Squaresoft Split?
  • I was recently informed by my cousin that SquareSoft is splitting apart again and Square is going back to Nintendo..thusly Nintendo is going to become a big gaming industry again. I know Square and Enix are teaming together, but I'm curious...is it possible that Squaresoft split before the team up with Enix?

    Please clarify, if it's not time consuming. Thankies! ^_^
  • Haven't heard of this and by the sound of things it's probably a rumor but we'll let mad decide that for us.
  • First off i'd just like to say i'm not a mean person but pass this along to your cousin *points and laughs*.

    Ok, now i am very surprised you didn't ask me about this first but oh well, might as well dispell the rumor for all to know.

    Squaresoft was the name of the North American development house of Square while Square EA was the name of the North American Publishment house that was formed by Square and EA not too long after Sony published Final Fantasy VII for the PSX(Play Station X).

    Late in 2002, Square and Enix announced merger plans that would have both of them combining as of April 1st, 2003. They also announced that Squaresoft and Square EA would be dissolved and that they would no longer be working with EA on publishing. They announced that Square Enix would be the company name and that the North American branch would be Square Enix U.S.A. and that the European branch would be Square Enix Europe.

    When April 1st came, Square and Enix officially closed separate business and became known as Square Enix. The first title released under their collective name was Final Fantasy Origins which was published by Atari in Europe and it would seem that Atari will continue releasing titles for Square Enix as Unlimited SaGa was announced for release in Europe on September 19th, to be published by Atari.

    Square Enix will continue to be a developer and publisher to be reckoned with, especially after they announced their Q1 results for the company in Japan and it was announced that they were the number 1 publisher in Japan. Also, Square Enix has had 20 titles combined that have sold over 1 million copies. What will happen in the future can only be watched as it happens but one thing is for sure, Square Enix will continue to give us some of the best console RPGs available. Now if only they had a little more competition.

    So, yes and no. Squaresoft itself doesn't exist any longer but Square Enix won't be going to Nintendo. Square Enix formed a subsidiary called the Game Designer's Studio which handles the development of games for Nintendo which will be published by Nintendo. These titles currently consist of Final Fantasy Chronicles for the Gamecube and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the GBA. Square Enix also developed Sword of Mana through another subsidiary, Brownie Brown.

    If anyone has any questions on this or anything else then let me know, i'm usually around somwhere. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

    P.S. And as always, Sweets, *kissies*