile (Mortal Kombat)
    Mario (Any Super Mario brothers game [never liked him that much...wanna see him actually get killed aside from dying due to lack of time])

    EDIT: I came up with another team here and since I don't wanna add another we go:

    The "Treasure Hunters"
    Locke Cole (FF3/6)This guy has a lot of charisma..might as well put him here.
    Yuffie Kisaragi (FF7)Thieves with thieves although I think the bratty speaking she has is hilarious...and she is powerful if you work with her.
    Sephiroth (FF7) This guy has searched so long for "treaures"...and made some good "friends" on the way...he belongs here.
    Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country 2)She goes search for her biggest treasure of all..her uncle Donkey...and boy..I admire her for her willingness to smack those baddies down with her hair..that takes guts.
    Black Yoshi (Yoshi Story)I can't say which I admire more, his babyishness or his big difference in his voice.

    Well that about wraps up the team..I will post the opposing team as soon as I figure out two more people.

    By the way, how's the color on your eyes? Harsh?
  • Originally posted by RedKennypup2004@Jun 17 2003, 05:27 PM
    [b]Since it can be from any game...I suppose you weren't kicking out Nintendo characters were ya?

    Nope - Any gaming system and game ever.

  • So its 5 per side, and i have to enter a good team and an evil team? Or Can we just do one team?

    Anyway, my two teams are:

    Swords'R'us - good in my eyes team

    Cloud (ff7/kingdom hearts]
    Sephirioth (ff7/kingdom hearts)
    Sir Auther ( C ) (gouls and ghosts- megadrive/atari)
    Yoshimisu (any tekken)
    Auron (FF10)

    Why you may ask, well easy, Cloud is just the 3rd coolest game dude ever, in 2nd is Sepherioth, and how sweet is his sword? You know what i mean, then the number one greatest ever games character, without a doubt is Sir Auther!
    Yoshi, just kicks A:swear: and is a mordern day robin hood, and Aurons cool cos his dead!!!

    Platform non-preformers evil!!!

    Mario (errr? zelda? :doh: )
    Sonic (Sonic)
    Spyro (Spyro)
    Abe (Oddworld)
    Zool ( C ) (Zool)

    Resons there evil? Mario, his Italian, what more needs saying. Sonic? His BLUE!!!! Spyro is the poorest attempt at a drogon ever, and is purple, and that aint right for a male, Abe? I HATE ODDWORLD!! And Zool? his not even an earthling!
  • Well, this is a good one...lets see, on my side of good would be

    Good Guys - The Breakers (yeah, I'm not sure either)
    Auron - FFX
    Cloud - FF7
    Squall - FF8
    Solid Snake - MGS2
    Hwoarang - Tekken(All)

    Evil dudes - The Glass (I wouldn't ask about this one either)
    Mario - Mario Bros Games (I just hate him...really badly)
    Lance Vance - VC
    Spiderman - Spiderman (I can't remember the name of the game, I think its that but I'm not sure)
    Superman - Superman 64 (Death to him...death)
    ...drawing a fifth character in The Glass is the leader of the faction in Red Faction II...I can't remember his name. Seriously, I can't. I'll edit this post when I can think of it.
  • "Shining Heros"

    Cloud- FF7
    Fei Fong Wong- Xenogears
    Ramsa-FF Tactics
    Kite-.Hack series

    A team made of all my fav heros.

    "Vicious Vilians"

    Metal Gear-MGS
    Lukav-Front mission 3
    Riku- Kingdom Hearts
    Dark Cloud- Kingdom Hearts

    All my fav vilians.

    p.s. Cricket, the second one is suposed to be evil guys, and most of the ones you mentioned are good guys. We cant help it if you just dont like them, that dosnt make them evil.
  • Once again Steve you have out done yourself coming up with another original cool topic. B)

    You'll see characters from PS1 and PS2 games as that is all that I have at my disposal.

    Good Guys - The S :swear: tkickers

    Mobius - Ace Combat 4: What's to say the guy has an arsenal of fighter jets at his disposal

    Tommy Vercetti - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: Yes he is a good guy, plus he is exudes coolness from his pores. Anybody who can drive a PCJ 600 into Little Havana and waste every Cuban on the street and walk away deserves to be on this team.

    Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: I mean could you honestly say that you wouldn't want him on your team? Lose the mullet and he is as cool as Vercetti.

    Raiden - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: I mean c'mon, how many Metal Gear Ray's did he take out on your game? Sure he's a rookie but he deserves this nomination.

    Grey Fox - Metal Gear Solid: The guy can block fully automatic machine-gun fire with his sword... may come in handy.

    The Bad Guys - Death on a Silver Platter (I have no idea why I am calling them this... but it does sound good doesn't it?)

    Yellow Squadron - Ace Combat 4: In the cockpit these guys are the cream of the crop.

    Metal Gear Rex - Metal Gear Solid: A giant robot with nuclear capabilities... plus it looks cooler than Metal Gear Ray.

    Solidus Snake - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: This guy is took out about half a dozen Metal Gear Ray's with a freakin' bull-pup machine-gun... plus he is handy with a sword as well.

    Lance Vance - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City: Like Steve said the guy ain't hard but he deserves another a** whoppin' all the same... whining back stabbing lying piece of :stink: SOB.

    Vamp - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty: This guy took a bullet to the head and came back for more... that earns a little respect in my book. Plus he blocks bullets with a bowie knife which I guess is harder than blocking them with a sword... I don't know it is just a guess, I'll let you guys know if I ever try it. ;)

    Well there is my list. As you can see I only listed characters from games that I own, that way I have no doubt of my choices.
  • Good Guys : Retribution Inc.

    Lara Croft - Tomb Raider (all )
    Solid Snake - Metal Gear ( all )
    Taki - Soulblade
    James Patterson - MOH Frontline
    Dirk The Daring - Dragons Lair


    Bad Guys : Corruption Unleashed

    Heiachi - Tekken
    Souledge - Soulblade
    Ruby Weapon - FFVII
    Verner Von Croy - Tomb Raider TLR
    Sepiroth - FFVII

    that'd be one hell of a ruckus I think. :peace:
  • good guys: :drool:
    Rikimaru-Tenchu (the kind of stealth that is deadly and silent at all times, not even Solid Snake can grapple to the top of buildings)
    Gabriel Logan-Syphon Filter (the kind of run and gun head hunter you might need)
    Solid Snake- Metal Gear Solid (ok so he can't grapple, he's still deadly though)
    Claire Redfield- Resident Evil (Cute, good with a gun, and it will please the feminists)
    Dante- Devil May Cry (The dude can wield a sword and guns, what could be more cool, plus he's just sweet)

    Bad guys: :rebel:
    Goro- Mortal Kombat- or Moloch either one (Brute Strength and intimidating look)
    Tenri- Tenchu (Sometimes you need a god like sorcerer on your side)
    Sweet Tooth- Twisted Metal (A sadistical psyco killer with and vehicle armed with weapons, it doesn't get much badder)
    Vamp- Metal Gear Solid 2 (ok you can't kill the guy, and he is fast as lightening)
    Yellow 13- Ace Combat 4 ( yeah mobius kicks his tail everytime but hey at least the kid loves him)


    Hulk- umm The hulk (really strong but kinda green, and uncontrollable)
    Crash Bandicoot- umm yeah (too tiny but effective)

    Neo Cortex- Crash Bandicoot (yeah he has evil intentions but seriously does his diabolical schems ever work, NOPE!!)
    Anubis- ZOE (yeah he is god like but yaknow in the first game you never really had to fight him soooo ya never know)
  • Good Guys

    Team Reploid

    X(megaman X6)
    Zero(Megaman X6)
    Signas(Megaman X6)
    Alia(Megaman X6)
    Douglas(Megaman X6)

    Bad Guys

    Team Maverick

    Sigma(Megaman X5)
    Gate(Megaman X6)
    High Max(Megaman X6)
    Nightmare Zero(Megaman X6)
    The Nightmare(Megaman X6)

  • Good Guys:
    DC Carter(The Getaway)
    Solid Snake(Metal Gear Solid 2)
    Dan Fortesque(Medievil)
    Aragorn(Lord Of the Rings:2 Towers)
    Ghost(Enter The Matrix)

    Bad Guys:
    Liquid Snake(Metal Gear Solid)
    Agent Smith(Enter the Matrix)
    Gaia(Battle Arena Toshinden)

    DC Carter(The Getaway)
    I choose Carter instead of Mark Hammond because he rocks and the part of the Getaway with him is better.

