• im at the part where you meet donni and then start going in the water channel to get to the outside world and im on the 3rd floor and these phantoms keep on attaking me so how do i stop them

    ps. i just got the ps2 and the game today

    help appriciated
  • You must be in the very begining.

    It sounds like you haveing a trouple fighting.

    I dont really understand where you are, but i suggest block there hits then attack. Block i think is with the R1 button or it could be L1. I forget.
  • thanks i just passed now i need to get steve the ridepod refueled because he just died and i cant fix him so any other help will be needed and im on the 6th sewer level so any tips will also be helpful thanks bof4 and what the heck do i defete the giant robots with out steve the ridepod
  • Well, its kinda hard to do that without the ridepod, so i suggest you go back to town and get the mechanic to fix it. Try not to use the ride pod too much, only use it when you have to.
  • thanks to your help im now at "ranbow wood" floor 3
    now i have tons of problems here so fill me in on stuff like were to find the saw and how many times do you need to power up monicas sword untill it will build up and weapon names so all of that will be helpful and one more thing what is the easyest way to beat those moving tree's i will keep trying so i wont be stuck for long but with extra help i can do it even beter

  • the question about the saw, the saw is the equivalent to the crank from the sewers. you get them from enemies.
  • ok............................ then i will do that and now what is the next level of the drill wrench ?
  • ok fine ill forget that question ok 2nd one

    where do i meet the "rainbow butterfly"

    and how long dose flotsam stick on your @$$ and finaly how do i get the rocks out of the way of the train

  • oh one last qwestion befor i leave for some time are there codes to have infinet life and weapon life ???? if u do know them or if any codes tell them to me k :peace: out
  • ok now for some help i need to get the rainbow butterfly and i need to know how and what to get and where ok so this time i realy realy realy need your help i'll be web surfing k
  • How far are you in the dungeon? Are you at the final place? If so, you need to go back and get the stones from the previous levels and then go work on your town. You need a certain item to find the rainbow butterfly and you need to do more with your town before you can get it.
  • Sry, forgot to answer this in the previous reply. The rocks on front of the train will go away when you beat the rainbow butterfly.