• Have you ever gotten to a point that you flat out start a game over and while you're at it you not only delete that file from your mem-card but anything else you haven't finished?

    I've gotten to the point that it's been so long since I've played a game that I no longer remember what buttons do what. To try to pick up a game from a start point I saved 6 months ago seems like a moot point. The reason I ask if others of you purge is because my fiancee thought I was nuts crashing all of those hours of gaming.

    I was just wondering if once and a while you dump data ( of course not completed games ) just to get a fresh start? :think:

  • Oh sure!! There is only so much money that I'm willing to invest in memory cards, PS2 memory cards being as expensive as they are, and we've got 4 of 'em already, so there's no reason not to. I even purge completed games as well, as long as there's been a second or third go-round on them before I do. I, too, have come back to games which I've not played in months and months, to, just like you, have forgotten what buttons do what, so I'll just clear that out and start afresh. Only a few that will NEVER leave the cards 'till they die are the stats gathered up on the NASCAR games (when ya get those cars just so, ya don't want to mess that up!) and on Hot Shots Golf.
    Those new courses are not always easy to get, so I don't like to lose them!! I don't play often enough to be good enough to want to have to redo them either!! :blink:
    The only other one I keep on the card is Mah Jongg, 'cause I like to play that one when I'm in the mood to not have to think, and I like to be able to access any level I want any time I feel like it!

    Interesting concept here jdm, good idea! :D
  • I never purge my cards because I have a fairly small collection so I doubt that I will ever run out of room. If I do then yes I will purge my card.

    I have saves from my PS1 games that I haven't played since I got my PS2 in November of '01.

    I guess I do clean up my card once in a while, once I see that the card is filling up with saves from my game rentals then I will delete them.
  • I don't have to purge with my ps1 memory card because it hs something like 24 memory cards in one. But I was cleaning it out once and everything deleted itself. I didn't have to purge my ps2 memory card yet because it still has around 2000kb left. I will have to be cleaning that out soon.
  • :disco:
    You're not alone! Ever since I bought The Sims I've had to be really ruthless about what I keep as it takes up so much memory there's hardly room for anything else. I've found it quite refreshing going back to old games and starting from the beginning again, it never takes as long to get to where you saved anyhow, so it's not really that much of a waste of time. The only game I've never had the heart to delete is "harvest Moon, back to nature". I can't believe I spent so many hundreds of hours digging and weeding and feeding sheep for no apparent reason, I just can't bring myself to throw all that effort away. Is there any games any of you haven't the heart to delete?
  • Oh man I do that all the time with RPG's!

    Lets see i have about 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Ten Rpgs that i have started and havent finished yet!

    I just get to a point in the game where i say, okay next Rpg, and then forget about the other one. Man i seriously need to ketch up on my RPG gaming.

    I curse you online gaming, i curse you.