Matrix Online?
  • I watched a trailer on the net about Matrix Online and the game looks promising... From what I've seen you can create your own character, make him learn Martial Arts, and decide if you're from the bad, good or you simply work for yourself..

    I would like to know if these infos are true... I don't know for what Console it is going to be.... In the trailer it also said that it will come out in 2005 but i'm not sure.... so can you guys get any ingo on this?
  • Did a quick web search for this one (Google is such a handy item for these type of things :peace: ) and quickly found the official site.The Matrix Online MMORPG is being developed just for PC gaming,not for consoles.Their official site says 2004 as the release date but chances are things may have changed and they didn't update it on the site.From what I read on the site all of the info you seen in the trailer are true-there will be several styles of martial arts available as well as the multituse of firearms.Quick note is that,as with all MMORPGs,there will be a monthly fee for playing (still to be determined).Also,they still have to say what the minimum requirements will be for it to work properly on your machine.
  • Thanks Lyndon, that cleared up some of my doubts... It's so useful when a Mod is a around... It's a pity if the game would come for PS2 I think it would be a success..
  • Shiny, developer of Enter the Matrix, has announced two new titles in the Matrix lineup. One of them happen to be a MMORPG which will be exclusive to the PS2. Shiny said that the pressure to create a multi-platform title in a short time period is what caused the game to be released with bugs and problems still intact. That is one reason why this game will be exclusive to the Playstation 2. Shiny also has said that it should be released before the end of 2004.

    The other title is still being shrouded but it looks like a title along the lines of Enter the Matrix and should still be for all consoles but shouldn't be out until late 2005 at the earliest but we shall see.

    It will be very interesting to see how Ubi Soft handles the Matrix Online and also how Shiny will rebound from Enter the Matrix, which has sold awesomely but that didn't hide the fact that the game had it's problems.

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • knowing that Matrix Online takes place *after* the movie trilogy, we can take it that the Matrix itself remains intact. is this a spoiler, or just 2+2?
  • The Matrix Online MMORPG is being developed just for PC gaming,not for consoles.[/b]

    Shiny, developer of Enter the Matrix, has announced ... a MMORPG which will be exclusive to the PS2.[/b]

    Some clearing up is in order :)
  • The current Matrix Online game being made is just for the PC,KiLLa-check my link up above for details.However,as mad reports Shiny has said they will do another which will be for the PS2.We won't see that one until sometime in 2005 (likely just in time to be overshadowed by new console launch details :unsure: ).