Playing USA game in the UK
  • I need to know if a ps2 game from the united states will work in the united kingdom.And if not how can I get them to work if at all possible.
    Also what is the expansion bay/port at the back of the ps2 for?
    I would be really greatfull for the help!
    Rawyatt,south wales uk
  • no a us playstation 2 game will not work in a uk playstation 2 and i cant say how u can make it work
  • Sorry, RAWYATT2001 but you can't play US games in the UK due to the region encoding (much like on DVD's) The expansion slot is for a hard drive which is yet to be released
  • HI JOE thanks for the help.I have one more question.Do you or anyone know when the hard drive will be released?
    Also when will the UK get internet access?
    Thanks RAW,South Wales,now living in the U S of A.
  • :P as for the expansions is use to connect to the hard drive..the release date is unknown.i think sony will release it late 2001,after they release in japan.there are three types ps2 system in the market now.for japan is NTSC-J and for US is NTSC-U/C.then for europe is PAL.both console and the game must be the same system in order for u to play the game..... :P
  • I believe both the hard drive and the network adaptor are now scheduled for an early 2002 release.As for the internet access,you should be able to use your current account to get online-no need to sign up for another ISP.
  • According to a news story i read the network adapter has not been officially delayed, although sony has hinted it. Tony Hawk 3 will still support internet multiplayer for when the adapter does come out in 2002 (hopefully).