Common Knowledge.
  • In this game,
    all you have to do is find the thing connecting the three things.

    It will probably be a bit more specific then "They are all humans" or "I have seen all of them on TV" so don't even bother with them kind o'answers.

    The "poster of three" will let you know who's got it right, and there after the "getter of right" will have the privilage of posting a new threesome. :lol:

    First off we have:

    A pice of wood
    A mathematical function
    A traveling journal

    Shouldn't be to hard
  • A novel new brain exercise - i like it!!!!

    Hmmmmm, would the answer be log?

    a log is a piece of wood

    log / logarithm is a mathematical function

    and one may keep details in a log.

  • Congratulations!
    Log is the correct answer. Now you go. :D
  • OK, here I go!!!:

    An object placed before player next to deal in poker

    The arching and upward motion of a horse
  • Buck.

    A buck is passed to the next person to deal in poker (Buck is a brand name of knives) to show who would be dealing next.

    A horse kicking and arching its back to do this is bucking.

    $1 across the pond (North America) is referred to as a buck.
  • Yup, spot on Rex! The answer was indeed
  • Try this (easy one I think) on for size...

    What Steve does to me sometimes...

    You don't want this in your computer...

    Or on your camping trip...

  • Spam!?!? :lol:

    No, really, 'trash' is my guess!!
  • Ummmmm, Bug.

    Steve bugs you sometimes.

    A bug is bad if its in youre computer.

    And the camping trip is self explanatory.
  • Take it away Mr. Knight.

    Suze, Steve does not trash me, he is merely an annoyance, like a bug. He will get squashed soon enough. :D
  • The floors open since im no good at making these up.

  • I'm no good at these either, but I'll give it a shot!

    1: A nickel

    2: A hubcap

    3: Gid's head! ( ;) just kidding!! )

    3: A trashcan lid

    There...... probably cheesy, but I have to try now don't I? Don't want my brain to rust! :blink:
  • I honestly can't think of anything else but the fact that they are all round thinks that have a tendency to roll away from you. :huh:

  • You're halfway right!! (about the round part, not the rolling away from you part...... though I'm sure Gid has that problem with his head!! HAHAHAHA) :lol:
  • Disc shaped and silver?
  • Circular metal?

    I don't know...
  • Flat-ish??????? hehehehe :P

    I'm not sure either.
  • Yes Bid, that is what I was getting at!!
    Round and flat-ish!!

    Now, Bid got half and Manne got half, so I'll leave you two to mud-wrestle over who is gonna get to give the next one!! :D
  • I've done my part so far, let's see what Bid has got for us.
    And if you can't come up with anything, I've got some in store ;)
  • Alrighty, I'll give it go.

    To focus one's mind.

    A form of beverage.

    Bring together at one point (ie Troop's.)
  • Concentrate?
  • Correct Mr Gungk :) !
  • Awroity, I'll give i ta go.

    A small mechanical device.

    An unnamed manufactured article.

    A nitrogen bomb.

    Good luck.
  • Dude that is really hard.
    Is the small unnamed thingie prehaps a Gizmo, in that case I will take a shot at Gremlin as the answer (whatever they may have to do with a nitrogen bomb).
  • You're on the right track with gizmo Manne, keep that train of thought.
  • This is probably way off base..........but is it a Gadget???? By that I mean, a device of limited utility.

    You can shoot me later if I'm wrong........right now I have a hum-dinger of headache :huh: Feel's like five "Mexican walking fish" are throwing a Tequila bash in there!!!! :blink:
  • Would it be a widget?
  • Looks like we have a winner.

    Take it away Mad.

    Oh, & bid.
    ..________/ /'''''''\ \___
    | . . . .___ii-------- |=|",",","::::::=="---
    |_---''''''/_/-' ''''''|iii|

    Stole that one from a blokes sig. at CFC, shh, don't tell 'im
  • Oh HAHA.....yeah, I know I asked for it!!!LOL

    ps KG, I promise I won't tell a soul where you got that from :ph34r:
  • This is a hostile takeover,
    nah I got madhtrs blessing

    What does these three got in common


    A countrysinger named Tim

    Dr. Phil
  • McGraw :D
  • Thank you,

    A phone company

    My last name


    Try that one on for size. :D
  • That one lasted 39 minutes.

    Hey Mad, can you give one that will last 40 minutes? :D
  • Heh, this won't last very long at all but at least i thought of one:

    4 of these equal a whole

    400 meters = ______ miles

    The "hind" leg of a deer

    Well, we'll see if it makes it's way to 40 mins or not now. Hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

  • Quarter! :D

    BTW, it lasted much longer than 40 minutes, I'm impressed! :P
  • Yeah, almost 4 hours.....I think that was pretty good for the first one i came up with.....Lets see how your's does Susan. I'm thinking until tomorrow morning but we'll see how long before we get a new one first....Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

  • Hmmmmm....... a challenge, eh!? I think I'm up for it!

    A girls or womans name

    A sheet of paper from a book or magazine

    To call for someone on the overhead announcing system.

    Gosh, I hope this one will last for more than five minutes!! :blink: :lol:
  • Page

    Darn it.59 minutes.I was trying for exactly 1 hour.

  • Heh heh heh, you are of course as correct as you can be! :D

    Your turn!
  • Sorry, I forgot about this (thank you Rex).

    Anyway since i suck at making these the floors open.

  • I'll take it.

    the Beatles
    New Zealandic menswear store
    Monty Python
  • the cloths/shoes the beatels wear
  • >_>
    George Harrison.

