Final Fantasy Series
  • Does anyone know of any retailers in the UK or on the net that sell that first few FF games?
  • I'm afraid FF7 was the first game in the series on the PlayStation.The earlier games in the series were found on the ol' NES/Famicom.

    As for Tomb Raider,I'd suggest looking in the Cheats N' Tips section,which can be reached through the links at the top of the page.Or,you may want to check the walkthrough for the game for those times you really get stuck.You can get to it here.
  • I heard that playstation remade ff4but I dont
  • I think FF4 is being translated and will be officially brought over, but there has been a fan translated version for years now.
  • Just in case you wanted too know, FF2 ,and FF3 are now instock used at a site called, .
  • Hey........I still have my NES........
  • Hey PunkBuddy, are the early Final fantasy's anything like FF7, FF8 and FF9?
  • Well.......yes and no.
  • I'd like to add that FF5 and 6 are available as "Anthology", two disks in one 'package', one disk each game. If you play these, you'll see where the Mog got its start!! :)
  • Final fantasy 1 through 6 + their original consoles are available on ebay. Well, they were yesterday anyway.
  • I have a SNES.Is that the same console that ye are talking about or is it a different one.If it is different, would I still be able to getthe old FF series games for it?