Better Or Worse
  • They both are very good, but which one is better, dont hesitate to leave me comments.
    The flaming Dragon Cheater.
  • PS2 :)
  • Um, i believe they made PS2 so that it would be better then playstation in every single way.
  • When you say "will be more famous" when exactly do you mean? In a thousand years? next week? After both of them has stoped selling.

    I think that maybe the PSone will be best remembered since there most likely will be a PS3 that will shove the PS2 into the forgotten middle child position.
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    As for which console i think will be more famous... it'll probably be the PSOne, since it was the console that set of the Sony company.

    For example, which console does everybody remember out of the NES, or the SNES? Although undoubtfully the SNES was better, the NES will always be remembered as the original...

    (and i STILL don't have a PS2 yet!!)
  • I believe the playstation will be more famous. It has so many good games for it and I don't think people will ever forget it.
  • It's got to be ps2! Its ment to be beter! :blink:
  • I would have to agree with the Fluffster, manneman and SpeedyD
  • I really like the PSX and got lots of hours of play out of it but I have to say I love my PS2 alot more.PS2 definatly
  • I think Ps2 is way better! I enjoy it much more than the ps1!
  • I think that a lot of members a missing the question here. The question is...
    Which sony system will be more famous.[/b]

    Not which system is better. The PS2 is by far a superior system over the PSX, that is quite easy to figure out.

    Playstation gave way to adults getting into gaming because it was no longer a kids game. Playstation unleashed games that appealed to a more adult audience then what had been previously available in Nintendo, SEGA so on and so forth.

    You couldn't have a Playstation 2 without the Playstation.
  • Im going with the minority and saying the PS1 because it was the original.
  • PS1 most assuridly!!!!
    I tend to agree with others here,( And liken it to the invention of the wheel.) Modified and re-hashed over time, but still probably the most 'famous' of all consoles!!!
    And is, in my book.
  • I gotta go with Playstation. The playstation was a big factor for everyone to look at gaming in many ways. It was a major key player in the groeng console wars. Aand the Playstation name will remain in the future Playstation to be made.

    And I don't have a ps2 yet!!!!
  • I do not know which way to vote!?!

    The playstation is going to be the most famous. End of story.

    But the playstation 2 is much more powerfull and can play the playstation one games also. To my best knowledge the playstation 2 is the first console with such backwords capability.
  • The ps1 will be more famous, but the quistion was wich one is better! :blink:
  • Ps 2 is good but 1 is better.

    Ps one will punch ps 2 :fight: :fight:
  • I think we need Dragon Cheater to post again about what this thread is really about. At the top of the poll we have...
    Which sony system will be more famous.[/b]
    and in his post we have...
    They both are very good, but which one is better, dont hesitate to leave me comments.[/b]

    Two different question for one poll. :think:
  • Originally posted by Rex77@May 21 2003, 03:50 PM
    Two different question for one poll. :think:

    Are you saying you can't respond to both... :rolleyes:
  • What I am saying is that I don't understand what the poll is for, is it for which one do we think is more famous or which one is better.

    Doesn't really matter, I have voted for the one that I think is more famous but I have answered both in my first post.
  • Why i think PSone is better? just look at its lineup. Plus, some of the greatest franchises started here (Resident evil, Dino Crisis....NOT metal gear solid but in the PSone is when it got its BIG budget) so i got to say that PSone is the better one. PS2 in everyway is a follow up, no longer an original so i say Psone.

    Not only because i own one, but because i do research. Casually :flex: :disco:
  • I think playstation only because I feel, as well as others, that ps2 would not have been created with out its first.
  • :woot: i have to agree with B rabbit ps2 is prety awsome. and the graphics are one hundred percent beter than psone :stink:
  • i think ps2 because the games are better and come out much quicker and it is just overall a very good system
  • It has to be PS3!

    really it will be!!

    it offers backcom with ps1 and ps2!

    So i voted ps1...............