Extreme Sports And Sports Quiz
  • Welcome to this new thread in this one it works the same as the others
    but it is based on sport and extreme sport so as I started this thread I'll start the Q&A, remember lets try and keep this thread alive (P.S Please put XS if its extreme or S for normal sport):

    (XS) What shoe make does Bam Margera wear?

    Good Luck
    :P :P
  • I don't know anything about sports but I do own THPS3, is the answer Adio?
  • It sure is Adio,
    your turn Manneman

    Sport or Extremesport your choice.

    Take the stage

  • Sports I guess :huh:

    Who won Tour de France 2000?
  • It has to be Lance Armstong. It's gotta be Lance Armstorng, I'm Sure it's Lance Armstrong.

    Is it Lance Armstrong?
  • No, Armstrong finnished 3:rd I belive.
  • manneman I am afraid to say that lance did actually win the tour de france 2000, so if i am correct jdm gets the floor


  • Well, not to step on any toes. I thought he did being we haven't run the 2003 yet, and he's won 3 straight. But I digress.

    Here's the new one:

    In Super Bowl VII, who threw the pass resulting in the only Redskins score?
  • Was it Mark Rypien?

    ;) ;)

    Just a guess
  • I'ld just have to say sorry.

    As I stated I know nothing about sports and so I just came up with that question and did a search. I guess I didn't understand what I was reading or the editor of the page was as ignorant as me. ;)
    I should have asked how many wheels a bicycle has got :lol:
  • It was a strange situation that caused the only score for the 'Skins that year....... Garo Yepremian, of the Dolphins, was attempting a field goal, but the attempt was blocked, so, instead of covering the ball where it landed, he decided to try to throw it...... but the ball slipped and was batted right into the arms of 'Skins player Mike Bass, who took it for the touchdown.

    So, technically, I'd have to say Good Ol' Yepremian!! :D
  • Very good Susan B. I thought that one might take longer.

    You now have control of the board. :)
  • lets say i get the answer 4 the next one, would u say wrestlings an extreme sport?
  • Why thank you jdm, it sure helps to be OLD!! :lol:

    (btw Lolmuha , I'd say wrestling would be considered a regular 'sport' as it's been around for a long time, and 'extreme' sports is a new-fangled thing that someone came up with recently for more 'ooooohs' and 'aaaaaahhs'. IMHO)

    Alrighty now, time for me to give y'all one.

    (S) Who handed Vernon Forrest his first loss?? :blink:
  • Ricardo Mayorga,

    Keep throwing those bombs and finally landed one int the 3rd round.

    He was the underdog too. Great Fight though :D
  • Righty oh you are Mr. Jiffy!!

    Not that I am a fan of either of those two, but I do enjoy boxing, and that was a good bout!!

    Now, please enjoy stumping us! :lol:
  • It seems to me that Fat Jiffi is not going to post antither question so as the starter of this thread then I will post another starter question:

    Who invented the trick the 'Samba Flip'?

    This question is XS
  • Tony hawks 4 might have elightened me with this.

    Bob burnquist.
  • Well done,
    Lets video games can help us in our lives lol!

    :P :D :lol:

    Spit 'N' Shine your new floor.
  • NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!

    Just as a bit of information, we here at API like to be courteous and give people more than under 24 hours to come in and take THEIR turn on the floor when they've answered one correctly. As I see it, it is Mr. Jiffy's turn, and we'd all do well to give him his chance. Not all of us have the time to come on here every day, but that doesn't mean that we can just shove them out in the cold and ignore them if we don't see a response by them in our time-table.

    Mr. Jiffy, we'll wait patiently and courteously for you!!
  • Thank You Speedie,

    As some know I generally only have access to the net during the working week so I thank you for your patience.

    My question is fairly easy so you don't have to wait for me again.

    Who is the current UFC Lightweight Heavyweight Champion?? and for a bonus who did he defeat in his last bout???

  • Let's see here.........

    Tito Oritz, aka: Huntington Beach Bad Boy

    Defeated Ken Shamrock. (what a stupid name! :P )

    Oh yeah, and he's on "Team Punishment"
  • Even right down to Team Punishment,

    Pity Ken Shamrock is his real name hay. ;)

    You are correct once again Speedie, Take it away and leave the sloppy joes on the table :D
  • Thank you thank you!! Oh, and it's chilli tonight!
    :P sssllllrrrppppp!!!!!!

    Alrighty then.......

    X S:
    Who 'invented' the 'BikerFox Flip' and what is it?
    (his/her real name, please)

    (If I were Ken, I'd have my last name legally changed!
  • It was created by bikerfox aka. Thomas Wictor and is a full frontal flip with a mountain bike.

  • No no no, that Thomas Wictor guy is a writer!!! :blink:
  • Frank Paul then.

  • THAT'S the one!!!!!

    Nicely done Gabe, have at it!! :D
  • In 1948 in the London olympics something spectacular happened in the pummelhorse competition.

  • Three athletes from the same country all tied for 1st place, and all 3 were awarded gold medals? (Those crazy Finns :D )
  • [quote]Originally posted by WreckinBall@Apr 2 2003, 09:27 AM
    [b] Three athletes from the same country all tied for 1st place, and all 3 were awarded gold medals?
  • Sorry for my tardiness, I had forgotten about this thread. :blink:

    Who was the last switch-hitter to win the AL MVP?
  • Micky Mantle???
  • Nope.

    Sorry, folks. I've been away and haven't tended the thread here. The proper response to the previous question is Vida Blue. He won the AL MVP in 1971 as a pitcher for the Oakland A's, before the DH.

    As for the next question,

    Which two teams were competing for a gold medal in the event which has come to be known as "The Miracle on Ice?"
  • I think you are referring to the 1980 Winter Olympics and if so wouldn't it be the USA vs. the Soviets?
  • Aye, it would be. Their hockey teams, that is.

    Your turn.....
  • Name the Heisman Trophy winner who graduated from Lincoln High School in San Diego, California.
  • Marcus Allen?
  • That was soooooo quick Gabe! Excellent! :clap:
  • Who hold's the record for most points on rookie season in the NHL.
  • Is that Kjell Dahlin 77 points?

  • All Hill??
  • It's Teemu Selanne 132 points :notworthy:
  • And there we have it.
  • Ah lets see....oh

    Who is the only player in the NHL to score a shorthanded hat-trick?
  • Gordie Howe
  • nope sorry
  • I don't really know anything about hockey but I'll guess Wayne Gretzky?
  • nope sorry
  • Eric Lindros :think: or maybe Mark Messier :think:
  • nope..... but heres a hint this player did while playing for Calgary
  • nope, think 90's
  • Mark Recchi
  • no he played for calgary
  • ok heres a hint

    this player small about 5 foot 6 inches

    that should give it away
  • is it theo flury?
  • Thats right :disco:
  • alright, which famous hockey player was born on jan 26 1961
  • Wayne Gretzky?
  • bingo buddy, your floor
  • Ok here we go...

    In the CFL (canadian football league) who is the only player to have 7 consectutive years of 1, 000 rushing?
  • alright since it's been 10 days i'll change the question.

    who is the only player in the nhl to be inducted into the hockey hall of fame and then still play in the nhl?
  • Gordie Howe?
  • no but this player just anounnced he will play another season
  • His nickname is Super Mario
  • Mario Lemieux(sp?)?
  • correct the floor is yours :helpme:
  • OK, I'll have a go at it. I may remember some sports stuff.

    What 19-year old Phillies pitcher put future Hall-Of-Famer George Brett on his ass(literally) in the 1980 World Series?
  • Nyet.

    OK, No one got that.

    Here's a new one:

    Who homered three times in a losing cause in the last game of the '77 ALCS?

    OK, how about:

    Who hit 3rd for the '27 Yankees?

    Hint: His nickname rhymes with "Gabe," and his last name is Ruth. :doh:
  • I'm not much of uhh baseball man but is it babe ruth?
  • Originally posted by hoopz@Aug 22 2003, 12:06 PM
    I'm not much of uhh baseball man but is it babe ruth?

    No kidding?

    All sarcasm aside, you are correct. You have answered well, and it is your turn to ask.
  • this hockey player was a goal scorer for the Calgary flames and in one playoff run everytime he scored they added another o to his last name. Who is he?
  • i'll give you a hint his first name- Hakan :think:
  • Could that be the dreaded Hakan Loob?
  • yup,
    your floor :disco:
  • Wow! If his name weren't directions for expectorating, I doubt that I would ever have heard his name. :blink:

    What Boston Red Sox pitcher holds the record for most consecutive shutout innings in a world series?

    C'mon folks......Red Sox?......World Series?

    Here's a hint: Think about who the star of the team was the last time they won the series..........