Best Online Playstation 2 Games
  • Loads of people have NEVER used their PS2 online, so let's hear from those gamers who love playing against other gamers using the internet.

    Give us your best 3 games that people should pick up to get the ultimate online experience on their PlayStation 2 and tell us why they are so great.
  • The only ones I own that I've played online are :

    MLB 2K5
    Madden '06
    Burnout 3 : Takedown

    My 3 Fav would be SOCOM II, Madden '06 and Burnout 3
  • I rarely plat PS2 Online but my two years ago I got totally addicted on Amplitude online, and a bit addicted on Splinter Cell. Burnout Revenge and Outrun 2006 are also very cool online!