Have a prob with PS2
  • My problem is: If I start a game on the PS2, it runs just fine the first time. But after some time (30min - 60min) the screen shows total black! I can hear the sound of the game and I can control it, but I can't see anything. The screen is totally black and it flickers a bit. I checked the connections, the channel, the gamedisk...all okay! Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.
  • Mabye it's a problem with your PS2. If it's still ok, get the console changed at the shop where you bought it. If this has happened with all the games, then it should be the consoles problem.

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  • Instead of editing my last response, I thought I would post another with a little more info for ya' regarding your "Black Screen". It may be in your main board. Check these:

    1. Surface mount fuses (or circuit protect fuses) are the commonly replaced parts on the mother board. Check for busted SMF's and replace accordingly:

    a) PS601 (#20) - Sony logo but no laser spin
    b) PS603 (#20) - no screen activity, no laser spin
    c) PS602 (#20) - no serial I/O port response
    d) PS605 (#15) - no controller or card response
    e) PS604 (#50) - black screen, no laser spin

    #15 = .6 to .7 amp
    #20 = .8 to 1.0 amp
    #50 = 2.0 to 2.3 amp

    2. SMF's can easily be removed with long nose pliers by gently pulling them out. You can also heat up the solder points to loosen the part before removing.
    Replacements resistors of the same value can be substituted for SMF's. Bend the wires as close as possible to ensure that it will fit between the other components of the board.

    3. The BIOS chip, where factory data is stored, is the PSX IC that would most likely get damaged. This is especially true if you own a Japanese console that was modded with a U.S. chip. If replacing the #50 fuse was not enough to remedy the black screen, then you need to check the BIOS for possible damages. Also check for fused points.

    4. If you own a 100x model with BIAS and GAIN controls, and just in case you messed-up the voltage settings, you can replace the trimmers using resistors. The resulting fixed value ensures that no more adjusting is needed to fine tune the laser!

    It could also be the spindle motor drive chip.

    One possibility on the troubleshooting of your possible disk spin problem; you might want to check the solder pads on the fitting that connects to the main board, sometimes these will pull apart, especially if there is problems with the clip itself.

    Good luck and hope you are back to gaming before too long.

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  • Thanks for the tips. I will appreciate it. But here's somethin more: I now tested my PS2 on a different TV. I used the same cables and channels. After I played 20min (I stopped the time...) the screen starts flickering (flimmering). This time on the other TV: no black screen, just this flickering screen (in black&white). Maybe this could be more helpful. Thanks

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  • If you are experiencing no sound, jerky screen or half screen, snowy raster and images, or other video and audio related problems, it is most likely with your tv, or compatibility issues with NTSC and PAL systems.

    a) Try using another tv set. (which you have indicated you have done)

    b) Lower the brightness setting of the tv.

    c) Twitch the AV jacks to remedy loose connections, or use another set of AV cables.

    d) Try using another PSX to see if the same happens.

    e) Check the multi-out port / socket to see if any of the connectors or solder points are damaged.

  • What kind of TV(S) are you using? I know that Zeinith's have major trouble playing video games, the screen flicks and wont stay still among other problems. I hope that this helps