What is Going On in Your Life in 2006 ?
  • Well I guess we all have a lot to catch up on.

    Over the past two years I have switched jobs. The factory that I was at closed the doors, I was actually happy to leave. I wasn't really happy there so what better way to leave then having them close the doors and pay me a half decent severance to boot.

    Now I am working for Land 'o Lakes, batching and pelleting feed on the afternoon shift (12:30 pm to 8:30pm) and I love it. The money isn't as good as what I was making at the factory but I think it's better since I really enjoy going to work everyday. I decide my overtime hours on the weekends and pick up all the overtime during the week when we need it. A while ago I was averaging 10 hours overtime a week now we are stretching things to make 8 hour shifts. I keep getting told that things will pick up, it can't happen soon enough.

    The home front has been quite busy as well. Since the wife worked at the same place as I did she was out of work for a while but got at job as a Quality Auditor at a supplier for Toyota. She loves her job as well. Except her afternoon shift, Mon - Thurs 5:45 pm - 2:15 am; Fri 4:45 pm - 1:15 am. Oh well give me a reason to stay up late on Friday nights. ;)

    The kids are doing great. My daughter (10 years old now) is in her fourth year of hockey and loving every minute of it. My son (3 years old now) is going through potty training and starting school in September. Finally, after the kids go to school I can go back to bed!!!
  • How, its been a really really long time. I dont really play playstation anymore, Im more back for old pals if anything... if any turn up. speediebeenie aka Sus B, madhtr, cricketrules and many many more lol.

    Well, times have changed, Im no longer in school. Im at uni now, studying a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and bludging. I worked in a glass factory for around 9 months last year, and did nothing for 3. Uhm, Im 19 now, turning 20 at the end of the year, so yeah, wow. Its been a really really long time. I missed this place, one day it just kinda dissapeared. Go figure. Anyway, thats all I can really think about for now. Hello old friends... LI is back...
  • Great to see these forums open again. It's been a very long time but not much has changed in my life. Still living in Oklahoma, working the same job, driving the same old pick-up truck, etc. We did buy a new Chevy Equinox LT this winter but I'm not getting to drive it much. With butterfly seat covers and a butterfly license plate cover, you can pretty much tell the old lady has laid claim to it. This weekend we are planting some Bartletts and a couple of dwarf Alberta Spruce in the side yard. Other than that it's pretty quiet around here.

    I lost touch with many APi friends since the forums have been down but managed to stay in touch with jdm1108 and manneman on a fairly regular basis. I'm looking forward to "seeing" the rest of the gang. Somehow, I knew Rex would be first in (btw - nice to see ya!) and hope to see Suze, WB, Dan the fluffster, mad and all the rest soon. Thanks to Jim for getting the forums back up! :D

    Currently playing Destroy All Humans on PS2 and GTA Liberty City Stories on PSP.
  • QUOTE(chargerfanchs @ Apr 2 2006, 11:47 AM) [snapback]60722[/snapback]
    Somehow, I knew Rex would be first in (btw - nice to see ya!) and hope to see Suze, WB, Dan the fluffster, mad and all the rest soon. Thanks to Jim for getting the forums back up! :D [/b]

    Exactly what is that supposed to mean? ;)

    I just PM'd Lyndon at the official playstation forums so I guess we can expect him soon. Slowly but surely we'll have the old gang back. Good to see you too, Charger.
  • QUOTE(Rex77 @ Apr 2 2006, 12:04 PM) [snapback]60723[/snapback]

    Exactly what is that supposed to mean? ;)


    Fixed...HA! But it has been some time and I thought it was me for a second. No one will ever know now. As for the other... you always seemed loyal (kinda like a dog :tongue: ) and I knew you'd be around!
  • Hello boyos.
    Great to see the APi back in cyberspace, wasn't too long ago I actually gave up hope and deleted the bookmark.
    How do I sum up what has happened in my life since last (not that anyone cares)? Well last week I bought a new frying pan...

    I'm currently in my last semester of studies at the University and will be heading out in search for a career shortly. At the moment I am try
  • Welcome back Manne. Congratulations on the birth of your son. Great feeling, eh?

    Good luck on the future career search, put me down as a reference. :D
  • Great to see you again M! The Sultan of Swedes has returned! This place just wouldn't be the same without you.
    QUOTE(manneman @ Apr 6 2006, 06:04 AM) [snapback]60740[/snapback]

    Sorry Charge for not having the time to swing by Oklahoma :(

    S'okay. You missed out on some killer BBQ. I'll simply return the favor next time I get to your neck of the woods! <_< <br />
    Congrats on total domination of the Arcade section. Sheesh.
  • Well guys, and gals to be politically correct, it's been a busy break for me. On July 5th 2004 at roughly 1:00 a.m. my family and I were travelling down the highway at around 60mph when an electrical fire in the dashboard ignited gas fumes in the passenger compartment. Lenyce managed to get the car stopped safely but being an electrical problem the doors and windows wouldn't open (electrical of course). The four of us, as well as our dogs, sat in a blast furnace for 1-2 minutes. I'm not an overly religious individual but by some miracle we managed to get the front doors open and Lenyce, Kassandra (12 yr old) and I got out. Kayla, the 8 yr old, was the only one wearing a seatbelt. It had fused together so we had to yank her out with the belt still around her waist. Nothing flamable was burning in the car, only the air around us. If you've ever seen Backflash the movie you can picture it. We spent the rest of the summer in the Ramsey burn unit in St. Paul, Minn. Kayla lost all the fingers on her left hand and the last two knuckles on all her fingers on the right. She still has to wear a face mask. Kassandra had multiple skin grafts but is fine now. Actually we are are doing well concidering. I have Spock ears now !!! Thank God I was bald, there was nothing on me for the fire to feed on.

    On to a happier note, on August 8th, 2005 Lenyce and I (Star69 on API) finally got married. After 8 1/2 years I figured that if she can put up with me that long I'd better not let her go. 38 at the time and it's my one and only marriage. If I can't make it work then maybe I shouldn't be married. 51 1/2 hours later my son was born ( no that's not why we got married ). Ian Alistair May. This is my last child, I'll be 40 in Nov. it's time to stop breeding, my plate is full.

    Anyway, enough rambling. It's great to be here again and see the familiar names. I look foreward to seeing you guys and gals again.
  • WOW, I am sorry to hear about what happened. Good to hear that everyone is doing fine now, must have been a tough time getting through all of that.

    How is Kayla getting along with the loss of her fingers?

    Congratulations on your marriage and birth of your son.

    Welcome back, buddy.
  • It's lovely to see this place back and some familiar names. I've e-mailed Lola so she should be on her way.

    Things are pretty much the same for me. I'm still with the same man (6 years! 6 years!) and still working for the same place, except I'm now office manager. I finally got the front garden of my house sorted out last weekend, and I met Lola last summer. We talked so much, I almost lost my voice the next day. I used to speak to Majik (Rory K) a lot but he's uber busy with his job (sadly) so we don't get to catch up as often as we'd like. I've e-mailed him the link so you never know.

    In short, same old, same old. I don't play console games so much, but that's probably because I've got right into graphic adventures, so I've been finding some old gems (and tearing my hair out getting them to work!).

    JDM - really hope you and your family are recovering now. All the best to you.
  • Good to see some of the ladies back, I thought this was going to be a real sausagefest. :huh:

    Congrats on the promotion, Hangoverqueen.
  • Thank you kindly. :)



    I'm trying to squish the mental image that brings up!
  • Jim has been able to do some importing of the older threads, I see.

    Been somewhat boring for me- still working in the same old place (unfortunately). Had done a bit of forum hopping after things went temporarily kaput here and currently doing some modding in 2 different forums, the PSM Magazine forums and over at Cheat Planet. Looking foward to getting back in action here though!
  • My God - got an email from the queen of the hangovers today and scratched my chin and wondered....
    ...where exactly did i put those fish... :excl:

    lemme see - what all has happened in the intervening years

    got a house and a mortage, changed jobs twice (and am getting deeply fukked off with the current one!!)
    got married nearly 2 years ago - and Jim all her tattoos are spelt right and everything!!
    got another house and am a wage slave.

    thats about it.