  • Things that you'll never hear President Bush mention without a sly grin! :D

  • Wasn't to hard, now was it.
    KFH got it.
  • darn and i thought i was close
  • Welp, I'm no good at coming up with hard stuff, so here ya go.




  • How about Skiing?
  • We could always break it down to it's most basic form and say, they're all types of movemnets....heh, heh.
  • Ah, sorry peeps, completely konked out and forgot to look back at this, I was looking more for all of them involving a weaving motion, so I'll just say KG got close enough. ^_^

    (Though Mad gets an extra special cookie from Suse, just for the heck of it.)

    Take it away!
  • Originally posted by Kentucky_Fried_Hippie@Apr 24 2003, 06:26 AM
    [b]Ah, sorry peeps, completely konked out and forgot to look back at this! [/b]

    Oh suuuurrrrreee play the forgetfull hippie role and try to recruit avatar team members here :peace:
  • Thanks KFH.


    Good luck
  • Can all be made out of cloth?
  • madhtr, isn't a funnel a sort of chimney? You can't make a chimney out of cloth.

    It could have something to do with rods though. :unsure:
  • A funnel over here is something that allows for you to put something, such as water into an area with a smaller opening than the source would be giving, if that makes any sense. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Yes of course, I need to read more dictonaries I belive. :D
  • Excellent guesses, both of you. Unfortunately, they couldn't be further from any of the right answers.
  • You think so!?

    I guess: Strawberry Jam.
  • A little closer, but still way off.
  • A indian teepee? :blink:
  • They can all be in the shape of a triangle.....depending on how you hang the curtains that is......
  • No, not a teepee Topper.

    Mad your thinking too simple, tisn't nuffin to do with triangles.

    Try thinking more biological.
  • Biological hm? first thought is clouds...

    Well...after that my thoughts sorta trail off...
  • They all have to do with shelter?

  • They all have to do with rain, or rain storms??
  • No, sorry, all wrong.

    Keep guessing, I'll think of a decent clue sooner or later.
  • culd it be ummmmmmmmmmmm a factory in the shape of a tryangle and has a funnel at the top ??????? :fight: :fight: :clap:
  • That funnel (now that I know what it is) got me thinking if it might have something to do with some movie or something. People tend to wear funnels on their heads in movies.
  • The answer can be summed up in One or Two words.

    There are a few different words you could use but a clue for the two most common is that one of them is a Three letter word & the other starts with an "S"
  • Types of Cakes? :think:
  • Nothing to do with (what is considered Western) food.
  • Okay, one more try. Types of Spiders..................... :think:
  • I don't know the answer but it's got me thinking of Funnel cake which can be bought from a tent at a fair......but that's just me.
  • Funnel Web, Tent Web and Curtain Web are types of spiders (and also their webs).

    Gjc, I belive it to be your turn. Good Work
  • Just bringing it back to the front.

    Anybody know this?

    How about:

    Greek Church
  • Okay, this is disappearing off of the radar. To give you a hint:

    Look at my intrests............................ :think:

  • They all have to do with golf? Like, in miniature golf?? :unsure:
  • Oops. Inleft field on this one.Please disregard. :doh:
  • errrrr....??? Has something to do with water??????? :unsure:

    I'm 'lost'.......just in case you couldn't tell? hehe
  • Nope

    Susan was in the right ball park though.
  • those are bowling terms... like types of splits
  • Ding ding ding.............

    That it is.

    Greek Church: 4,6,7,10 plus either the 8 or 9
    Bucket: 2,4,5,8 or 3,5,6,9
    Washout: split with the head pin still standing.

    Your turn Topper.................... :clap:
  • Hmmm... this is new to me so bear with me.


    How about

    A Spoon

    A Harness

    A Wedding Ring

    Good Luck
  • Types of fishing equipment?
  • Bah! I thought I had you guys at least for a while. Equipment, lures, it's all the same!

    Trout season is here!! :clap: :clap:

    So you might see less of ole Topper.
    (Matter of fact just came back from on the lake!!)

    Correct as usual Mad... take it away!
  • Mad has let this one sit for over a month so surely he won't mind if someone else takes it? :unsure:




    (Don't be too mad, Mad!) :D
  • Types of toilets????????????

  • Types of telephones!
  • Reach out and touch someone! Telephones they are!
    The floor is yours, all cleaned up after that toilets guess! :lol:

  • Thank you kindly Sir, and thank you for making sure the floor was cleaned up!! :D

    Oh, and BTW, I'm sure after all this time Mad doesn't mind you stepping in, he's quite a gentleman that way!

    As we all may know by now, I'm half-decent at guessing these, but I'm really lousy at posing them, so I'll leave the floor open for whomever would like the next shot.

    Thanks!! :D
  • I'll take the floor!

    Brad pitt



    Have fun!
  • Characters in the movie Snatch?

  • I have been informed that I was correct, however the quetion poser is not around yet to confirm. That being the case, I will assume control of this thread by default.

    Here is the next common thread :

    Moose Drool

    Slow Elk

    Fat Tire

    Pretty easy, but I always enjoyed this thread and wanted to get it going again. :punk:
  • Knowing you tend a bar for a living this ought to be alcohol related.
    I'm guessing beer brands.
  • I'll say beer slang terms, for example Moose Drool - Moosehead

  • Manne, you got it. Moose Drool and Slow Elk are brewed in Montana, I believe Fat Tire Is from Colorado. Floor is yours my friend. :clap:
  • Them brands sounds delicious, mmmm moose drool. :blink:

    OK, here we go what does:
    The Simpsons
    Guns n' Roses
    and Golf
    got in common?

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