Mobile Phones
  • So everyone has a mobile now (bet you do). Well I have a Samsung A300, but I really would like the Siemens SL55, which is in colour, has a camera and is absolutely tiny!

    I text a lot on my phone, and people phone me up, but I don't phone anybody, becaue it cost too much :helpme:

    So what phone do you have (if any), what phone do you want, what you do on your phone, and anything else you want to say, like are children too young have phones (i mean like, about half of ten year olds where I like have a phone!) phones... :2cool:
  • Well i have the really boring phone of a nokia 3330 wich is crap now compared to the latest phones but they cost to much now! :cry: I really fancy one of those vidio messaging ones they look really cool! :woot:
  • I have a 'turn your back and your battery is eaten by games' nokia. 3330 in a 3310 case to confuse people :D I use it mainly for texting people, but that might be because i get 300 free texts a month :clap: There are no phones i want. im quite happy with it, it serves its purpose, and is big enough for me to relise if its not there............(wont go in the the fact i've lost 1 3310's :swear: and had another stolen from my bag at a footie match :swear: )
  • don't have one. don't want one. i'm easy to find if someone needs me
  • Yes, I have a cell phone. I have no idea what it is. As a matter of fact Rex and I have been talking about getting rid of it as we don't seem to be using it but still pay for it every month.

    I also have to say that it really makes me laugh at how easy the younger generation has it these days. When I was a teen and I wanted to talk to friends I would use my parents home phone, with a time limit, if I was out, say at the mall and wanted to call home for a ride I had to use what is called a pay phone, which meant that I had to have a quarter it did not take a calling card or interact. So with that I would hope that if you do have a cell phone you are happy.
  • I've got a Nokia 6310i, just a tool really........ but........ a tool that can be used as quite a cool toy and I just love toys. :punk:
  • I have a mobile, its a Sagem RC920 (I think). I don't like it as much as my old phone (as my friends know) but it still gets the job done, and thats all I want.

    I'd buy myself a new one if I wanted to, but I don't particularly want to, so I'll stick with this one.
  • I've got a Nokia 3310, had it for a while now, but there's no need to change while it still works. It's literally Indestructible, it's been dropped well into the hundred's, on concrete, down the stairs... the bloody thing just won't break! It's got all the essentials though, it texts, it phones and it's got Snake II if you're bored at school! Although i would love a Sharp GX10, it's unfortunately not in my price range!
  • Originally posted by Daniel M STAFF@Jun 4 2003, 09:55 AM
    I've got a Nokia 3310, had it for a while now, but there's no need to change while it still works. !

    I agree Dan. no need to change your cellphone if it still works.

    Any way I have a Motorolla v100. It's not much but still love it. I text with my pals with it. I ike my phone and I don't have plans of replacing it until it's broken...
  • i have a nokia 3310 but i might be getting a siemins sl55
  • Youve got a point dan and pjb! No need to change it I hardly use mine anyway! :tired:
  • When you first get your phone, then you don't think that you'll use it, which happened to me. Parents told me to only us it in emergencies and not give out my number, but in like a week half th year had it.

    For those who don't really use it much, get the number of all your friends. People phone me for no reason other than to talk about nothing, or we just text each other back and forth. Its also good way to keep in touch with gf/bf, especially if your parents disapprove, or have traditional beliefs (like mine!)

    And chelseafc, if you do get a sl55, tell me about it, cos i want to see if its any good.

    PS - if you want a really good phone for free, ask your friends on monthly contracts, who get their phones for free, and HAVE to get another on when their contract expires. I got my phone this way and it was almost brand new. All you need to do is slip your sim card into it and pay as you go!
  • My sis has a verison, we both text, we both chat, and we take turns telling each other to queit down because im on the phone.
  • Hi,
    I am gettin the samsung a800 in about 3 weeks it's tiny! smaller than all the nokias even!

    It can do kick ass stuff and should be well good, at the mo i have the nokia 3210 but it sucks now and is so big an heavy!!

    Be glad when i get the new one.

  • Cell/Mobile Phones which i have/had are like girls i keep on changing them .... hehe .... ;)

    i've had a Nokia 3310 , Samsung CDMA , Nokia 8310 , Sony Ericsson T68 , And now im hanging wid Nokia 7250 Nice phone kinda krazy ... i just managed to buy it after a lot of bargaining i mean i had no cash after dat ... im very happy ... but as u know outta happiness arises problems .... just a tiny one .....

    HOW DO I PAY MY BILLS !!!!! :doh:
  • i want one of those palm pilot/cell phones i saw 1 fer 800 dallas it was sweeeet it was a windows xp

    the 1 i have now is those free nokias from t-mobile
    its blue and it sucks like HE((
  • I had a Nokia 3560 up until tonight when i dropped it in a pool and it no longer works :cry: . I am hoping that my parents will break down and get me another one sometime soon.
  • Well, My first Mobile phone was a Nokia 3210 and man that sucked i could'nt do a think with that phone. Then I got a Nokia 3310 It was a a little better but I changed again and I have now a Nokia 3410 with Java technology and some memory...

    I always wanted a Nokia 3650 oh man that mobile sure is cool, i have to have one.