Rent Or Purchase ?
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    I have a very good friend who I keep in touch with regularly and happens to be someone I met here on API.
    Through our conversations I've seen that he prefers to rent games before concidering buying them. I myself buy before ever trying them.

    My reasons for this are many. First of all I work for 60+ hours a week and I raise a family. Renting for me would be a moot point because a 3 day rental will give me less than ample time to really get the feel of any given game.

    Second, I do quite alot of reasearch before I buy anything, I get several periodicals monthly and also get quite a bit of info from our Staff members here who do a great job of keeping us in the know.

    Third, I understand there are younger members here who are limited in their choice due to financial issues. When I was young, allowance didn't go very far. However now that is no longer a concern for me.

    I was wondering if the rest of our members prefer to rent first, or buy it right off the shelf?
  • You should just wait for the game to go down in price, than buy it.
  • I agree with Pysco. I don't rent games at all. I, like you jdm, wouldn't have the time to get to know the game in 3 days. I ask some people who have it how they like it and if it sounds interesting, then I wait for the price to go down and buy it.
  • i buy again for the reason of time. i just cant find the time to play much anymore so id rather buy a game and have a stab when i feel i have chance
  • I'd like to explain why I rent first, maybe someone will agree....

    In my town, there are very few options for gaming.....Walmart and Blockbuster Video or the occasional pawn shop that may have a game or two, but that isn't something you can rely on. Only two of my friends own PS2 and one of them only has sports games.

    At Walmart, a new game will cost $50 U.S. Even if they discount the price, after months, it still costs at least $30. I search the discount bin and it usually has lame titles, often overflowing with sports games that do not interest me much. Since they started carrying X-Box and GameCube, the selection has diminished greatly.

    At Blockbuster Video, I can rent a game for 7 days, at a cost of $6. They have new releases every week, and the variety of titles rival's Walmart. For the most part, I can find games I'm interested in playing, rent them for a week, and usually finish them in that time. My job allows me 7 days off in a two week period, so renting fits my work schedule. (Man, I got a great job!) :disco:

    I suppose you could say I research games by renting them. I have bought titles after renting them first, but not that often. If I read about a game that sounds interesting (APi is my only source for gaming info) then I may rent it to see what all the excitement is about.

    I guess some of this stems from my Nintendo days, when I would buy games that seemed so promising and end up regretting it, feeling like I wasted my money. :doh: Back then you couldn't rent games where I lived.
    I've stated this before....Unless I know I'll want the game forever, or if I don't feel the game will have replay value, I'm not willing to pay full price on a game that will just end up collecting dust. ;)
  • Buy because I'm blessed with a town that has a great games store.The people know what they're talking about and the games are priced at around 45
  • well if it is game i know i will enjoy, and keep for a long time, then i will buy, but if it is a game i just want to try and think i will beat it in a week or two i will just rent it.
  • i have to be sure its a good game as well as have a long play value. A game like Smackdown 4 or Final Fantasy i would buy right away but games like Devil May Cry 2, games im not sure about, i rent first to see if its any good. While that was a good game im glad i rented it only and not purchased it because i beat that game faster than It takes my playstation to actually load the game.
  • i buy a game after i hear about it and look at it online.i dont have time to rent it. :peace: