Chat Room Safety
  • Im assuming most people in the UK, and some from abroad too will have heard about the recent case of shevauun pennington. The 12yr old girl who met a 31yr old american over the internet and left her family home to go and meet him where they then travelled to Paris and onto Germany. Thank god now shevauun is safely back home with her family. bUt the question is How safe are chatrooms?

    Although not a lot is known about how much she knew about him and he knew about her it is safe to say there are a lot of weirdos and perverts on the internet and some sadly are targetting childrens/teenagers chat rooms to get their kicks. Is it the fault of the children for being naieve (sp?) and too trusting? Or is it the fault of the parents who in the pennington case were happy to let her spend 11 hours a day chatting online but then were the first to shout out about the evils when something went wrong. We have spoke about this at work and one lady admitted that even if her children were spending hours on the internet she wouldnt know what they were doing, or how to check up on them as se has no idea on using the internet or her own computer! so is there a need to teach parents how to spot dangers.

    Children are taught from an early age not to speak to strangers or take anything from them or go to strangers houses. But when they are in the comfort of their own home just speaking to a computer screen, why do the warnings go out of the window??
  • Anyone who is stupid enough to do what that kid did deserves to have his genes erased from the grand pool.
  • yeah my mom taught me better than that

    the 6 steps in chat room safty are

    1.never let them know your bidness
    2. never tell them your creditcard or bankcard #
    3.never tell them were you realy live
    4. dont meet them anywere
    5.if they are herassing you leave the room
    6.dont tell them your age lie about it if you have to

    ok so all you lil kids bettr watch out for those pepole who may clame ther your age or older dont talk to stranger and only beleve the ones you know well

    so ther you have it and gabriel knight your right she sould hav her genes earased to the grand pool
    that pervert that she went with him to pari and germony that lil :swear: i hope shes banned from the chat room

    hane fun posting and have fun gaming

  • Interestingly enough, I've been chatting about this very same thing with some other 'online buddies'... or, should I say, swapping emails.

    The only people whom my son is allowed to 'chat' with online are family members and school buddies. (Parental Controls are wonderful!!!) He's been told over and over so many times what NOT to EVER say online to anyone:

    What your hobbies are

    What your real name is

    What school you go to

    Where you like to hang out

    What malls or shopping centers are near you

    If you're in any sports, what team you play for

    If you ever spend any time at home alone

    What your parents' names are.......

    Those go along with the obvious.

    I have a co-worker who is like your co-worker Odd, who doesn't even know how to turn a computer on, but she allows full access to her (14 year old) son ALL DAY while she's at work!!! :blink: She's never even sat down with him to go over 'golden rules' of what never to do while online!!! I scared the crap out of her the other day when she was telling me about an incident she had with her son and the computer. I told her that there is no way she or he could know that it's really some teen aged girl he's talking to, it could be some 30-something year old man who is just trying to lure him into some dangerous predicament, and how's she to know what he's doing while she's at work!?! She said "Well, now I'm scared!" and I said "GOOD!!! YOU SHOULD BE!!" Egads, how can people be so dense!?!?!??
    She said that she was gonna have her husband sit down with her to teach her some stuff, but I'm not sure she's done it yet. I'm gonna call her when they get back from vacation and see if she's done anything about it yet, and if not, I'm gonna MAKE her let me come over and teach her stuff!!! I can't let that happen to her son, it's not his fault that his mom is a ditz!!!

    And, the same goes for that 12 year old girl; it's not her fault her parents are brain-dead idiots!!! Those parents need to be removed from the gene-pool!! :angry:
  • Originally posted by breathoffire4@Jul 26 2003, 02:14 AM
    6.dont tell them your age lie about it if you have to

    Not so sure about that, that's part of the problem itself, 12 year old girls pretending to be 18 and more mature than they actually are, which was apparently what Shevaun Pennington had said to her 31 year old "online lover".

    There's absolutely no problem with teenagers chatting to people online... as long as that's as far as it goes. I mean afterall i've been chatting on this website since i was 13, and you all know what my name is, my hobbies etc...

    I'm sorry Suze but your post seems like an over-exageration to me, as long as you never plan to meet up with anybody online, without parental guidance and you never give out phone numbers or home addresses, then there isn't a problem. It's just when these lines are crossed that the problems arise. Not EVERY 12-14 year old person is going to be lured into anything they're told to... sheesh. I've never been told by my parents what i should and shouldn't do online, because i think it's pretty fricking obvious.

    I think BOF4 has actually pretty much summed up exactly my thoughts, and the 6, or perhaps the first 5 rules that are needed for internet safety.
  • To be totally honest with everyone who is to say who is what?

    You all think that I am a 27 year old male with a wife and two kids.

    Who is to say that I am telling the truth?

    Who can back up this information? My wife? Well yes she does have an account here but who is to say that it is really my wife? Maybe it is me playing the role of my wife to add to the illusion.

    When it comes down to it we really don't know if anyone is telling the truth online. For all you know I could be a 15 year old girl playing out some fantasy. It is just too easy to lie online.

    I have absolutely no problem telling people personal information about me and my family... once I feel comfortable with them.

    Would I ever meet someone I met online? At one time I would have said no way, you can't 'know' someone online. That was before I got sucked in here, by the way that is a good thing. ;) Now I would.

    Would I ever let my 12 year old daughter meet someone she met online? Never, not even if she was accompanied by me.

    Basically what it boils down to is that fact that a 55 year old man can very easily become a 14 year old girl and vice versa.

    Lying on the internet is one of the easiest things to do.
  • Once again the internet is a convenient scapegoat and yet another excuse for parents being able to shirk their responsibility and cast blame everywhere except where it ultimately lies.

    OK, so there will be exceptions when the parents have raised their kids as best they can and the kid still does something monumentally stupid. I agree with Gabe in part. It
  • I haven't read this piece of news - tend to steer clear of papers and telly which is maybe not de rigeur in this day and age but what the heck....

    What puzzles me is how this girl got hold of her plane tickets?
    We all know how expensive flights are and I am guessing that babysitting and paper rounds did not pay for the tickets, nor the coach or trains to the aiport.
    Where did she tell her parents she was going to?
    Also, most airlines will not take unaccompanied children of 12 years and under so how did she swing that one?

    From what I have read here it all seems a bit fishy to me.
    Anyone got a link to the full story? I assume it will be online somewhere.

    I agree with Rex....we never know when we talk to people online that they are who they say they are. I personally do not use chat rooms (only our one here when it is available) but my daughter does and so do a lot of her friends.
    Thankfully Liz has a good head on her shoulders which became apparent last year when her friends decided to meet a '17 year old lad' she had chatted to and swapped emails with.
    Liz gave her such a hard time over her stupidity, as did most of their friends. The girl in question decided this guy was more important than her chums and turned against them. She went off to meet him - thankfully he did not turn up but her parents did! They had no idea till the girls told them.
    Liz's mate has not heard from him since then. Poor kid was so upset but realises she had a lucky escape.

    I wonder if there is any 'type' that is more likely to get involved with online encounters? Lonely kids? Ones that don't quite fit in?

    Whilst I agree that there are some real f***tard parents out there, they cannot be expected to supervise their kids 24 hours a day. What they ought to do instead is educate them and make them feel safe, secure and comfortable in their own homes - perhaps then the kids would not feel a need to 'go off' like that.

    I guess there is no simple answer is there? We all do our best for our kids but we can never be perfect and prepare them for eventuality in life.

    One last thing, I do think it is such a shame that when anything like this happens, it is always the medium that gets blamed first, not the people.
    The internet, like TV, games, music etc is a tool - before all this, people were still being lured many stories have we all read about 'pen pals'?
    And let's not forget that far more evil befalls people from face to face encounters than as a result of online ones.

    It is a sad fact that we live in what is often a sick society - though no more so than at any other time in history.
    We all have a responsiblity to educate our young on how to keep safe.
    I am so pleased to see here that there are some very sensible teenagers around...I hope you look out for your friends and siblings too.
  • from what i read. He bought her the plane tickets and flew to manchester to meet her from there they flew on. So both obviously knew how old each other were at this point!

    when i find a link i'll mail it to u!
  • I understand that technology (internet) can be a double-edged sword. But there are predators on the streets as well. The ONLY chat room I've ever been on is with you fine folks. Actually that's how I developed a closer friendship with Charger and Manne. We could talk real time and that does make a difference.

    I think that if you are in a situation such as this where things are monitored then no harm can come of chatting. The internet is like food, some of it has nutritional value and the body absorbs it, we all know what the rest becomes (excrement).

    I think that little girl had either some emotional or mental issues, or had problems at home. Or was in fact just very stupid. I'm glad she's alright, but shouldn't there have been some parental oversight on her surfing? I think chatting is fine if you know where you're at and are mature and responsible enough to deal with it for what it is, conversation. :peace: