• I was watching a debate on the telly the other night and as usual there was a representative of a young feminist movement ranting on and on about the patriartic state of the world. Further more, in the last couple of years each and every politician has confessed to be feminists of sorts.

    What I like to know is simply, what is this -ism really about?

    You see, I just can't get a grasp of what it mean sto be a feminist. I remember having encountered the subject as I was reading Taoistic litterature many moons ago, but this new style of agressive feminism really has nothing at all to do with that.

    A good way to explain something is often to describe the complete opposite of it. In this case that would be Masculism. Anybody heard of that?

    Is it in fact so that the so called feminists are nothing but female-chauvinists?

    I don't know, do you? :unsure:
  • Originally posted by manneman@Jul 11 2003, 06:33 PM
    Is it in fact so that the so called feminists are nothing but female-chauvinists?

    The older feminists were about equality but then came the newer feminists who are more radical and just want to beat men so the simple answer could be put like this.

    Conservative Feminists=No
    Young Feminists=Yes
  • Feminism-the strive for women to have as equal a role in society as the men do.

    I honestly cannot say what Feminism is. Since I myself have only read it in the books too. All I could give you manne is the definition and nothing else.
  • Feminism= women who think that simply because they are women they deserve more than anyone else (men) simply because women before them were treated so poorly.

    They say that they would like equal rights until it comes to stuff that us men would normally pay more for... insurance premiums is one that pops into my head.

    I say that if they want equal rights I would give them the same treatment as a man who was acting like this... a good kick in the :swear: . :angry:
  • it all goes back to how women were treated before they were allowed to vote. Sometimes they were regarded as chattle, barley even human. Becuase of this radical treatment, radicals aggressionists of the toatally opposite but same behavior is born. Let me explain. Say someone at your work place is always callin you names and bein a real butt head, well eventually you gather some friends that feel the same way you do and they fight back, not by getting justice or being satisfied with just stopping the person, but by calling him names and degrading him. Such is with the feminists. They were treated so poorly so now instead of being happy with what freedom they have they would rather push to make men in the same boat they were in. Simalarly the black vs white thing. Everything that goes wrong in a black persons life has to be because of discrimination against them from the white evil menace. I am not a sexist or a racist. I am just tired of people causing problems becuase of mistakes people made in the past. :shy:

  • Here's what I find stupid about the 'feminist' movement.

    What they are celebrating is not feminism, it's actually quite the oposite!!! Theyr'e touting women's equality to men, and sorry, but that's just not reality!!! Women are NOT made the same as man!!!! We have so many differences, hormonally, size-wise, the lung capacity, .. too many differences to go into.

    To be feminine is to celebrate the difference between men and women, to enjoy the fact that we women are the ones who were created to be the child bearers, the nurturers, and men were created to be the 'bread winners', not to go around saying that we're just the same as men!!! WE ARE NOT!!!!!!!

    The whole feminist-movement thing is hogwash!!! These stupid women just don't know when to shut their darned PIE HOLES!!!! :angry:
  • Militant feminazis are no different than the narrow-minded male chauvinists. Each gender is better suited to different tasks, that is fact. In the workplace, jobs should go to the people who do the job best, regardless of sex, and the wage paid should represent the job done, regardless of sex. However, I think it's just stupid to promote or hire a person to do a job based on what race or sex they happen to be, if they aren't the best person for the job.

    "equal work, equal pay" says it all

    As for the "ism".....

    Webster's defines feminism as : " A doctrine advocating social, political, and economic rights equal to those of men."

    IMHO, we're already there.
  • Yeees, I see. :unsure:

    So what the feminists are fighting for is basically the right to be men (I'm talking about the traditional male role in society such as the one holding the impotant jobs in buisness (the hunter) etc).

    Cus that's what they want, right? The right to become arrogant bastards supressing others. <- <font color="red">the formulation might be a flirt with radical military feminists who have threatend to burn me slowly over an open fire as the pig I am, or it may not.
    What are the "gender-equalists" doing about this situation?
  • Originally posted by manneman@Jul 26 2003, 09:42 PM
    [b]What are the "gender-equalists" doing about this situation?

    In short:Nothing.Why should they, they've got the equality they want so why not stop there.Who cares if the men are treated poorly.
  • Feminists? Are those the women who come from the isle of Lesbos? I saw a video about that once
  • Apparently, feminism is about total equality of the sexes. I agree that if you're competent at what you do then you should be compensated equally, on ability first. Unfortunately, in the world we live, the main factor in any equation is looks, both shape and size, and is applicable to both sexes. Anyone who disagrees has never looked at mainstream media. In any endeavor I've been involved in which involved physical duress ( especially heavy lifting ), the male of the species almost without exception will bear the brunt of such tasks. Is the female unable to perform physical tasks equally or is it easier to let us males beat our chests and then do the heavy work ourselves.

    I believe that on this planet men use their muscles more, women use their looks more, and hardcore feminists are disgruntled women who haven't managed to use their looks to sway men to do their grunt work. My wife is 3 inches taller than me and outweighs me by at least 25 pounds. She tries but doesn't have near the determination that I have for extreme physical tasks. Is this because she is female or has she never learned to utilize her full power to perform such tasks ? All I know for sure is, every time I've moved or helped friends move, the guys have moved all the biggest heaviest things, without exception.
  • Originally posted by James VanB.@Jul 29 2003, 03:30 AM
    Apparently, feminism is about total equality of the sexes.

    I believe that on this planet men use their muscles more, women use their looks more, and hardcore feminists are disgruntled women who haven't managed to use their looks to sway men to do their grunt work.

    IMHO, feminism is a bunch of hogswallop!!! You hit the nail on the head in the second part of what I quoted... just a bunch of disgruntled 'nasty' chicks who don't know how to appreciate a man properly!!!

    CHEERS to all the men who get appreciated properly!!! :clap:

    Steve, I understand that film of which you speak, and that is a different matter all-together!! :shy: Smutthead!! :P