    Solid Snake(Metal Gear Solid 2)
    Snake the one the man army who still continues to kick some a$$ even as he gets older

    Dan Fortesque(Medievil)
    Dan is kick a$$ zombie killer is a comical way

    Aragorn(Lord of the rings 2 towers)
    Ultimate fighter if you get into a trouble spot with some uruk-hai or other evil beasts

    Ghost(Enter the Matrix)
    Ghost rocks :punk: shoots people in slow motion and has some great hand to hand fight skills

    One nasty piece of work with a cool sword to boot

    The evil soreceror that always gets it wrong

    Liquid Snake(Metal Gear Solid)
    Evil Version of Snake nuff said

    Agent Smith(Enter The Matrix)
    Anyone that has played the Vertigo or Chinatown levels in Enter the Matrix will know why I choose him and the fact he can duplicact himself.One nasty progam indeed

    Gaia(Battle Arena Toshinden)
    Surpised eh?First villian I ever defeat in a PS1 game and bloody hard he with to with his shooting fire balls from the tenticle like things from his back.And his super strength and large sword make him one of the ultimate villians for me.
  • The Gentlemen -Good guys

    Christof Rumeald (not sure of spelling of his last name)- Vampire (A Gentleman all the way)
    The Vault Dweller- Fallout 1 (dependent on if you were a nice guy or not)
    Squall- FF8 (its Squall!!!)
    Keladorn-Baldur's Gate 2 (This dude Rocks!!!)
    Edwin - Baldur's gate 1&2 (Even though hes as evil as spam hes a gentleman, all red wizards are)

    Death Incarnate- Bad bad Guys

    Vokodlak- Vampire- (This guy is tough)
    John Irenicus- Baldur's Gate 2 (Magic is a man errr elf thingie's best friend)
    St. Ajora (not sure of spelling) - FFT (This guy dies 3 times including the first where he was executed and comes back again)
    Phyco Mantis- Metal Gear Solid (He can read your mind! unless your a smart :swear: ss and use the other control port)
    Frank Horrigan- Fallout 2 (This guys a mutant wearing power armor, and still tries to kill you after you break his legs off)

    I chose my guys for Value as a team working together, I mean squall, Keladorn, and Christof are hand to hand fighters, and they can be backed up by Edwin and The vault dweller firing from a distance.

    Vokodlak is tough dude he'll throw you to frank and they'll have a little game of catch while phyco mantis takes control of your body and ajora and john rip you too shreds with magic, thats Tough dude :notworthy:
  • Check it out:

    The Good Guys: Stealth Angles
    1. Balmung of The Azure Sky( dot Hack Infection)
    2. WingZero Gundam( Gundam Battle Assualt 2)
    3. Lulu ( FFX)
    4. Ayame( Tenchu 1-3)
    5. Rikimaru( Tenchu 1-3)

    The Bad Guys: Devils of War
    1. Sin (FFX)
    2. Lloyd( The Legend of Dragoon)
    3. Cell( DBZ Budokai
    4. Krizalid( King of Fighters 99)
    5. Super Buu( DBZ Ultamite Battle 22)
  • Originally posted by RedKennypup2004@Jun 17 2003, 07:27 PM
    [b]Kirby (Kirby's Superstar)

    How the hicadoolah can Kirby be evil?
  • Wow way to go steve :disco: Great Topic ...

    Good Guys -- Perfect Assasins (Im Their Leader ofcourse)
    1. Solid Snake (MGS)
    2. Gabe Logan (Syphon Filter)
    3. Dante (Devil May Cry)
    4. 47 (Hitman)
    5. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

    Bad Dudes -- The Unholy Alliance
    1. Solidus Snake (MGS2)
    2. Vamp (MGS2)
    3. Liquid Snake (MGS)
    4. Psycho Mantis (MGS)
    5. Lt. Chance (Syphon Filter 2) -(coudn't put the whole MGS cast !)

    Cheers !

  • Originally posted by gabriel knight+Jul 15 2003, 02:12 AM-->QUOTE(gabriel knight @ Jul 15 2003, 02:12 AM)
    [quote] <!--QuoteBegin-RedKennypup2004</i>
    @Jun 17 2003, 07:27 PM
    [b]Kirby (Kirby's Superstar)

    How the hicadoolah can Kirby be evil? [/b][/quote]
    Reread the title of the Team that Kirby is on and it should make perfect sense.
  • team chicks

    blackrose (.hack)
    Kasumi (dead or alive)
    rinoa (ff8)
    yuna (ffx)
    Jill (resident evil)

    Da things

    Nobunaga (onimusha warlords)
    monstor oc (spiderman for ps)
    grunty (.hack)
    Togera (war of the monsters)
    Ultimecia ( ff8)
  • Swordsman

    Dart:Legend of dragoon
    Orlandu:FFT (this guy kicks A$$)

    Magic users and bosses


    I Just Thought Of This.
  • Butt Kickers

    Squall:FF8(second in command)
    Yuna:FF11(coming soon)(HOT)
    Valkyrie:Valkyrie Profile
    Arngrim:Valkyrie Profile


    Freya:Valkyrie Profile
    Lord Odin:Valkyrie Profile
    Jenova:FF7(Final Form)

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