Know Your Manhood
  • you become a man when you know that a male produces 7.6 gallons of sperm in 1 month

    co'mon help me out

    when do you think you become a man?
  • This could actually be quite an interesting thread so I'm gonna do my best in replying.

    Naturally you could say that when a boy hits puberty and starts to grow hair in varios places plus gains the ability (like briget-on mentioned) to procreate offsprings he can be called a man. But then you have to ask yourself if that can be held as a definition of man. Is an enuck able to call himself a man, or somebody that is sterile (meaning he can't produce sperms). I would have to say yes on that.

    Being a man, could it maybe have something to do with doing traditionally male things?
    You know, like hunting and drinking beer. In some ways yes, cus that's still the idea of what a man should do. Those are the type of men that you call men. You don't go around saying "He's such a man" about a guy that likes to iron his socks and bake pies for his grandma.

    The key element however to being able to call yourself a man is the ability to take responsablity over your actions. A man is traditionally a provider and the leader of the family (I'm speaking from the mens point of view here, I know most ladies know better). You are not allowed to place the blame on others and you are not allowed to let others take your place in a fight and you are not allowed to hide behind someone else if the going gets tough.

    So I belive that being a man means that you can produce large volumes of sperm each month, use it wisly and take pride in and responsability over what ever you make of it (unless you collect it in little jars and send it to people as presents, that's not very manly).
    Having a beard and riding a motorcycle helps too I guess.
  • I think a male of the species can be concidered a man when he as manne said takes resposibility for his own actions. Another thing is when he gets out on his own and provides something to rather than detract from society. You may be able to tear a phone book in half with your bare hands, but if you are stealing or leeching off of someone to survive, I don't concider that to be a man.

    I sired two children 14 years ago, but lacked the responsibility to provide for or be there for them. I was not yet a man even though I could reproduce. Now I'm providing for two children who are not mine and being a father figure to them. Now I concider myself to be a man. :clap:
  • It's been said that manhood is known on the day of your father's death. Many believe that it's the passage into sexual awareness that marks manhood. I believe that it's pointless to try to define, as many females I know are more "man" than many males I've met.

    If anything, manhood is reached (IMO) when the male takes full responsibility for his actions, day-in and day-out.
  • I think manhoods where you can grow a beard lol

  • Interestingly enough, the musical group Boston has a bit of something to say on this subject:

    "What does it take to be a man?
    What does it take to see
    It's all heart and soul
    A gentle hand?
    So easy to want and so hard to give
    How can you be a man
    'Till you see beyond the life you live?
    Oh, what does it take to be a man?

    We can be blind, but a man tries to see
    It takes tenderness
    For a man to be what he can be
    And what does it mean
    If you're weak or strong?
    A gentle feelin'
    can make it right or make it wrong
    What does it take to be a man?

    The will to give and not receive
    The strength to say what you believe
    The heart to feel what others feel inside
    To see what they can see

    A man is somethin' that's real
    It's not what you are
    It's what you can feel
    It can't be too late
    To look through the hate and see
    I know that's what a man can be"

    All these things and ever so much more, including, but not limited to, all the things that some of the real men of APi here have already said.
  • Originally posted by manneman@Jun 5 2003, 07:49 PM
    The key element however to being able to call yourself a man is the ability to take responsibility over your actions.

    I think that's probably closest to the truth.

    jdm also said
    I sired two children 14 years ago, but lacked the responsibility to provide for or be there for them. I was not yet a man even though I could reproduce. Now I'm providing for two children who are not mine and being a father figure to them. Now I consider myself to be a man.[/b]

    This also speaks volumes as to what makes a man.

    To a certain extent asking when do you become a man is like asking what is the meaning of life?

    To some, being a man may be all about drinking a lot, getting into fights and sleeping with a lot of women (i certainly know a lot of people who think so).

    To them, that's what being a man is all about - does that mean that they are wrong?

    But there again, does that mean that they are right?