    But i have to say i grinned when i saw this forum back up and running - but for the life of me could i remember the passwords and poor old mr potato mutato head :wacko:

    anyway is there any one out there who we want to annoy and has their own chat forum that we can spend a couple of twisted hours getting to know each other again in? Obviously i am only asking as we would need to keep this one nice and tidy as we have all aged and its not big or clever anymore to torture souls out the back of APi :ph34r:
  • Ah, man- that was definitely a highlight of the old forum days, wasn't it? (wonder if anyone has the transcript of that) :laugh: Looks like we have almost all of that bunch back, we're just missing our little Japanese girl. ;)
  • ah yes .... young suki
    i think she got arrested for trying to vaccum the contents of a bank down her gullet - i believe it was an artifical insemination bank.... :censored:
  • QUOTE(Majik @ Apr 11 2006, 02:25 PM) [snapback]60789[/snapback]

    ah yes .... young suki
    i think she got arrested for trying to vaccum the contents of a bank down her gullet - i believe it was an artifical insemination bank.... :censored:

    Yikes! I really missed out on that chatroom. All I remember is a bunch of...well, it wasn't nearly as exciting as all that.

    I always wondered what became of the forums here, but I never took it off of my favorites list. Speedie and I have kept in touch the entire time, and I got the dropped line from our heroine from time to time, but I lost touch with my buddy Lucifer, just as I did with the rest of you guys. Anybody email Worf? Life has changed a great deal for me. I've finished school (for a while), I'm now the Assistant Director of my facility (which has changed locations and undergone a thorough and almost complete re-staffing), and after the fall of APi, I really got into sportfishing again. Truly, it has replaced gaming for me. In fact, the forum experience here was strong enough that I went looking for a surrogate, and now I am the tackle moderator of a sportfishing site. Sure, I still love a good platformer now and again, but I don't play nearly as much as I used to. It was the people that brought me back here. I do want to get to know you guys again.

    JDM, my heart goes out to you, brother. I am familiar with Jaqueline Saburido and her struggles, and you have all my empathy. It breaks my heart to hear your story, but I'm glad that you're all on the mend, and that you made an honest woman of your girlfriend. Now that you're married it's all downhill for you now, for sure. :harhar:

    Jim B, thanks for running it back up the flagpole.

    See y'all around,

  • Hey everybody, guess who's baaack! :59:
    I nearly fell out of my chair when I heard the news from Wreck that the site is back up. As he's said already, we've kept in touch via emails the last few years, and the occassional book sharing. heh heh... it'll be on its way back to you again soon, Buddy!
    How wonderful to see so many familiar and well-loved faces again! The site looks *fabulous*, thank you Jim B for the hard work, and for inviting all of us back into your life again!
    Let's see, what have I been up to lately? Well, "Nurse Susan" is no longer working as a nurse. The end of last November I'd finally decided that I had had enough of the backstabbing political crap that goes on in an office full of women (you know how catty we can be) and quit! Since then I have been a very happy home-maker, semi-acting as a Mary Kay consultant on the side. It's been wonderful!!
    I'm not much into the console gaming anymore myself, but have been playing EverCrack2 online.
    I have also had 2 more brain surgeries since we last spoke, both of which went off swimmingly. (they just couldn't seem to get the donors right, for some reason). Right before the first one though (first one since we last 'spoke', second one altogether), I was on medication and burned my kitchen up. sheeeesh, drugs and a cast-iron skillet filled with oil on "hi" don't mix.
    Speaking of fire, JDM, I am saddened to hear about your incident!! So glad you're ok and everyone made it out safe, but gosh what a hardship to go through!! < BIG HUG> My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!! .. and, speaking of family, GRATZ on your marriage!! How are you enjoying the married life!?
    Well, that's about it for me for now, time to go see what else is going on in here.
    But, before I go... BIG HUGS to LI!!! I'm touched that you remember me!!
    Hiya Manne!!! Tried to send you a birthday e-card, but your email has changed! :( Just so's ya know I was thinking of you!

    See y'all later.
  • QUOTE(Majik @ Apr 11 2006, 06:58 PM) [snapback]60786[/snapback]

    My God - got an email from the queen of the hangovers today and scratched my chin and wondered....
    ...where exactly did i put those fish...

    I knew I'd smoke you out some how. ;) It was either this or leave a trail of Tunnocks caramel wafers for you to follow...

    QUOTE(Speediebean @ Apr 12 2006, 12:45 PM) [snapback]60797[/snapback]

    Hey everybody, guess who's baaack!

    Sus!!!! Lovely to see you, missus. :clap:
  • ****whhooooossshhhhhhhhhh*****

    That, in case you didn't recognise it, was the sound of a heroine....no, THE heroine, making her entrance!
    Impressive eh? :59:

    I can't tell you how grinny I am to be back here; huge thanks to Jim for all his hard work once again and to Queenie for emailing me yesterday (had to get a Blackadder reference in there somewhere - I keep typing Miggins!).

