• has anyone been able to locate charlies office in this mission section. I have searched the warehouse but keep getting killed and if i pull out my weapons, the game states that I have been caught. Can anyone help? :unsure:
  • I don't really know the exact location but as you said that you are killed, try not to get near the guards and approach the walls. Once you are near the walls your character will put his arm on the wall and Recover his health. I hope this will help you.
  • It is a really annoying mission but all you need is some mediocre stealth and the know how on how to snap necks.

    When the level starts and the guy tells you to stay put you don't. enter the room on the right and sneak towards the opposite end.
    There's a small office there and beyond is a guy having a smoke. Walk pass the office (were two guys are talking) and grab the smoker buy the neck and snap it. Then enter the doorway and find some stairs.

    There will be a guy comming down them stairs so hide for a while underneith them.

    Climb the stairs and find yet another doorway.

    Then you need to be patient for a while. Press yourself up against the wall close to the doorway and watch the gang walk away. Then you enter.
    If you enter too soon they'll discover you, if you wait too long they'll do the same.

    If you get past that point the rest should be a walk in the pask. Just sneak around, making sure no one spots you and soon you will be comming across the office you looked for...