Which Final Fantasy is Best ?
  • tell me which is the best i want to know so i can buy the one i dont have
  • well its hard to say the best do you like gameplay best, or do you like grapichs best. or maybe Storyline?? Well a good FF to start on is VII I say that ebcuase thats the one I started on and got hooked ever since played 7-10 Beat each one. For grpahics I go FFX for gameplay I go FF8 for storyline i go FFVII its all your decision. :peace:
  • Well ff 7 made ff popular. I think that fft has the best story line. I think that ffX has the best graphics. There is my opinion. :)
  • personally I enjoyed ff8. I liked the gf and junctioning systems.....and it was pretty long too :doh:
  • FF 7 is kinda simple FF8 is realy fun and FFT is EXTREAMLY HARD AT THE START!
  • ya i'd recomend fft thats probably the most challenging one
  • ok in my oppinion id go for the series and beat the games 1 by 1 so you understand the story and watch the graphics grow plus you can go around saying "nanananana i beat ff sieries :P and you cant "
  • Originally posted by breathoffire4@Jul 28 2003, 07:34 AM
    so you understand the story

    The story is different in every game so that wouldn't help.

    Anyway if you live in America I would suggest FFT but since it has never been released in europe you might consider FF 9 for a starter.