What Do You Watch ?
  • Our Tv is very rarely on (coz tiff cancelled Sky :crybaby: ) - But when the Tv is on What do u guys watch.

    Recently ive been watching

    Angel (on dvd rather then Tv tho)
    My Name Is Earl :devilish: Jason Lee is a sex god
    Tittybangbang - BBC three comedy at its best!!!
    Brainiac and Top Gear - Just for the Richard hammondness!!
  • I never watch TV as Jane hides the remote control & I can't be arsed to get up & turn it on & over by hand.

    Jason Lee is a f**king god!!!

    I love the comedy show on C4 called "Spoons" I wet myself each week :blush:
  • im a huge angel fan, god damn WB for cancelling it !!

    old re runs of friends, scrubs, the usual bunch of sitcoms.
    The apprentice, now there's a reality show
  • That's funny, I just thought about starting a similar thread earlier today (gotta check the firewall on my brain, might be some loose cables or something)

    Anywho, I be watching:
    Anything that is good enough to have reruns at 1 AM. I usually havn't got time to watch TV until then.
    This includes shows like. Leno and Letterman, Alias, Lost and The man from UNCLE.
    Alias and UNCLEman I can't say I fancy that much, but the others are OK.

    I also watch the discovery channel, flaming at those Mythbusters for not constraining parameters properly in their experiments. Then there is Eurosport who kindly enough has old football (soccer to some) games on almost every night.

    There was this show, Prison break, that I used to interrupt my terribly important work to watch, but that's not on anymore. Will be back this fall I think.

    Like you Oddish, I watch the occational Top Gear, not for the sake of the hamster though. It's more of an educational program. Since I'm in the car engineering field I am required to namedrop cool cars or listen to others do it. Problem is I'm not interested in cars, but I'm trying to get.

    Oh, and then I watch/nap to the kids 1 hour show (Bolibompa) everyday after dinner. ^_^
  • 24

    Oh, M, Prison Break's season ends in mid-May here so I assume you'll be getting it again before too long. Sadly, 24 ends around the same time ;_; Then all I can do is rewatch the season 8 times (as I record them each week) until the DVD comes out, and then I can watch it more until Season 6 starts in January next year ^^
  • I work during prime time hours so I watch the following...

    The Ultimate Fighter
    UFC Unleashed
    Mythbusters - those guys crack me up.
    MXC - a Japanese game show on Spike TV dubbed over with English commentary, freakin' hilarious!
    Family Business - A reality show of sorts following the life of Adam Glass (aka: Seymour Butts) a single Dad and porn producer/director sometimes actor.
    The Simpsons
    The Family Guy

    I can't bring myself to watch these super-popular reality shows, I just don't see the entertainment value in them. Most of them just annoy me.
  • I don't watch much Television but there are those series one must see. As for me, I often watch:

    - CSI: Las Vegas
    - CSI: Miami
    - CSI: New York
    - Dr. House
    - 24
    - And Lastly, Alias.

    If only I had cable. ;.; I'd have the chance to watch much other great shows. ;.; Like NBC's Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien Shows. I once had the chance to watch it, and man... did it rule. xD

  • After changing careers after 10 1/2 years at the last place, I'm catching up on the Prime Time TV I missed.

    Right now I watch CSI: Miami, Vegas, and New York (Vegas is the best), X-Files, Deadwood, and Family Guy (when I make the time for them. Believe it or not folks, I'd never seen these shows until recently.

    I also watch NFL network and History Chanel for background noise while I game or 'puter.
  • If it's reality TV, I'll give it a whirl once to see what it's all about. Most of the shows I watch (or tape to watch later) are reality type shows...

    Survivor (have every season, every episode on DVD or VHS)
    American Idol
    The Amazing Race
    The Apprentice
    Black/White (on FX)
    American Inventor
    RW/RR Challenges on Mtv
    WPT on Travel Channel
    South Park
    Ultimate Fighter
    Pros vs. Joes
    ESPN (Sportscenter, Around The Horn and PTI)
    Also lots of History and Discovery Channel stuff (since I have 7 or 8 of them)

    Most looking forward to this season...

    Deadwood (Season 3)
    Rockstar Supernova

    NBA Playoffs start tomorrow! :clap:
  • I watched 24 season 1 right through to season 4 and Jane was getting flinchy with the damn *beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep!*

    not bothered to watch season 5 as waiting for DVD to come out, does Chole die in it? she should do! did my head in on season 4 :bash: glad Kim wasn't in season 4 - "oooo I'm blonde, got kidnapped, rescued, kidnapped again, got arrested, I'm blonde, oooo escaped but got my friends killed, kidnapped for the billion'th time & my Dad says he loves me" Nina should have put a bullet in her instead of her mother! :censored:
  • Actually, there's been a glut of programmes on that have become "destination viewing":

    Supernatural - No, I don't fancy the blokes, I just like the stories.

    Ideal - Very dark comedy. Last night's episode was superb. Just got the first series on DVD.

    Surface - Complete hokum, but a billion times better than Invasion, which irritates me. US people, is there a second season?

    CSI - Played the games, now I watch the series.

    Dr Who - What else is there to say? I love a bit of the Doctor. :)

    In addition, Life on Mars was spigging excellent, The Smoking Room has me hooting with laughter, and I expect I'll be watching the second season of Lost, although I really couldn't be arsed to sit through the 2 hour finale of the first season and got the other half to precis it for me!
  • Haven't been watching too much of note- been catching some of the later episodes of Smallville and been enjoying the revised Battlestar Galactica series. Other than that been watching a bit of anime ( InuYasha, FullMetal Alchemist) and game shows (The Price Is Right, Deal Or No Deal). Also like to watch a bit of the pro wrestling ( Total Nonstop Action, the WWE is plain crap) and UFC.
  • I love watching CSI, all of them But I like CSI-crime scene investigations best. I also like The X-files.
  • Good taste there, Odd!

    The two sitcoms I watch that I would suggest to ANYONE who hasn't tried them already; Scrubs and My Name Is Earl. Both -awesome- shows. ^^

    Other than that...

    The FOX Sunday-Night Lineup; Malcom in the Middle, King of the Hill, Simpsons, Family Guy, War at Home.

    Survivor (Only missed two episodes since the series first premiered. Still think Africa was the best. Go Ethan!)

    Amazing Race (Pretty much the same! Missed a few more episodes, though! Go BJ & Tyler!)

    Going through Angel and Buffy on DVD. (Am up to season 6 in Buffy now, and Season 2 in Angel!)

    I'm running out of DVDs! Already been through Seinfeld and Sopranos fairly recently!
  • I work a lot so I don't get to watch much. The new DVR thing is great though because I can still watch the shows that I miss. I watch:

    Hogan knows best
    Ultimate Paintball Championchip
    The Colbert Report (really funny)
    CSI Miami
  • These days I do have a few show's I watch:


    Deadly Catches

    Food Channel

    Deal or No Deal.... Anyone watch this show? It's all about money!...That's what I'm talking about!
    I am applying to be on this show!

    American Chopper

    And The Outdoors Channel, I watch this Channel the most!

    Worf :clap:
  • I was watching Time Team but that's now finished. However a new series of Timewatch has just started so I shall just tape them all then have a vidfest one evening! The only other prog I bother watching is Desperate Housewives - got to have some light relief eh?

    I do however, watch a shedload of movies. Watched Downfall recently - anyone seen it? Absolutely brilliant performances and very thought provoking.
  • QUOTE(Worfsonofmog @ Apr 24 2006, 11:09 PM) [snapback]61636[/snapback]

    Deal or No Deal.... Anyone watch this show? It's all about money!...That's what I'm talking about!
    I am applying to be on this show![/b]

    You mean it's about the money and the lovely ladies holding it! :wub: If you get on the show let us know the air date so we can see what you look like! :ph34r:
  • :laugh:
    QUOTE(lyndon @ Apr 26 2006, 01:56 PM) [snapback]61702[/snapback]

    You mean it's about the money and the lovely ladies holding it! :wub: If you get on the show let us know the air date so we can see what you look like!

    :laugh: Ya lyndon you could be right about the girls.... oh and the money...
    I am not greedy about how much money tho, I really only want about $80.000...I want to buy a new truck that's all and what ever I have after that I will help my sister inlaw with her hospital bills, she has cancer...

    About Deal or no Deal... I only have to make a 5 minute video with me and my supporters who will be with me on TV and I will mail it off to NBC.

    My supporters are my wife, my mom and my niece and I will let everyone here know if I get picked and when I will be on too!
    Keep your fingers crossed..

  • Anyone watch Little Britain? Do you even get that in the US? Some of the shows I mention may be only aired in Australia or someting so yeah. John Safran vs God and all other Safran shows. Ali G is pretty funny, "Thank god your here" really funny show, kinda like Whose Line is it Anyway, which is also an awesome show. Anything thats funny really. I dont have pay TV so I only get regular TV.
  • Me & Jane used to watch Little Britain, the 3rd series was very stale. Seen them Live and was good but just the same stuff that they already did on TV. Now League of Gentlemen Christmas Panto 2005 was just the best live thing I've ever seen, Thought I was having a heart attack with all the laughter
  • The League Of Gentlemen are absolutley fantastic!!! Have followed their stuff for years and met all 4 of um in manchester about 5 years ago!!

    The live show is fantastic - But the circus of horrors we also saw in december was really great too!! Tiff i cant remember the link - im such a mong!!!
  • I'm currently into American Chopper, American Hotrod and Overhaulin. Stuff like that cause I like seeing those guys, and occasionally gals, make cool bikes and cars. Used to like watching Scrapheap Challenge (what you Americans know of as Junkyard Wars) but they're all repeats now and I've seen them all. Oh, I also like watching Medical Investigation even though it can get pretty gory sometimes but I just sit around and lap it up.
  • Xfiles
    Old Movies

    I live in a rural area. Don't get much.
  • Started watching 'Prison Break', still the first season but a really kick @$$ show.

    Loved 'Alias' when that was out... mmmm Jennifer Garner, what a babe !
  • Hmmm. Many different shows. This'll probably make me sound like a couch potato, but I watch several shows.

    One Tree Hill (whenever I can find it)
    Forensic Files
    Power Privilege and Justice
    Lost (when i can figure out what channel it's on)
    Boy Meets World
  • ...Boy Meets World is still on TV?

    Should it be Middle-Aged Man Meets World? I swear I was watching that show ten years ago...

    Wish I could watch MythBusters, though! Love that show, but am always busy or the TV's taken when it's on. ><</b>
  • LOL Yes KFH, Boy Meets World is still on. It just finished it's rerun a few minutes ago.

    It's on TV....as reruns.
    I have watched it since I was four years old but I didn't get to see every episode so I wanna watch it and see if I can catch a new episode...er, an episode I haven't seen.
  • Always a good question that also generates good responses season by season.

    Currently, I enjoy watching the following:

    True Blood
    Deadliest Catch
    Flash Forward
    Ghost Wisperer
    Two and a Half Men
  • Mostly i watch (Top Gear) damn this show is awesome >< ^^
    and i watch (NCIS:LA) not much actually >_<<br />(The Amazing Race) great show...and.. i don't know there's planty more tho>>>
  • i watch lost,heroes,sons of anarchy,breaking bad, i like angel to have it on dvd and buffy to

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