Pop-culture trivia
  • Land of the Lost it is GamerGuy.
    I loved those "Sleastacks" (spelling?) and the hairy little guy that looked like a wookie. I think his name was "Chahka" or something like that. Plus I had a crush on Holly, I will admit.
    I'm beginning to be predictable on these, aren't I?
    Take it away GamerGuy!
  • Im not too great at this, so the floor is open. :peace:
  • Here's an oldie but a goodie....

    "You'll laugh so hard your sides will ache"
  • Felix (Not Fritz! :shy: ) the Cat!!
  • Felix the Cat, the wonderful wonderful cat!

    I knew a Geezer would get that one. :disco:

    Well done Topper!
  • common, topper post your question. :cry:
  • Sorry Gamerguy... had a geezer moment and forgot about this thread. (Thanks for the PM KFH) :peace:

    From TV commercials gone by...

    "Take life a little easier... "

    Extra points for naming the character who sang it and for what company.
  • Since this stalled... here are more lines from the same commercial...

    Take life a little easier... Make life a little easier...

    Pack up the kids... pack up the car...

    (Picture some little kid singing this) :disco:

  • McDonald's???
  • Nope but it was a burger joint..

  • OK!!!!! Being a Valley Girl myself ( like, OHmyGOOOOD!)
    I remember this one now!!

    Jack in the Box!!!

    Had to look up who did it though, and it was
    Rodney Allen Rippey!!!

    Company!?!? Uuuuhh... "Jack in the Box"!?!? hehehhehee
  • Correctamundo....

    Rodney Allen Rippey sung his heart out for Jack in the Box... and after extensive internet research... he did not die by drinking a coke after eating a pack of "pop rocks".

    The floor is your.... take it away Susan!

  • Tell me, please, oh geezers and geezer wannabes......

    What was the "Ancient Chinese Secret"?? :think:
  • "How do you get your clothes so clean"


  • But of course, you geezer you!! :P

    Now, wow us with those ancient brain cells of yours, oh cane-using one!! :peace:
  • This one should be easy for any Geezer type or actually everyone should know this one!

    "I'd like to build the world a home and furnish it with love"
  • I'd like to buy the world a coke... and keep it company :disco:
  • Go grow some apple trees, honey bees and snow white turtle doves you Geezer! :P

    Memory's still sharp as a tack Topper!
  • Originally posted by Lucifer@Apr 29 2002, 12:10 AM
    With all the different trivia threads going, I got to thinking about one that many here may get a kick out of. It works like this:

    Give a line or two from a commercial/tv show or series from the days-gone-by, and try to guess what the show, series, or commercial was or was selling.

    If not sharp as a tack... at least sharp as a 6 penny nail. Ok let's get some stuff for the younger generation (future geezers no doubt)

    Attached is a snip of the first post for those of you who don't like to read the rules :rules:


    What place was and still is called "The Happiest Place on Earth"
  • Ummmm, Pleasant ville
  • Hey there, Hi there, Ho there you're as welcome as can be......
    M I C K E Y M O U S E !

    Isn't "The Happiest Place on Earth" Disneyland?! :woot:
  • Charger you can take Disneyland I'll guess Disneyworld.

    I know one of us will be right. ;)
  • Charger you are right... Since 1954 it's been the happiest place on earth... we only live 600 miles away and somehow make it there 3-4 times a year.

    Take the floor my friend... it's yours!
  • Well thank you my ancient friend......

    "I dare you to knock this off"


  • DARN!!! It was some stupid battery commercial!!!!!
    I'm gonna guess Rayovac, but I'm not sure it's right or not!

    Oohhhhh, I can see it and everything!!!!!! :cry:

    Instead of posting again with another try, I though I'd edit it in here:

    EveryReady?? :doh:
  • EverReady batteries is correct and it was tough-guy Robert Conrad with the little battery on his shoulder who said it!

    And to WB below (who obviously has a problem with short people :think:) all I can say is don't mess with Jim West! :lol:
  • Tough short-guy is more like it. He's barely taller than than guy who played the lead in "Willow". :blink:

  • Hey, check it out!! It was EverReady after all, which means that I got it right!!!!!
    Which means that, WB, short people are good for something after all!! :P

    Who was chosen as host when the famed "Match Game" made its return in 1990??

    There, Pop Culture is now revived!! :clap:
  • is it the guywho did/dose do the newly wed game ??

    im stupid arnt i[/b]

  • Uuhhh... sorry bof4, but no..... and, no! :P
  • [quote]Originally posted by Susan B STAFF@Jul 19 2003, 08:13 AM

  • Nope, it wasn't good ol' Gene.

    (I don't have a calandar, no wonder it took me so long! HAHA)
  • Was it Chuck Barris ?
  • See now you made have to go look it up on the net...

    Well... as I have just become a Match Game expert by default... I have discovered that Ross Shafer hosted it from July 90 to July 91. That sorta figures why I never heard of the guy :think:

    Then... it looks like Michael Burger hosted it from 98-99.

    Oh and Suze... :bash:

  • You are indeed correct, Mr. Topper, it was Ross Shafer!
    Take it away!! (but not too far!)

    Oh, and thank you for my :bash: , I needed that! Better than coffee!! :woot:
  • Instead of doing the snoopy dance...

    I thought of this song.

    What was it selling??

    Ooey , gooey, rich and chewy inside
  • This is definitely a geezer joint :blink:

    Golden flaky, tender cakey outside
    Wrap the inside in the outside
    And it's good, Darn Tootin'
    Doin' the big Fig Newton
    (Here's the tricky part)
    Doin' the big Fig Newton
    (One more time)
    Doin' the big Fig New-toooon!

    Sorry, I had to. :shy:

    Obviously, it was selling Fig Newtons. Those of you who never saw this missed one of the most degrading song and dance numbers ever done by an actor dressed as fruit. It was memorable, and funny.
  • LOL WB!!!

    You know that tricky part of the dance was the best part of the commercial! (Especially dressed in a fig costume). They don't make tv commercials like that anymore!

    You, of course, are correct and I don't think we could have gotten any more Pop Culture trivia-ish.

    Take it away and remember... Geezers ROCK!!
  • You're preachin' to the choir, my friend. None rock like those who know what rockin' really is...... :punk:

    This one might be hard.

    Which immensely popular TV show from the 60's was based on the premise of how people from all strata of society would get along if they had to survive together in a situation in which money and fame meant nothing, like picking up the pieces after a global nuclear war.
  • A stab in the dark here, Gilligan's Island?
  • Nice stab, Rex!!! Well done.

    The floor is yours, (don't drop any Maple Leafs on it) :blink:
  • Since it was a guess I wasn't really trying so there for I have no question lined up. Open floor.
  • What a wienie! Ask a question......
  • Wienie! I'll show you... :flex:

    These T-shirts caused some controversy (mostly with teachers and PTA members) depicting a popular sitcom character saying something.

    Who was on the T-shirts and what was he / she saying?

    There try that one... wienie. :fight:
  • The first thing that came to mind was the Mickey Mouse T-Shirt where Mickey is holding out his hand with an extended "digit" saying "Hey Iran" but then Mickey isn't really a sitcom character.

    Was it maybe Bart Simpson saying "Eat my shorts"?

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