End Of Playstation
  • Over eleven years of commanding armies and slaying zombies has ended with the demise of the original playstation and its baby bro the psone.

    Sony have decided after 100 million models have been enjoyed across the planet that the time has come to say good-bye to this old friend.

    So its was with a tear in my eye that i spun up my humble 7000 model bagel toaster (this was the 3rd one i owned) and let rip with ridge racer one last time last night. (i had to dig it out of my mothers attic, which explains the time lapse between the production halt and me making my final send off to an old friend)

    ahh i was 22 again. It didnt matter that the last 11 years have been cruel to the graphics it was the gameplay that made the playstation the fastest growing religion in europe for 5 years running.

    Ans while i no longer get the opportunity to worship at that particular alter anymore i just wanted to take a moment to note the passing of a friend who got me through several relationship break-ups, serious injury, and manys a broke night sitting in. :hug:

    The end of my youth has been acknowledged :unsure:
  • :crybaby: When u put it like that.......................
  • **Solemly raises glass to toast the Playstation, PSX, PSOne**

    Fare thee well, little grey buddy; we have so much to thank you for.

  • Being a satisfied owner of that grey o'l box of magic, I feel really sad. It had it's peak success and now he returns into what he came from... :crybaby:

    Goodbye O'l friend!! and thank you!
  • The old grey beast had a full life with no regrets (well, maybe Bubsy 3D could qualify as one) but the memory will live on when Sony debuts their download service for the PSP this winter. Godspeed.
  • Oh, farewell good buddy. The long nights you gave me and even longer next day at work with only a few hours sleep. The countless hours you helped fill, the way you would lighten my wallet so I wouldn't have to carry around those heavy bills. The honey-do list you would help me ignore, the smile you put on my face when I first hooked you up to my TV.

    Thank you for all the good times.

  • the grey box is definetly the best console of all time. It was good enough to survive almost 2 generations worth of video gaming and was up to par with all the latest games.
  • What more can I add? It was the 3rd Console I had, and it lasted somelong 5 years of happiness and sadness from all the games cleared and frustations for mal-functioning CDs. ;x

    Anyways, Fare thee well, o' grey box of wonders. You have provided us all with entertainment for years. :laugh: May we never ever forgot those precious moments together.