Going Online With Ps2! But Some Concerns
  • Mengsk's finally going online! The only game I have is SOCOM, but I have some concerns before I get connected.

    1. My parents are getting a DSL line hooked up. Will DSL alow (sp?still on summerbreak) me to play SOCOM or will I have to get a job and pay for broadband (not a computer person...just console)?

    2. My parents are networking all computers together. So I assume that my PS2 will be networked also. Will I still be able to go online with this network? If so, how do I network the adaptor to the whole system?

    3.Is there an APi clan for SOCOM?

    Thanks! Maybe now you'll agree drinking has it's benefits...The late Chris Farely.
  • DSL is broadband,Mengsk,so you'll be good to go. :peace: You mention your parents networking computers-this will work nicely for you as well.With the use of an ethernet router the DSL access can be shared among all the computers as well as your PS2.The models from Linksys are a popular choice.The only thing you will have to buy other than the router is a CAT-5 patch cable to get the DSL from the router to the PS2.When setting up the network adaptor tell it to get settings automatically-it will make things easier.

    As for an APi clan,I'm not really sure-I think Evil Aaron talked about getting together with other APi members in an earlier thread.May want to try giving him a shout via PM or e-mail.
  • Thanks Lyndon! Now as for getting a job question. Looks like I will have too if I don't find $40 for the adaptor and the CAT-5. I'll be sure to pm Evil Aaron and anyone else with SOCOM. Just after I get some kills in on my own PS2 and not my friends.

    Thanks again!
  • Hey bud, i personally run cable modem which is also broadband. I have two computers and my beloved PS2 hot at all times. I've just started playing SOCOM online and it's a blast. I'm not very good though, but I'll get beter. Once you get everything you need, setting it up's a piece of cake. Have fun with it. :peace:
  • Hey mengsk, I play SOCOM pretty religiously every night from about 9 pm to 12 am in HANGUK room. Look for XR8TD, thats me. My time zone is PST. Buy a very long CAT-5 cable in case you have to change rooms or tv's. The other alternative is wireless router but that is expensive stuff man. Evil Aaron doesn't play Socom much anymore, he bought EVERQUEST and that occupies his online time. He used to play in Canada West. Another guy who is cool to play with is -WINK- , he also plays in HANGUK. Better hurry up and get online before SOCOM II comes out. Anyway I'll keep my eye out for you and feel free to E-mail or PM me.

    jdm you look for me too ok?