    Cavemen - used to 'provide' by killing animals (or other tribes) and then smacking some cavegirl over the head and dragging her to his cave (or so 'common knowledge' would seem to assume). In those days (if it is true) then a real 'man' would be a violent a$$hole.

    Does mean that society has 'evolved' to such an extent that males who exhibit such behaviour are no longer 'men', or that they are the epitome of 'manhood'?

    Women are often said to want somebody who 'makes them laugh and is a good listener / communicator', but if Woody Allen turned up as the stripper at a hen night, they would probably be disappointed that he wasn't some muscle bound 'fireman'.

    Most of the written discussions on 'what is a man' is done so by women (because a lot of men don't care - they don't tend to think about it a lot). Considering that women tend to change their mind on a more than frequent basis - the answer is also subject to change ;)

    As to when do you become a man - you'll know when you are one.

  • "When do you become a man"? It all depends on whether you're talking physically, or mentally.

    Physically, you become a man when you've hit puberty, and start getting a hairy chest!

    But mentally, as already described it's generally when you can take responsibilty for your own actions and having your own morals and belief's.

    Although Gid is very correct, we will all have different opinions of "when one becomes a man". Meaning there is no correct answer, it's just one's opinion.

    Although, i've just realised. What i've just said is probably a load of B.S. As by following my meanings of "when you become a man" i'm not a man yet! (mentally... anyway!)
    :lol: :doh:
  • Some may say that you are a man when you have your first beer with your Dad or the Father figure in your life.

    What about those who have no Dad or Father figure in there life?

    Some may say that you become a man the first time you have sex.

    What about those who for whatever reason are impotent?

    Some may say that you become a man when you father a child.

    What about those who have fathered a child and then abandoned the child and its Mother?

    I totally agree with Manne, JDM, Wreckin, and Dan. I think you are a man when you can take full responsibility for all of your actions.
  • IMO, a boy becomes a man when he starts to grow chest hair, just as a girl becomes a woman when her hips prepare for childbirth. The title's not earned through maturity, responsibility or good deeds. If that were true, there wouldn't be more than a dozen men & women on this earth today.

    The bottom line is, Manhood is just a meaningless title that insecure males use to make themselves feel that their pathetic existance has any meaning at all and, if I weren't so lazy, I'd tell a few stories of "manhood preaching" guys having their true colours exposed, due to various humiliations and one broken ulna.
  • Good point there Knowze, and as I think about it and sum some other thoughts up (like steves last line) I belive that you could say:

    You are a man when you no longer wonder if you are a man (taken of course that you belong to a certain gender)
  • You're born, raised, hopefully nurtured though not always so. Eventually you get older and reach a point where you strike out on your own. Whether you continue with your education or get a job or whatever you do, once you get out on your own and have no one else to wipe your nose for you, that's when you become a man. It's the realization that it's a big uncaring world that's filled with loads of people who, if you don't take care of it will take your spot with no regard whatsoever. That is when you really grow up. When you gaze into the abyss and the abyss gazes back into you.
  • I am not even sure what I am, but who cares if I am a man. If I can carry the burden of manhood, so what? That doesn't make me a man! I don't want to be a man. I want to be known as who I am Steven Paul Pike!


    remember me not as man, but as an individual! :cunning:
  • Sorry to hop back in on this one, but there have been very good points brought up. A real man doesn't think about his "title" he probably has more important things on his mind than "am I a man".

    I work my tail off to provide for those I care about, not because I'm the man. I still don't like young children coming up to me saying "mister" or "sir". I'm still a kid a heart and don't require a title. That's why I'm here, we're all still kids and Sony is our toy of choice.

    Being a man is being comfortable with who and what you are. There are rewards that are never celebrated, there are chores that always need doing, there is a job that needs going to, there are bills that need to be paid. But there is also the person you see in the mirror everyday and realize that this is what it's all about. And the occasional hugs just for being there, make it worth everything! That's what being a man is.

    And for you women, we've got it a lot easier than you. You have the most thankless job in the world. I tip my hat to the fairer sex! :peace: