Absolute Playstation Logo Character
  • Well I don't know if all of you have been cutting class/work this week to design characters for the site, but I know I have. To save space and to be able to easily modify my drawings I've set up a separate homepage were you can view the first three drafts.

    Please tell me what you think of them.
    I will not try to explain my own thoughts right now since that that would corrupt the eye of the beholders.

    The Characters page
  • You know I'm a fan of your artwork, manne. I've even got some saved on my computer.
    I think those are great, especially the little guy. The PS belt buckle is a nice touch.
    The squirrel kind of goes along with the current PSP ad campaigns, so it has potential also.
    Keep 'em coming!
  • Manne the small man reminds me of Dr Robotnic from Sonic the hodgeheg :bag:

    but the dog looks too cute to be you - sorry :crybaby:

    but hey what do i know!
  • WOW... amazing work manne !

    Love them all, but the little guy is very special - well done !

    (Just moving this to give it maximum exposure)
  • So for what I'm reading so far the cocky little fellow is most liked.
    Guess I'll try to do some variations on that one then. Try some other forms than chibi, maybe some spagetti characters and so on.
    Am I right to say that manga-ish is prefered or does anybody fancy the disney-ish characteristics more.

    Give us* something to work with: moods, cuteness-viciousness rate, female/male.

    *I'm hoping there are more than me that can draw
  • Oh, I just LOVE that little man!!!!!!!!! Hate to sound like a mindless flunky jumping on a bandwagon that's already 3/4 way to the awards ceremony, but that little guy is just toooooo cute to pass up!!!
  • I think an anime/ manga look would fit nicely. I like the guy with the goggles- do a bit of work with him. Maybe give him a look that kinda says "I'm gonna kick your butt in the game", maybe a controller in a holster on the belt? Oh, and change the letters on the buckle to AP. (If he's going to be a mascot of sorts he should be wearing the letters).
  • I've uploaded some more sketches to the page.
    I thought that we could settle a general shape and then fix the props later.(Do you have any idea how hard ot is to draw a PS controller in a holster Lyn?! :wacko: )
    Anyways, I've kept the origiginal design and played around a bit with the AP-mans features. If you see anything you fancy let us know and we'll work on that.
  • Well, I guess I'll be the first to offer my opinions.

    Body: Muscle-man body
    Head: F1
    Goggles: Medium-small with wide band
    Situation: Wrestling the giant controler

    I thought the AwardsMan was cute, and perhaps "Award-Winning" is an image we'd like associated with APi,
    however, I thought he was just a tad too snobby-looking, and snobbery is not something that I'd want associated with us... of course, that's just my opinion. If you could make him not look like such a stuck-up snob he may be the best idea yet. Again, just my opinion. :bag:
    (Perhaps a martini in one hand, and a foot resting, "World Conqueror"-style, on a giant controler, wearing an evil grin?) :flex:
  • Manne, the new sketches are brilliant - I love the one with the joypad and the one where he is lighting up with dynamite and the tuxedo shot is genius !

    on the faces I love the orginal shape and also F4

    What does everyone else think ?
  • I think the awards-man smacks of Secret Agent Clank, but I like that. It gives him a kind-of "Rat Pack" sensibility, holding the martini glass and all.
  • I like the muscle man and the tux, maybe throw the tux on the muscle man? I lovethe I1 and I2 heads. The giant controller is great, I'd love to see a combination of them.

    Great work Manne.

  • Awesome follow up work, M. You truly have a gift. I like the award-man and how he just exudes class and confidence. I liked how you also added a female version. The little guy has to have someone to :hug:

    For the heads, I liked the F1 with goggles and the I1 and I4 without.
    The dynamite/cigar guy is my favorite in the situations, with controller man a close second.
  • [b]Some new charactersa has been uploaded. Also coloured versions of of AP-man sketches (am still amazed how well the controller turned out). I'll keep on working on a meaner version of the AP-man. I will not however pursue the He-man look. I think it's to much of a clich
  • The blue and red look really good, everything else is... well rubbish. Hey! You asked!!!
  • The pics of him in blue and red looked great, as did the one of him with the giant PS2 controller.

    With all due respect, scrap the crazy gamer- it didn't look that hot.

  • QUOTE(lyndon @ Apr 16 2006, 06:57 PM) [snapback]61164[/snapback]

    The pics of him in blue and red looked great, as did the one of him with the giant PS2 controller.

    With all due respect, scrap the crazy gamer- it didn't look that hot.


    Totally agree - blue outfit works for me (red one reminds me of that 'incredibles' cartoon)

    Try mixing the PSone, PS2, PS3 primary colours: black, off-white, blue, silver, grey. The same blue thats in the PS2 logo would be cool for his outfit, but you could change the colour to for each area that covers each console.

    Tricky one here, as you have done such a great job on it so far... could you make the controller a little less accurate so that Sony dont get upset with us from a copyright point of view. Keep the same shape but simplify the design a little if possible - this will make it easier to reproduce in print and on t-shirts. For example, just connect the two individual buttons together on the back of the pad to have one one each side. Take off the symbols on the pad. Take off the cable coming out of the back, so it looks wireless (or its going to look very retro in 12 months).

    Would it be possible to get him interacting with the logo ? Pushing/pulling it. sitting on it, resting the controller on it, or anything cool. He must not distort or obscure the logo, so this might be a challenge.

    Great work so far manne.
  • They are so fab! Well done Manne!

    I particularly like this one.


    And this

  • Haha, they are all pretty sweet there manne, both the straight sketches and interation sketches are awesome.
  • Your a fantastic artist BTW!!

    I love the guy with the dynamite on the logo!!
  • Thanks all. (Rex and Lyn particulaty, who dared sign up for my "to frag -list" give an honest and much appreciated opinion)
    Hopefully I'll find some time to make some clean drawings this weekend.
    I think I have a pretty good idea about what the community wish to see.
    I'll keep you posted.
  • QUOTE(Speediebean @ Apr 15 2006, 09:37 AM) [snapback]61103[/snapback]

    Body: Muscle-man body
    Head: F1
    Goggles: Medium-small with wide band
    Situation: Wrestling the giant controler


    That setup would be awesome. I like the interaction with the logo situation too.

    Manne if you wouldn't mind I would like to use your ap-muscleman body pic as an avatar.
  • Dont' you find the muscleman a bit crude? But sure, go ahead and use it. Maybe you'd like to clean it up a bit and add a background first, I don't know :unsure:
  • I like the pencil look
  • there good them