Tomb Raider; Legend
  • The question is in the title?

    Who has played it? Who has finished it? What is your opinion?

    Personally I rather enjoyed it, despite it only taking me a matter of hours to complete instead of weeks. Maybe I'm just a more competent gamer these days? Maybe games are shorter? Actually, I suspect it's the latter because even now, the first three TR games still take me weeks and I know exactly what I'm doing and where I'm going!

    Anyway, to get back to the point....

    After the d
  • i played the first hour of the game, definetly the best TR game i've played to date. I gave it to a cousin but im really thinking about getting it back and playing it through.

  • Got it yesterday, started it this morning, and gotta say I love it. Tomb Raider 1 was the first game I bought for my PS back in the day. This so far is the best game in the series since the first, AOD sucked terribly.
  • It's not out here yet but I managed to get my hands on the demo and must say I was quite impressed.

    Laura's movement being SO much better than before is the very first thing I noticed. I read a write up on the game and it was mentioned a few times that it is way to short - 9 hours to be precise.

    I'll get it anyway cause I quite liked the overall feel and look.
  • Ive played (not finished but chris has) and it looks and feels good but is FAR too short. Chris was chatting to me through the final cinematic - and i told him to concentrate coz i bet this was the end he said it wasnt i said it was then the credits rolled

    HA i was right!!!

    The first few games really bugged me coz i dont have the patientce to line up every single jump and run and u dudnt have to in this. I played it in store on -x--x 3--- And the graphics were far superior i really thiunk they could have done a bit better
  • Got it, played it, nice graphics, good moves, still annoying camera angles, over too soon. Only replay value is finding interesting ways of killing Lara like I do with Ashley in RE4

    Oh-hum, back to MediEvil on the PSP
  • Got it yesterday...... Nice game altho I didn't like the bike section. I guess after playing MotoGP 4 what could I have expected. Also it's a ducati so it only looks pretty.

    The camera angle and movement also get's a little annoying rolling those large marbles around.
  • Finally got my copy for the ps2. The graphics are pretty good. The camera is kinda iffy. The game is too easy. Not enough puzzels or switches to keep her busy.
  • I have it on the 360 (was the same price as the PS2 version at the time so...) and so far I'm happy with it. As had been mentioned before the camera can be a bit wonky but that's pretty much the norm for games of this type. I'm currently in the level where Lara's swimming through the old excavation site (a bit after the first motorcycle session).
  • It looks better on the 360 i think - i was playing it in gamestation last time we was up my mums while tiff and my dad went to the 'retro section' - the one for old gits!! And thought it looked much better
  • ive played on the 360 thought was ok but graphics not up to 360 standard
  • Played the demo on the PC today and was gob smacked at how far the graphics have come since the first Tomb Raider incarnation. Really loved the demo and the overall feel of the game engine felt a little more like Prince of Persia than Tomb Raider, not that that's a bad thing at all.

    I was seriously intending to buy Tomb Raider Legend until I read how short the game is in the above posts. I might wait till it ends up in the budget bins in a few years time. I found the demo a little too easy as did my 9 year old daughter who breezed through the demo in no time :g:

    Tomb Raider 1 was the first game I bought for my PS back in the day[/b]

    It's amazing how many peoples first experience with the playstation was with Tomb Raider. My first game on the old grey box was Tomb Raider 2. IMO TR2 is still the best of the series in terms of challenge and gameplay.

    I've played all the Tomb Raider series on the Playstation 1. AOD on the PS2 just didn't do it for me and I only finished about half the game :crybaby:
  • Have played all PS versions up to. After playing Angel of Darkness was more than willing to wait for the cost on a used version to come down a bit. After reading the commentary perhaps I won't wait too long. The first games we had for PS 1 were Bandicoot 1, Oddworld and TR 2. All were good and enjoyed muchly but Tomb Raider 2 was the one that really blew me away (although Oddworld was a close second). You have to be a big fat liar if you're a guy and have never ever backed Lara into a corner and played with the camer angles in order to take in the full expanse of the mammalian protuberances.
  • Hired the TR Legends yesterday. Awesome game :punk: As previously mentioned, you can get through the game a little too quickly. I didn't complete the game by any means due to my two daughters wanting to play too. But it only took a couple of hours to complete 30% of the game on medium difficulty (got up to the African level). The only mildly difficult part was against a yakuza boss at the end of the japanese level. Seems a little short for my liking (the game, not the yakuza) :laugh:

    I'm not sure if it's the difficulty level that makes it quick to get through or it's a short game. Previous TR games definatly took far longer to play, not sure if it's due to more content or more difficulty :g: The jury is out on this one. If I do end up buying TR Legend I intend to set the level to hard. The game however looks totally awesome and gameplay in general is brilliant. The puzzles are a little too easy and if you have any problems you have guided clues in the form of your binoculars. Not much needed in the way of grey matter.

    People are probably wondering "is Digger recomending the game or not?" This due to talking myself into and out of buying the game due to it's strengths and weaknesses.