• Okay, here goes.... eats butt or toe gave hand tourist eve
  • it's better to give than to receive.
  • spiderklown gave the right answer and receives the floor :cunning:
  • I'll leave it open for someone else. :bash:
  • And I'll be glad to take it away

    Descent off of omen
  • The scent of a woman.
  • a decent woman ? :punk: :notworthy: :punk:
  • Allright Spider, now you better come up with one yourself. :)

    Not gonna coment on that written below

  • Breathoffire4, what you've done there in the previous post is called SPAMMING. It is not tolerated in this place, so please refrain from doing it any farther!!
    Besides, it's not nice to make fun of someone else, especially when they get into trouble for doing the same stuff that you do, ie; post things they shouldn't!!! :think:

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled program:
    Since spiderklown isn't here to post one, I'll do so, just to keep this thread going:

    Make at toe key Yo!
  • Mega Tokyo!

    Or is it Me cat took Io :D
    (Io beeing a god of water or something like that in greek or some other dead mythology)

  • Well, of course you're right Manne!! (Mega Tokyo, not me cat took Io!!) ;)

    Your turn! :D
  • Looks like this one slipped thought my skillfully crafted net of topicscanners.
    However, I will now reveal my newest invention, behold:

    Shock of bore, eyes sing.
  • something? Icing? :unsure:
  • No sorry Biddie, not icing.

    I can't belive this is supposed to be a games site and still no one can figure this one out. You need to play more Final Fantasy.

  • DUH!!!!! :doh:

    CHOCOBO RACING!!!!!!!!!!!
    :woot: :woot:
  • Dingdingdinging :disco:
    We have a wiener!!!

    Take it away maestro (or is that maestra in feminin form?).

  • Why thank you!! I love being a weiner!! :D

    Next one:

    Dons wet those malls tough

    Hope that's easier than that really hard Chocobo Racing one!! :peace: Teeheeee
  • Don't Sweat The Small Stuff!
    If that's correct it's advice I could stand to follow more often! ;)

  • Correctamundo, Se
  • I'll try to keep it as neat and clean as possible?! :huh:

    Paul and Al are cheese
  • Pollen Allergies
  • Of course Red, you are correct!

    I'll give you the floor just the way I found it! :peace:
  • Thank you chargerfanchs.

    Up Ann Gay Cows

    Good luck!
  • A Pancake House? (Like IHOP?)
  • Yep yep yep! Let's see the next one charger. ^_^
  • Rat tail in say purse

    Hope that's not too obscure! :blink:

    Think of "a show of force" or generals at war?

  • Oh man, I think I've banged my head raw over this one!!!!!

    Rattling Cypress is the thing that keeps coming back to me, but that makes no sense!!!

    I'm not familiar with "A show of Force"..... and can't think of what a general at war would do/say!! "Retaliate and dispurse" comes to mind, but it doesn't seem to fit!!
    AAGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! :doh:
  • Well you came close but I guess it was too obscure after all. :unsure: I was looking for "rattling sabres" (don't know why it just popped into my head)
    I'll leave the floor open for anyone willing. :peace:

  • Seize Sic Awe Seas!

    (Yeah, someone PM me once you've responded, so I'll remember)

  • Seasick Aussies!? :pump:
  • Well that was quick. :P

    You got it Suze, take the floor and clean it while you're at it.

  • Sheeesh, see what 'winning' gets ya!? "get the bucket!"
    "get the mop!" "clean up this floor!" heheheheee

    Go row Sherry Shah Ping!

    That one should be easy! :peace:
  • Grocery Shopping!!

  • Well, of course it is!! What I had the pleasure of enjoying this morning! ;)

    Okey dokey Mister, your turn!
  • Okey dokey artichokee this is new to me so forgive me if this doesn't sound right...

    Die Rivet Lice Yuel Stow Wit

  • Drive it like you stole it!!!

    Nice, coming from a cop!! :P
  • Bad Cop... NO DONUT!! :feedme:


    Anyways.. correctomundo!

    The floor is yours!
  • shes not takeing it so ill take it

    for lever light
  • Originally posted by breathoffire4@Jul 24 2003, 05:58 AM
    She's not taking it, so I'll take it.

    for lever light

    You've been hanging around the chemists far too much BO4!!!


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