Light Guns And Their Games...?
  • bought a light gun that don't light your fire?
    a game that needed a bullet up the a**e?
    maybe you thought the game was the mutts nuts?
    or that the gun fitted you like a...well...a gun?!?

    the highs and the lows of light gun gaming, how deep and high are the valleys and mountains?

    Later y'all
  • Um im sorry i kinda dont get what your saying. :blink:
  • i think he's asking if anyone has experiences w/ light guns, good or bad

    i'm curious also. i haven't tried a light-gun with my PS2 yet. what games and guns are good? also, what's the most UNUSUAL light-gun game? (or are they all more or less the same -- shoot stuff before it shoots you)
  • I've played a few light gun games on both PSOne and PS2.Some,like the Point Blank series,I reccommend buying-the variety of games on them keeps thing from getting boring too quickly.Others,such as Time Crisis 2,are good but can be over too quickly so you may want to rent first.

    The games I talk about here all use the GunCon or GunCon2 (the PS2 version).It is probably the most accurate of the bunch (once properly centered).

    As for the most unusual,monkey,I'd have to say the first Point Blank game,mainly because somehow Namco managed to make an RPG mode in it. :blink:
  • The only light gun game ive played was on the dream cast and we bout the guns for one game only and it sucked. That was House of the Dead 2. I mean it was a classic shoot them before they "eat" you, and the voices were terrible. One of the main bad guys actually sounded similar to Kermit the frog. (i believe the guys name was Goldman) :(
  • Playstation has a light gun?! Sheesh, where have I been? :unsure:
    I thought the light gun came and went with Nintendo! Shows you how much I know. What was the name of that game....Duck Hunt or something like that?

    A light gun game I did like was Lazer Tag, of course that wasn't a console game. Unfortunately, the company who manufactured it went out of business, I think?! I could be wrong. Can you still buy Lazer Tag guns, harnesses etc.?
  • Well i got a couple of laser tag sets for cristmass a couple of years ago. Its not called lazer tag though, its called virtual paintball. Yeah i think there are other versions of it you can buy, but yes i think that if you look hard enough you should be able to find some kind of laser tag.

    On another note, i loved duck hunt, that was prolly one of my fav games on nintindo. :)
  • "lazer tag" was a brand-name, i believe. we played all through college. i remember "photon" arenas back in the early 90s, but i had much more fun when i didn't pay to play

    i remember Duckhunt for the NES ... i feel old
  • Originally posted by monkeyagain@Aug 8 2003, 04:30 PM
    i remember Duckhunt for the NES ... i feel old

    Duck Hunt's gun certainly felt like a gun...although the graphics of it shooting weren't well but that was because it was back in the days of Nintendo.
  • I got my gun-con 2 when I bought Ninja Assault. It's alright I guess. The only reason I got it was because there are legislators out there who want light guns gone. They think it teaches kids to shoot kids. I figure the first time in real life I run into a zombie ninja I'll know what to do. I got it because I get any peripheral for my beloved PS2 and if these powers that be take my right to buy one later Im shafted. It's cute but gives me finger cramps after a while from contantly pulling the trigger. Now something realistic like SOCOM with the headset and light gun would be the bomb. :peace:
  • If you want surreal, Ninja Hunt and Vampire night are the best!
  • so between us we still don't know the best gun but I think we've proved there would be a market for some kind of retro Duck Hunt game??? sounds good to me

    since starting thread I've bought Ninja assault with GC-2 like JDM and it seems ok provided you hone your skills on the training stuff first

    Later rogues
  • You know that the best type of light gun is cybergun desert eagle light gun.

    It has a kickback feature, a great sight, and it requires no battries, pluse it has a built in auto aim, auto fire, and auto reload.

    It is cheaper then the guncon.

    The price is usually around $25-$30
  • I remember Duck Hunt and I am only 19!

    I got light gun for the ps1 and time crisis for a