    I am stunned at the trials and tribulations that people here have undergone over the past few years. My thoughts and good wishes go out to all of you and your families. They truly do.

    Speedie - two lots of brain surgery??? Couldn't they find it the first time? Heheh!

    So very quickly, a brief rundown of life with Lola over the last couple of years:

    I left my teaching job; 15 years of my life was more than enought spent being nice to people! Muahahaaa! Seriously, I'd got to the point where I couldn't progress any further without going back to uni, which I did but dropped out after a year. Partly because I had financial problems and found it difficult to fund myself and partly because in all honesty, everything I was learning there would have been of no earthly use in the real world because the education system in this country has its head stuffed firmly up its bum. Because I was was still working part time, I tried to implement things I was learning into my practices but came up against so much resistance. Suddenly I realised that the individual person as a whole (i.e. the pupil) didn't mean as much to the schools as league tables. So I left. I really miss it at times but I think I did the right thing. I couldn't do my job properly and nobody seemed interested in doing anything other than pigeonholing the children that I taught. It was a real shame.

    After that I went back into modelling for a while, which was great. Such an ego boost to be told that even at 40-something I am still desirable! LOL! I still do the occasional shoot just for the kick!

    I then became a games tester for a short while, then CEO of a small PR firm, which dealt solely with the games industry. It seemed like my dream job; I got to write about games, I got to meet gaming heroes (my very first meeting was with some guys from Codemasters and the music people for GTA3!), I got to go to LA for E3! Woohoo! But what hard work it was over there! I also got to hire and fire people, which I hated.

    I also hated meetings, especially networking events. I went to one in Beverley Hills and OMFG it was awful! Apart from my partner (who is the MD of a games publisher) and the CEOs of an outsourcing company, the only person who spoke to me was the CEO of a huge games publisher (obviously I can't name names here), who noticed some of my tattoos peeking out through my clothing! We had a great talk...about body mods! LOL! The rest of the time I was bored senseless TBH! So much so that instead of going to the Ambassador's Ball at the Embassy, I went back to my hotel (which was in Hollywood, opposite Universal City - woohoo!).

    By October last year I realised that the corporate life really wasn't for me; I'd become stressed, ill and miserable. So in December I left the company to do what I had always really wanted to do; couture. I've had loads of commissions for everything from fetishwear to wedding gowns to movie costumes. I even had stuff appearing in Vogue and Marie Claire! Yay! I mainly make vintage clothing now, which is great because I adore 40s fashions! I also design and make hairwear (dreads etc) - my other passion.

    I must say, I am so much less stressed now...and far happier! :D

    There've been a few negative things (family-wise) happen along the way, which contributed to the stress I was under, and which TBH, are still having their effect but I try my best to carry on regardless. Nothing as traumatic as the stuff you guys have gone through. In fact, I feel a bit of a fraud even mentioning any hardships I might have experienced. :(

    Anyway in a nutshell, I'm back, I'm here and I'm still gaming...though maybe not quite as much as before!

    Looking forward to catching up with everyone!
  • Well, mostly it feels like more of the same. I have since joined another site (RPGamer.com) and work there as Administrative assistant currently. Which is just a fancy way to say I help out the PR manager. I mostly do interviews and post embargoed media/news. I also tend to write game reviews in my spare time and am currently writing all of our E3 interviews. Now, if only I got paid for this. (they're working on that though)

    I have moved a few times since last we met. I have lived with my grandparents, moved out with some friends, moved back in with my grandparents, and here I am. I no longer work for Circuit City as management grew to dislike me. Then again, that is what happens when management changed about once a year, though they seem stable now. I work for a gas station/other stuff (Sheetz for those in PA and nearby). I make better money, work better hours, enjoy the work more, and soon I shall be going into management, making the other things even better.

    So basically, my life is exactly the way you guys left it. I work alot. I game alot. I eat alot..... Mmmmm.... fooood. Overall, though... Much happier with where I am than I was before. I actually enjoy going to work now.
  • Hi all!!!

    My god its sooo mad having this place back!!

    Well lots have changed!! I split with my ex and moved back with the rents (all the time texting a certain someone who was going through a horrible time) Tiff!! We met up @ donnigton in 2004 to see Metallica and got together that weekend. We did the long distance thing for a few months and when the chance came up to take a job closer to tiff i took it and we moved in together. Unfortunatly that job didnt pan out and i ended up working in a call centre taking calls of cheesed of gas customers for npower. I cannot express how much i HATED this job!! But in April last year i got my perfect job. Im now a checking pharmacy technician and i also in charge of the dispensary. I absolutley LOVE this job, we were planning on moving back down to the north west but thats keeping us up there for now!!

    In October last year Tiff proposed ' whitby abbey on halloween - most romantic thing ever!!!!!! I cried! We currently planning the wedding for May 2007 and we cant wait!!

    Have 2 gerbils (spike and angel) and 5 fish - no kids @ the moment but are thinking about it in the next few years (Tiff is getting on a bit now!!) be lots of baby stanley-normans then!!
    SDpend time gaming (not as much as would like!) playing badminton and working. I do 42 hours a week and then have loads of course and paper work so takes a lot of my time and am stressed with all this wedding business

    CAnt believe everyone is back!! Tried emailing speedie b4 but didnt have the mail address and have been in touch wiv dan and matt thru myspace

    Cant wait for the sunday chats again!!
  • About bloody time this place was back, getting sick of all the crappy PSP sites that don't do squat!

    Been ages since the last time I've heard from peeps, but got some of ya from myspace sites.

    Lot of crap has been going on for a while, lost both of my parents, quit my job & career of 16 years as a signmaker, did 18months for Phillips, got p!ssed off with that, found a dream job at a printing firm making aseptic cartons for the food trade - easy fun job with good pay, great breaks, long holidays & already after a year been made a Q.C. for 2 lines (cutter & sealer) Team 21 CIP creative ideas award winner, got appointed a waste auditor from the plant director & cut waste down within 3 months & then hand picked from one of the lines to be a cutter operator (takes 3years min before you get that) & working with Kev the Goth, my best work mate on that line.

    Still playing video games when I get time from prying the controller or PSP out of Janes hands when shes not hard at work studying, gave our X-Box away to our mates & they still trying to bring it back to us and last time they tried we had our guns out ready to wave them off!!!!

    Slowly ripping the house apart to our tastes (god knows who mves in next will get black dark decor & bats!!) Change my life style badly & practicaly a vegerr.......... can't even come to type that out, but still drink Guinness as it's part of the 5 a day fruit & veg???

    Very heavy in to heavy metal music & listen to it none stop to our neighbours delight!! even got an 8 year old lad under my wings as the next Jimmy Hendrix as he can play the guitar better than any body of his age right up to pros! been giving him a taste of a wide collection of musical genres.

    Totally psyched up for June as were off to Download 2006 to see our fav bands, camp, drink beer, eat food, start a pit & circle and have the biggest bottle fights ever! (Jane started the legendary 2004 prior to Metallica's gig) hopefully meet some of my heros down there again as last time I nearly tw@ted Prichard & Dainte from Dirty Sanchez at the beer tent for racking there skateboard on the barrier.

    Also planning to get married next year & sorting stuff out is no fun (please put a gun to my head & pull the trigger now!!!) Got engaged to Jane (oddish) last year on Halloween, Dragged her up some Whitby Abbey steps all dressed Goth like, took her in the Abbey (oo-er) got her p!ssed off as it was cold & windy and then popped her on a ruin & did the business. Bloody girl wouldn't let me finish my speech as she burst into tears.

    Now I've got her to keep me sane for life now, but were into rock climbing & those ropes do look a bit thin at times *muuuuuhahahahahaha* :g: swimming, badminton (getting my ass whopped every game) and generally getting fit as piled a load of weight on last year. Caught a virus last November which landed my a spell in hospital & f*cking hated every second of it and hate being ill any time now, even colds!

    Still got my PS1 & PS2 and just got my (our) new baby, PSP and only paid
  • Well I'll be ding dong danged.....Yep that is all I've got. lol

    I am still marrified to a great woman who has brought me along ways in life, I have a great job, Facilities Maint. at a local area community college, I still have the farm. I am currently thinking hard about gettting into pro wrestling as somewhat of a hobby (it would be a once a month show kinda dealy). Other than that I can not complain, and besides, I would get no sympathy around here anyway. :rolleyes:

    Like Oddy said, I have been in contact with her through myspace, but alas, I have lost touch with my "Pa" Lucifer. *sniffle*

    Life is good, I got a smile on my face and a skip in my step. :devilish:
  • Why hello everyone, long time no see, glad to see this place return. I swear my heart missed a beat when Lola text em to say api was back!
    So long since i was here, i was still at school doing A levels when api closed down! I was still young! Still a teenager, not an old man of 20 like i am now. Hehehe.

    Now im a semi qualified baker! By semi qualified, i mean im good enough at my job to be qualified, but have no actual paper qualification, thank you mr morrison!! ,other then that, well. . .erm. . .wow this place is actually back. . . .i mean like. . . .what has happened in my life?

    Im still living at home with my parents, as i said i work in a bakery, it an instore bakery for a super market chain called morrisons (previously safeway, but we got brought out, and converted) this is the reason i have no qualification, safeway werent going to pay for it cos they were selling, and by the time morrisons took over, it was decieded by management that the collage course wasnt appropriate for me as i already knew, and understood the prinsiples that would be taught. From the're point of view it works out great as they dont have to pay me a qualified wage, but have a fully trained baker!
    Other then working 5AM till 2 PM most days, all i seem to do is sleep, or if my girlfreind is home, i see her. When api closed i had just got with a girl called zoe, who i enjoyed a great year and a bit of my life with, but alas it didnt last and we went our separate ways, and im now seeing a beautiful young lady (shes 19) called emily, who i've been seeing for the last 5 months. She's great, and i love every minute i spend with her, the only down side is she's currently at uni, 100 miles away, so don't see as much of her as i'd like to.

    There is one last thing that has happened, i passed my driving test in august last year after a year of sparodic lessons. I got my first car in september, a fiat seicento. In November i wrapped it round a tree :( it was at night, it had been raining, i was going down a back lane, lost traction on wet leaves coming out of an s bend and well. . . the car was a right off, smashed front lights, cracked radiator, bent the sub frame, compleat mess of the front end of the car. I was very lucky, i was wearing my seat belt, and i had no injuries to myself, was able to just get out of the car unharmed.
    I hadnt been drinking, and wasnt speeding, it was mearly my lack of experince in those conditions that did it, i have learnt my lesson, In january i got myself a renult clio, and have been a very cautious driver since getting it.

    Other then that i dont think theres to much to say, I've kept in contact with a couple of memebers, the occasional msn chat, or text message, but lost contact with most so i hope i can reaquaint myself with most, mainly rollerz and redkennypup (Hi girls ;) :wub: ) i would say oddish aswell, but tiff stands in my way now, the sham. Others i obviosly have to catch up with are speedie and lola (Hi older nope. . mature nope. . ladiesdefinatly not, no lady could do what lola can with a tennis ball and a tube of lube. . . .i mean erm. . . i'll stick with just calling you the women) and obvioulsy there are some of the guys who i haven't spokent to in ages, madhtr, devilchild, and would be great to see the dark lord return. And im sure ive missed ppl out, sorry.
    Well im sure i'll catch everyone around, for now i'll stop rambling.
    Its good to be back. Matt (the)Veitch
  • Oh matty matty matt matt

    You are such a master - baker heeheehee! :devilish:
  • What's up with me? Well, for one, there's a noticeable difference between being 15 way back when and the 18 I'm up to now.

    Being the horrible bum that I am, I haven't gotten around to a job yet, but that'll be coming soon! Now that I've got some wheels to work with, the driver's license is on its way with a job soon to follow!

    Of course, college planning is in the works; heading off to either Western Kentucky Uni. or U of Louisville in the Spring to work on a degree in Nursing. Got a modest score of 24 on my ACT; great in english/reading, yet abysmal on mathematics and science. A perfect score for nursing! Yeah...that's it.

    In the meantime, I'm spending most of my time administrating a clan in America's Army and BF2 now that I'm a computer gamer for the most part, unfortunately! That, and playing around with my geeky ol' RPGs!

    Either way, things aren't too bad! Good to see that this place exists again!
  • Wow, It's good to be back. Actually visited the site a few weeks ago and saw the updated userboard (to invision 2.1.5) and thought that maybe the site would be back up. But when you logged in it wouldnt let you view or access anything.

    For those of you who dont know who I am, this is bakerjosh10429, The newbie little kid from 4 years ago. Well, i've grown older, actually gotten into web and graphic design now. Did a website for a place called Zombiehorde, a server side mod for Counter-Strike Source (www.zombiehorde.com) (Sorry if posting that address isnt allowed, can never remember). Learnt how to code HTML fairly well and am beginning to learn PHP. Im hoping to start learning java or perl and possibly C++ later in the year.

    Glad to be back, hope to see some of the people I remember again.

  • Matt, so nice to see your eloquence hasn't deserted you! And it's a large tube of lube! :devilish:
  • Well, HELLO everyone!!! Well, jdm pretty much explained all the details of what has happened to us since the sight has been down so I don't have to much to tell. I can say that we are glad to still be here to see that the sight has finally made it back up and everyone is still around.
    Little up date for you all, The girls are doing great !!! I think that Kayla is definatly a very strong little girl and she has really come along way through it all. As they say the strong will survive!!
    As for the marriage jdm is a handful and then there is little man. They keep a person on there toes that's for sure!!!?
  • My my my it's been such a long time since this place shut down, so much has happened! Completed school, got my A levels (two A's and a B in Business studies, ICT and General studies). I'm now working for Marks & Spencer! Taking a program there which hopefully fast tracks me into some kind of management role. Also passed my driving test at the first attempt! Driving around in a Peugeot 206, it's fantastic! Oh, and I also turned 18 so I'm legal!!

  • QUOTE(Fluffster @ Apr 27 2006, 08:26 PM) [snapback]61774[/snapback]

    My my my it's been such a long time since this place shut down, so much has happened! Completed school, got my A levels (two A's and a B in Business studies, ICT and General studies). I'm now working for Marks & Spencer! Taking a program there which hopefully fast tracks me into some kind of management role. Also passed my driving test at the first attempt! Driving around in a Peugeot 206, it's fantastic! Oh, and I also turned 18 so I'm legal!!


    Well go you! Congratulations Sweetie - I wish you every success in your chosen career. :hug:

    QUOTE(star31 @ Apr 24 2006, 03:10 AM) [snapback]61579[/snapback]

    Well, HELLO everyone!!! Well, jdm pretty much explained all the details of what has happened to us since the sight has been down so I don't have to much to tell. I can say that we are glad to still be here to see that the sight has finally made it back up and everyone is still around.
    Little up date for you all, The girls are doing great !!! I think that Kayla is definatly a very strong little girl and she has really come along way through it all. As they say the strong will survive!!
    As for the marriage jdm is a handful and then there is little man. They keep a person on there toes that's for sure!!!?

    I don't believe a word of it - I'm sure JDM is every bit as lovely as he appears to be! LOL!
    So, do we get to see pics of mini-JDM/Star?

    Serious bit:

    I just want to say that when John told us about what happened I was mortified and then I realised what strength of spirit and character you all have, particularly Kayla. Much kudos to all of you. :hug:

    And welcome back to the madhouse! :D
  • Ahhhhh....brings a tear to my eye, little Fluff - only just a teenager when he first made the mistake of saying hello to us - has turned in to an adult :blink:

    and Fluff, if you take a call round to Mistress Lola's I guarantee it wont be long until you're a man :rolleyes:
  • QUOTE(Fluffster @ Apr 27 2006, 03:26 PM) [snapback]61774[/snapback]

    I also turned 18 so I'm legal!!


    That make two of us. Watch out Ladies Fluff and I are on the market!!
  • QUOTE(Majik @ Apr 27 2006, 08:55 PM) [snapback]61783[/snapback]

    and Fluff, if you take a call round to Mistress Lola's I guarantee it wont be long until you're a man :rolleyes:


    So that's why you keep hanging around is it? :devilish:
  • After spending less time on the forums from about mid 2003 (I'm not sure about this date at all, just that it sounds rather believable), I spent the next few years working my way up the English education treadmill, which is where I still am.

    I supposed as a person, I've changed a lot both emotionally and socially (the typical changes you everyone ends up going through), but perhaps you can't really tell that much from a set of posts on an internet forum. It's just all the things that you eventually take for granted because they become a part of your everyday life.

    Nothing significant has really happened in my life; certainly nothing interesting to all you older people who've lived through it all (!) - and there's also all the trivial things like taking up badminton and taekwondo, dropping of club level swimming and so on.

