MGS:metal gear solid
  • Please,anyone

    Could you give me tips,cheats,walkthroughs or whatever you can to help me? ???

  • Would help if i knew where you're up to. There aren't any cheats, but i can give you tips since i've finished this game many times.
  • fart, if you click here you will be taken to a Metal Gear Solid wlakthrough. But if the walkthrough doesn't help just post your problem in here and i'm sure someone could help you. :thumbsup:
  • Ask and ye shall receive. Any questions, we're here for you Fart! So just let 'er rip! Bwa ha ha. :happy1:
  • what ever happened to the ninja costume ? i read in a mag just after mgs was released that it you save in exactly the same place only once for each of 4 games (so all secrets are unlocked) that the next game you play is in a treditional ninja costume (but never having the lastability of several games i never tryed it out)
  • Fox Die, you cannot get the ninja suit, the only suits you get in the game are the stealth suit and the tuxedo. You only get the tuxedo when the game save changes to red and i think it does this on the third time you complete the game.
  • Can someone please tell me how to find the professer dude at the nuclear joint cuz i keep gettin spotted and getting killed? :wave:
  • is dat at the poisoins gas place? if so fire a nikita below the gun camera and it will be destroyed. then run to the door on the far right.
  • fart, go into the room with the poisoness gas but don't step on the electrified floor and a cut sceen will kick in and you'll get a call from a mysterious person telling you to destroy the generator so you'll have to watch very carfuly so you know where to guide the Nikita missile. It takes a little practice on how to handle the Nikita missile but you'll get the hang of it. And along the gas filled corridoors there are rooms and in one of the rooms you should find a gas mask to give you more time to search the other rooms.

    Hope that info helps
  • HELP,ive kicked phsyco mantis and sniper wolf,what is the deal with the torture?

  • Like raziel said you have to hit the 'o' as fast as you can but if you think you are about to die you must hit select before you do, as there is no continuing at this point. Be warned though, that this scene decides the ending you will recieve, depending on whether you endure or surrender. :thumbsup:
  • my mate uses a sock and rubs over the O button rappidly sounds insane but it tends to work
  • I used an extra AA battery I had laying around. I rapidly moved it back and forth, on it's side, over the "O" button. Worked like a charm, they couldn't touch me. Bwa ha ha haa! Otacon, you'll never take me alive!:thumbsup:
  • Hey Mr.fart check it

    Metal Gear Solid
    Bonus Costumes and More
    To wear a tuxedo, beat the game twice on the same memory card slot (play over your last game.) The third time you start up the game Snake will remove his thermal suit in the elevator and be clothed in a tuxedo.

    Beat the game at any skill level and look in the Special menu for a compilation of all the cut scenes throughout the game.

    When confronting Psycho Mantis, he attempts to read your mind and may mention a certain video game. To have him mention more games (do this before confronting him) save any Konami game onto your memory card.
    Submitted by [email=""][/email] and [email=""][/email]

    Briefing Camera Fun
    During more than a few of the briefing "tapes", you'll see the words "camera change" and "camera free".
  • well i submited to torture because i was crap at it and i wanted the stealthe suit second time around.........and now ive defeated sniper wolf for the 2nd time and low on health from stepping on the claymores and my rations are frozen......what do i do??????

  • fart, if your rations are frozon you need to stay in the blast furnace for awhile to defrost your rations, it should only take about 5 minutes :thumbsup:
  • whats in the blast room..........ammo,guards,camera's????

  • fart, the blast furnace has ammo, cameras, and about 5-6 guards. You enter the blast furnase after you've defeated sniper wolf, it is at the very beginning of the second disk. It's not hard to figure out what the blast furnase is, it's a huge steel room with a moving crane, you'll know when you're there :thumbsup:
  • i mean are there guards there or camera's??????

  • fart, if you look in my previous post you'll see i'v posted how many guards ther are and if theres any ammo or cameras. I must of been editing it while you were reading it ???
    So if you get stuck anymore you know where to come :thumbsup:
  • please help,im stuck on beating vulcan raven 2nd encounter?????
  • Let's see if I remember. I used the stinger on him. With it armed and lock on to him, you can see where he's at by watching where your red "locked on" sight is. What you do, is wait in an isle for him with your stinger locked on to him, following his progress, and as soon as you see his gun poke past the wall into your isle, move your sight slightly in the direction he's moving, (to shoot where he's going to be, in a second), and fire. You don't actually have to hit him, if you get close it'll still do damage. As SOON as you fire, disarm the stinger so you can run, 'cause he'll start shooting at you almost immediately. Set up in another isle and repeat this process. Try to stay as far away from him as possible, as you don't need to be near for the stinger to do it's dirty work. It's tough though, I had to try multiple times before defeating him. Toughest part is trying to stay away from him while still keeping track of where he's at. Keep at it though, and you'll get 'im soon enough. Another way is to use claymores, but the hard part about this is remembering where you put them all! Hope this helps, and Good luck!:thumbsup:
  • Your best bet is planting C4 on the ground. While he passes by just blow him up. It's cheap but effective. :thumbsup:
  • it took me ages to beat that bird freak. i just stayed at the bottom and planted c4 on the boxes. when he starts running then u are screwed. don't use stinger cause he will just shoot them!

  • This is one of the easiest bosses in the game and you shouldn't get hit. Whatever you do don't use the Nikita on him because he'll only shoot it down. Like Rhyno and Immo said just use the C4 on him and he'll be dead on no time :thumbsup:
  • Like ziffgone mentioned you can just claymore the hell out of the area and laugh your ass off when he keeps tripping them - that's the method i always use. If you want to avoid blowing yourself up just equip the mine detector and you can easily negotiate your little death traps I usually mine the centre - keep out of sight for a bit while you're setting up the mines and then when you're ready merely stick your head out a bit and ol' vulcan will come running - right into your little ambush. When setting the mines always makes sure you have an escape route and that you don't restrict your own movement by totally cutting off directions you can run.

    The secret to doing it this way is just to have patience and don't panic when Vulcan comes legging it towards you. Just take your time and Vulcan will never hit you with a single round - i don't think i've ever taken any damage at that part of the game (except when i didn't equip my mine detector and i forgot where i'd set some of the mines - ouch!).

  • ok,now ive beaten vulcan.......put PAL codes in(liquid stupid ***ch!!)mg rex is next........beat first time then fox got killed and now cant beat mg rex again????????????
  • fart, the easiest way to beat MG Rex is to keep the air constantly chaffed, this way the missiles cannot lock onto you, and as long as you keep moving you'll be ok. However, this does mean you haveto equipchaff granades, throw one, dodge, equip stinger, lock on, fire, deequip stinger, dodge, equip chaff, throw, etc etc but if you keep doing that you wil defeat MG Rex in no time
  • fart, if you follow ER's advice you won't go far wrong. The only other thing i can add is to emphasize the keep moving bit. When you've thrown some chaff don't stop moving until it takes effect, otherwise Liquid will nail you.

    Stick and move, that's the secret - and keep that chaff flying.

    Also be carefully of 'doubling back' when you're running around. One of Rex's missiles will probably head to where you used to be - if you head back, you're likely to run head first into it - which is not good for your health.

    Just keep at it - i remember it taking me quite a few attempts the first time i took on Rex, but you'll get there in the end.
  • thanks guys thats helped alot,cya ya guys round :wave:
  • Hi fart i know it is to late now but for next time when u are being tortured get a mste to press the o button on the second pad to keep up your health me and the wife did it and it works like a charm :D
  • Not really challenging the torture level, you just have to do a bit of button bashing. Try this level on EXTREME, no that'll give you sore fingers!!

    If you have MGS : Special Missions, you should be offered the ninja suit after completeing a number of levels.
  • Another Way Of Beating Rex in MGS

    Some real good advice on beating Rex, but ive noticed no-ones mentioned the way i did it. You can beat Rex without using anything but stingers (saving ammo) and from a stationary position. Not possible !! i hear you cry !!

    Heres how:

    As soon as the level starts, turn round and start running towards bottom left hand corner. You should notice the pillars against the wall and some barrels ahead of you. Go past the barrels and head for the last pillar on the left wall to hide behind. If you are quick enough T-Rex should not of got you or noticed where you are immediately.

    Now this is the important bit:

    Once you've made it behind the pillar, its time to position yourself. Move slightly away from the pillar (too far or too close; means Rex can hit you) and face towards T-Rex. Select stingers and check view: If you cannot see T-Rex but can target him then wait till you can see him a little before shooting stingers. Soon as he is in sight (not full sight), target rex and stray to the right (stinger view) before releasing the stingers (this ensures you dont hit the pillar you are behind and blow yourself up, and it makes it almost impossible for him to get you). Stay in this position and carry on shooting the stingers at him. You will notice him come closer; DONT PANIC
  • [B] :idea: If you really want to beat rex stand right between his legs where he cant see you once he has lost you stay behind him and lock on with the misssiles.As long as you stay behind him he cant hurt you.
  • i no the torture really is torture to ure fingers but anyway just beat the hell out of the circle button and hope that ure life stays up it aches but keep at it and u will persevere