Whats Your Fav Band?
  • Whats your favourite band? :blink: :blink:
  • Tie between 3 doors down,Kamelot,Symphony X,Stratovarius,Nightwish and Audioslave.
  • Right now i'll just name the two i'm most listening too and that's Killswitch Engage and Chimaira, both from Roadrunner Records(man they have alot of good bands....). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Well at the moment it's mettalica but my favourite singer is eminem! :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • blink-182 all the way, but I am listening to a lot of placebo at the moment. :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • My favs are,Metallica,Nirvana,Linkin Park and Foo fighters the all rock :punk: :punk: :punk:
  • I suppose as of right now it is System of a Down mainly because I haven't not liked any of their songs that I've heard so far.
  • Neptunes (Clipse, N.E.R.D.). Singer - 50 Cent, Fabolous! :peace:
  • Currently, my favourite band would be between Tupac Shakur (yeah, he's dead but I'm just starting to collect all he's CD's), Snoop Dogg or Talib Kweli. It would be between them, they have awesome songs in my opinion.
  • Seeing as it's restricted to bands I won't list my favourite rappesr (and ali, Eminem is a rapper, he clearly can't sing) my favourites at the moment are Metallica and Queens of the Stone Age with a bit of Tool on the side.

    Cricketrules, if you havn't heard it already, get " Ballin' " by Snoop it's one of my favourites :)
  • Metallica!!!!!
  • Yeah, Ballin' is a great song. I love it. I listen to it all the time when I put his album in my stereo. I reckon all the songs I've heard from Snoop Dogg are pretty good.

    And Killa, you got his Paid tha Cost To be Da Bo$$ album? Pretty good, I recommend it if you like Ballin'.
    And as well, don't rapper's count as bands? Cause if they don't, then I guess I'll have to change my post. But aren't rappers parts of bands? They have the turntabler/DJ or whatever they call them now and the mixer and all that, some even have backup singers. So I thought they would include them.

    Forgot to say this in my first post, I think my favourite singer would be Amy Lee (I think thats her name), the lead singer in Evanescence. She's pretty good.
  • My favorite bands are as follows Green Day, Blink 182, Barenaked Ladies, and my favorite singer is ADAM SANDLER. :punk: :punk: :punk: :rebel:
  • MY favorite band would have to be either metallica or system of a down. :punk:
  • Well me being a christian and everything this is prolly a band you guys haven't heard of but hey no shame

    Audio Adrenaline :shy:
  • My "fav" band well bands are korn static X system of a down actully ALL heavy Metal bands I like But I like Korn the most

    :bash: the one on the left should really move Huh
  • Bands:

    Staind, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beautiful South, Pulp, Muse, REM

    Vocalists: Voltaire, Kate Bush, Loreena McKennit, Harry Connick Jnr

    Musicians: Ed Alleyne-Johnson, Davy Spillane

    Ok, so I got a bit off topic with the addition of singers and musicians but heck....it was pretty boring with everyone liking the same stuff!
    Doesn't anyone vary listening at all or like anything other than rap, nu-punk-stuff or metal?
    Live a little!

    Oh BTW...Him are pretty good too - surprised the Zigmeister didn't include them actually!
    :disco: :disco: :disco:
  • System Of A Down , Trapt , Linkin Park , Limp Bizkit , In flames , Basically i like Rock and Metal .... :punk:
  • Well Speedie, I'm afraid I can't add anything outside of Rap, Punk and Metal. I like... Sum 41, A New Found Glory, Good Charlotte and Greenday. I've got the album 'Puunk in Drublic' by NOFX, and I really like that, but I'm not sure about the rest of their music. I also have all of the Linkin Park albums, thought I can't really say that they're one of my favourite bands, even if they have produced some good stuff, such as Somewhere I belong and In the End.

    EDIT: Ok....lola said it then :unsure:
  • whats yours :pump:
  • Fav Band? Sudden Drop! and if you've heard of them, your lying, because there 5 lads from my 6th form, and they rock, with great songs, mostly written by them, but also do great covers of Californication by the chilli's, Nobodies by Manson, and Chasey Lane by the bloodhound gang.

    Other fav bands, that you may have heard of, Nirvana, Nickelback, New found glory, transplants, blink 182, box car racer, offspring, papa roach, Dr Dre, coolio, Slipknot, murderdolls, stone sour, blood hound gang, tanatious D, Foo's (Foo fighters), Stained, Alien Ant Farm, bowling for soup, Chillies (red hot chilli pepers), CKY, the corrs, daft punk, feeder, HED:PE, Ill Ni
  • ...too many to count for one human being, but not being a human, i'll list them for you...(ahem, be prepared for much reading)
    Cradle of Filth, Marilyn Manson, Coal Chamber, Disturbed, Godsmack, Drowning Pool, Slipknot (Stone Sour, same thing really), Switchblade Symphony, Inkubus Sukkubus, Moonspell, Nightwish, Tristania, System of a Down, Nine Inch Nails (eh...kinda...brilliant guy...), Shadows Fall, Demon Hunter, Immortal, Jack Off Jill, Murderdolls, ...anything gothic and heavy metal...i don't think i'm forgetting any...if i am, (which i'll cut myself for, ah, lovely pain) i'll post it later...if i care to then...
  • korn, static X, ... *slices self and laughs*...yep, may be more comin'...
  • my god, I havent seen one person post anything older suprisingly, well cept for Theve1tch, who i salute, so I guess thats one person hehe.

    Bruce Springteen and The E-street Band, The guess who, the Headstones, the beatles, and of course THE Rolling stones baby!!!! :punk:
  • I'd have to say, I'm a christian so I listen to christian stuff, anyone ever heard of Relient K? They're awesome! How about, Audio Adreanaline? Yeah, they're awesome too! :punk:
  • I've changed my music tastes a fair bit recently. Still mainly rap though. Now I generally listen to:

    Common/Common Sense, Pharoahe Monch, Talib Kweli, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, DMX, Busta Rhymes and Ice Cube.

    I just can't distinction a favourite out of the above.
  • Linkin Park rock my world!

    Somewhere I belong...................

    :punk: ROCK ON :punk:

  • Hm...its got to be U2, Delerium (not a band but) enigma, stabbing westward, disturbed, and many others.
  • AFI all the way! then would have to be nirvana
  • I'd say my fav band would have to be TRAPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BUT I ALSO HAVE SOME OTHER FAVS: maroon5, staind, cold, coldplay, linkin Park, red hot chilipeppers, disturbed, nirvana

    TRAPT :punk:
  • WoW a music thread again :woot: :woot:
    As i said before in theese music threads my fav music is good old rap. And we are talking early Ice Cube, NWA, Dr.Dre , Snoop, Ghetto Boys, Cypress Hill and so on. I must say that rap was much better before then today. And plz all of u that say u like snoop and Eminem plz buy some Dr.Dre records, he
  • id have to say my fav bands are theory of a deadman, The Offspring, Queen, The Guess Who, AC/DC, Nirvana and G.B.S

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