    I'm studying Physics, Chemistry, Further maths and Design and Technology at sixth form in a rather nice school with a large field somewhere in London, England which shall remain undisclosed ;)
    I'm planning to apply to study maths, physics or something similar at Oxbridge in a couple of years time, but at the moment I'm still undecided on what career choice to take - I'd love to have the opportunity to speak to someone who's done a scientific subject as a Degree at university - anyone willing to step forward?
  • I did an environmental degree - had fun doing it but is useless in the REAL world!!

    Have you thought about Pharmacy - U sound really bright - Its a good job, good job prospects and the face of pharmacy is changing in a whole new direction

    PM me if you want any more chat
  • Hmm I kinda wish I had seen this topic before I posted my novel in the other one...but oh well. I can certainly give a more detailed account here of what's going on.

    I'm glad I'm back. Missed this place a lot.

    The only thing big that happened in 2004 was that I graduated from high school and was accepted at Biola University's Conservatory of Music as a music minor for my collegiate experience. Fall 2004 I tried to audition for a Piano major and wasn't accepted.

    In 2005 I started working at Knott's Berry Farm. I worked on the big water rafting ride called BigFoot Rapids..and it was nice, but not very fun. I had long hours and every 15 minutes or so a parent would start screaming at me because their child couldn't ride the attraction with them due to the minimum height requirement. Man, I hated it. During the summer of 2005 I got transferred to a different ride called the Calico Mine Train and actually enjoyed it a lot. No height requirement, snazzy costume, driving trains...it was a blast! Then summer came to an end at I worked the Halloween Haunt...but had to quit halfway through under the instruction of my piano teacher. Most supervision was sad to see me leave and practically begged me to stay, but I promised I would return come 2006.

    After quitting Knott's I began to work on my piano technique and was accepted for a Piano Major degree, but oddly enough after working so hard for it..now I don't even want it. I was intrigued with the English Major degree and decided that's what I'm supposed to be doing..not piano. So effective this summer I'm hoping to become an English Writing Major.

    I came back to Knott's this last January and only stayed there a few months. Mostly everyone I had known there had quit, hours were bad, pay was bad and I really didn't wanna be part of it anymore. So I am unemployed still. I've been looking around though. I'm trying to see if I can get a job at Petsmart and run Doggie Day Camp so that way I could play with all the puppies.

    Boyfriend and I are still going strong. :wub: We just officially past the two year mark a few months ago and our relationship has been great.

    Other than that, my friend and I have been writing novels. ^_^ Or at least..trying to. It's fun. I've started writing a fanfiction on RedXIII from FF7(go figure) on fanfiction.net. You can go check it out if you wish..it's not been updated for awhile... -_-

    Our family has grown one family member with the addition of Maddie the beagle(see my avatar). You can go check the other thread if you wish to see more of that.

    Other big news in my family is my brother got drafted in 2004 for the New York Yankees. He was picked in the 5th round I think. Not quite sure. He's living the high life though and playing well. He recently pitched a shut out at his last game so that's cool.

    A few days ago I cut my hair off. Feels nice. I feel so...light and free.

    The only thing that's really changed since I was last here is that I am now more concerned as to how I look. Before when I was here I didn't care what anybody thought of how I looked..I thought I looked beautiful and didn't feel the need to wear makeup and/or fix my hair. Now I've become what every other girl typically is around age 13...makeup...hair done...fashionable clothes...kinda funny actually.

    I think I've matured more over this little time span than I thought.

    Sorry for the novel.
  • O.k. Lola, you asked to see pics of little jdm, I have put it in my personal info so you can view it there if you'ld like. He's 4 months in that pic so I'll have to up date it when I get some more taken.
  • QUOTE(star31 @ May 9 2006, 07:33 AM) [snapback]62661[/snapback]

    O.k. Lola, you asked to see pics of little jdm, I have put it in my personal info so you can view it there if you'ld like. He's 4 months in that pic so I'll have to up date it when I get some more taken.

    star31, that baby is absolutely beautiful!! You an jdm must be soo proud. :clap: Glad to hear everything has gotten better for your family. :hug:
  • Awwwwwwwwww

    Star he is booootiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one!!!

    TIFF!!!!! can i have one?
  • That certainly is a fine lookin' boy you got there, JDM and Star.

    Odd, If I could help ya out I would, but the gentle and freindly Dr. Snippy-Snip has taken care of that. :(

  • I just started High School this year. Only another 5-6 weeks before final exams. Also, I am going to join the militia this summer. Anybody have any experience there?

    Its nice to see everybody again, its been a long time. Its great to see you are all doing well, cheers. ;)

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