S-video Cable
  • :punk: :shy: hi all i was about to get a new television with a s-video input and was wondering if i bought a s-video cable would i be able to hook it up to my t.v. without any accessories.and if it will help my video game graphics orreception any.thanks all. any input will be appreciated .later :punk: :swear:
  • To play your PSone/PS2 on your TV through S-Video, all you'll need to buy the S-Video cables for PS2. This has the connection that plugs into the back of your PS2 (where your normal AV cables go) and on the other end you'll find the audio cables (White and Red) as well as, obviously, the S-Video cable.

    I'll PM you a link to what you're looking for, check your inbox :)
  • I have S-video jacks for 2 of my 3 televisions and I can see a very big difference between the RCA type and the S-video type, S-video being better. Just don't buy cheap cables, you get what you pay for in electronics. I bought the Plastation brand and am happy with it. :clap:
  • I may as well give my 2 cents here since it's part of my real life job anyway.

    --Notice-- The smaller the screen, the less difference will be noticed between video connections. Most 27"+ tvs nowadays have at least S-Video. Ask your local tv retailer for any questions regarding which tvs carry which connections. Pretty much all tvs sold currently have at least Composite connections. --End Notice--

    Composite Cables - Otherwise known as AV Cables, which are the basic Red, White, and Yellow RCA cables that allow you to have stereo sound through a stereo TV or Mono sound if you don't have stereo.

    S-Video - While these are the most expensive of Sony brand cables, it's not the best. This cable has the Red and the White cables for the stereo sound but instead of the Yellow Video cable you have S-Video which connects through a special connection.

    Component - This gives you the best picture quality available for gaming as of right now. This cable has the Red and White Cables for stereo sound but for video, component separates the colors into(and this is off the top of my head so don't quote me on the colors) Blue, Red, and Yellow connections.

    Optical - This is only for use with the PS2 and would connect into the special section on the back that looks almost like a little square. This can plug into a DTS compatible Audio Receiver to give you Surround Sound Gaming. This is the highest quality sound available at this time for gaming.

    If you have any questions regarding my information above then feel free to PM me or email me anytime. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • what is an s vidio ????? :doh: