America's Army
  • Does anyone here play America's Army? If you do my game name is Evil_Granny, I may change my Api name to that. So if you see me just go easy on me...please?

    If you don't the US Army made a FREE game (well not if your a tax payer) that's a FPS. It kinda plays like SOCOM, but no voice chat, you can't choose your gun (kinda), you have to go through training, and you always play in the us army. I think it's a great game for realism and as for those who like to snipe alot, you have to hit 36/40 targets to go through sniper training and most maps dont let you snipe.

    Have Fun Gaming! Don't Drink & Game!
  • I play AA. My honor is 10 right now, i havent played it in a while though. But i have the newest version.

    my name is blake savage on there