• Do you fell let down by some games :cry: Do you get mad at yourself for wasting that money :doh: Tell me the kobra kid of Scotland which games are you let down by and why?

    The kobra kid of Scotland

    Please reply
  • I only buy games that I know I will enjoy for a long time. If I am ever in doubt I will rent the game for a few days and play it as much as possible.

    This way I have no reason to buy a game that I will not enjoy.
  • Given a restricted budget I only buy titles with a lot of 2 player (or more) replayability, or games (mostly triple A) which I know I
  • I dont buy too many games. If i do buy one it is only one that i have been wanting to for a long time and im sure i will play it alot. I have only made a bad choice once with DBZ Budikai, it got old really fast. The only reason i bought it was because i liked the series. But in one case this worked out greatly with .Hack. I love the series and thats why i bought the games, the games are great. I am currently waiting for the 3rd one to be reliesed.
  • only one game stands out in my memory as having been disappointing enough to mention.

    Hexen- stay far, far away unless you're holding a hammer and intend to make the world a better place by smashing it.

    i usually check reviews and only buy the games that look promising, but sometimes a low price tag catches my eye and the shop-aholic in me takes over.
  • I don't know... from all the games that i bought they never let me down ever... I only buy RATE A games... the only game that I thought that it wouldn't be a good buy was Dynasty Warriors 3 Xtreme Legends, but that happened to be the way around now i can't wait to buy Dynasty warriors 4. :woot:
  • The only times i've been letdown by a game has been when i don't buy a game and it turns out to be good and by the time i decide to get the game you can't find it anywhere.

    I don't buy games that i know i won't like. I am a huge RPG and anime fan but i also tend to enjoy games such as Devil May Cry and sports games every now and then.
  • Yeah ... Sure i feel let down if a game doesn't live up to expectation i mean ne 1 would ... its a waste of ur money in the first place n then u regret buying it and keep thinking y didnt i buy the other one .... Some of the games i recall are --->
    1. The Mummy Returns
    2. Enter The Matrix
    3. Crash Bandicoot : Wrath Of Cortex
    4. X-Men
    ..... Just some of the games i think were a waste of money .... :doh: