Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends
  • ...Ok this is serious... I've got some Characters at max here are them: Zhao Yun, Lu Xun, Sun Ce, Lu Bu, Fu Xi, Wei Yan, Zhang He, Meng Huo and Gan Ning.

    Now i'm trying to play the game in the Very Hard Difficulty but I get my :swear: Kicked... so I need some help on getting good items and their best weapons. So can anybody help me Out?
  • i've tried, not sure on the accuracy of this info, but good luck. For all these weapons, you must already have a maxed out level 9 weapon and play on Hard difficulty. Some of them must be played in Musou Mode, others can be played in Free Mode. i'm not sure which ones exactly.

    Zhao Yun, not sure which level...
    1. Lure Xiahou Dun into the fire trap and defeat him
    2. Lure Han Huo into the ambush ambush defeat him
    3. Lure Yu Jin into ambush and defeat him
    4. Zhang Fei sets fire to the food supply.
    5. Get Zhuge Liang to enter the castle and meet Cao Cao.
    6. Get the weapon then defeat Cao Cao.

    Lu Xun, Battle of Yi Ling
    protect Zhu Ran until the fire attack starts, then go through the stone maze. When you reach the exit you get the final weapon message.

    Sun Ce, Unification of Jiang Dong
    Defeat Liang Gang, then wait for Zhou Yu to be defeated and the
    supply depot to be captured. Approach Ji Ling to make Liu Xun start retreating to the supply depot. Before he gets there, defeat Chen Ji, Yue Jiu, and Li Feng to receive the 10th-level weapon message.

    Lu Bu, Act 2 of musou mode
    Defeat every enemy officer and general except Dong Zhuo. If someone else finishes an officer you won't get the weapon. Defeat subcommanders first or they will retreat when you defeat their leader. Trigger all the ambushes and defeat their commanders. Defeat all Dong Zhuo's bodyguards.

    Fu Xi, Yellow Turban Rebellion
    Defeat all the enemy generals. Subcommanders aren't required.

    Wei Yan, Campaign for Jing
    Defeat Xing Daorong, Liu Xian, and Liu Du. Don't defeat Jin Xuan, just decline the duel. Defeat Han Xuan's subcommander Yang Ling, then defeat Huang Zhong. When Wei Yan and Huang Zhong defect you will get the level 10 weapon.

    Zhang He, Battle at Jie Ting
    Trap Ma Su in his camp by defeating his 3 subcommanders. Ma Su will go after your general, so defeat Ma Su. Shu forces will arrive, so defeat all their generals and subcommanders, making sure to leave Zhuge Liang to defeat last.

    Meng Huo, Battle of Cheng Du
    Defeat Zhao Yun, Yue Ying, Ma Chao, Jiang Wei, Guan Yu, and Zhuge Liang in any order. Guan Yu appears in an ambush near Ma Liang. Ma Chao appears when you reach the west end of the stage.

    Gan Ning, must be done in Wu Musou mode, Chapter 4- Battle of Xia Kou.
    Defeat every enemy general except Huang Zu. Wait for Huang Zu's ship to dock at the southern base. When you receive the message from Zhou Yu, go to the northern dock and destroy the gunpowder on the front of the ship. Wait for an event when the ships collide. Don't skip the event.
  • I just maxed out some more characters I don't know if this is giving you work juggleknot here are them: Diao Chan, Dong Zhuo, Zhu Rong, Yuan Shao, Zhang Jiao, Nu Wa, Guan Yu, Liu Bei, Huang Zhong, Jiang Wei, Xiaohu Dun, Xu Huang, Zhen Ji, Zhou Yu, Taishi Ci, Sun Shang Xiang, Lu Meng, Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao. That makes more 19 characters maxed out in a week... I think this game is affecting my mind... I'm gonna buy Dynasty Warriors 4...
  • Na es nada conven